Fire Dragon Guide

Welcome to our Fire Dragon guide in Infinity Kingdoms for beginners. To help you know more about him, we will cover some of the basic information included how to obtain him, level, and resource requirements to upgrade him.

Fire Dragon

Infinity Kingdom Fire Dragon

Let’s meet Ignatius, the “hottest” Dragon in Infinity Kingdom. He is the most fun and interesting Dragon to play, he is also very popular for new starters in the game. If you want to try out Fire Immortals, no doubt that he is the best partner to pair with.

Ignatius is certainly the most aggressive Dragon since all his abilities are involved in dishing out serious damage to cripple the enemy team as well as boosting his allied troops’ offense stats.

His active ability allows him to release a destructive flame that inflicts true damage to an entire enemy team. True damage is a very powerful attack in this game since it can totally ignore any type of defense that the target has. Although his ultimate ability doesn’t have any crowd control effect like some Dragons, it has a Burn effect that deals continuous damage in a certain amount of time. It slowly causes the enemy to suffer from pain to death.

Ignatius’ 2nd ability is a very nice skill. It grants his Immortal partners a bonus crit chance, which will significantly improve the output damage. He also has a balanced attribute, but it is quite low compared to other Dragons.

When fighting with the Fire Dragon, all Immortals will receive bonus crit and dodge rate. Additionally, all Fire Immortals will receive bonus damage included normal damage and skill damage whenever a Fire Immortal receives a buff. This synchronizes quite well with his 2nd ability since they will immediately receive the bonus stats when Ignatius uses his 2nd skill.

Fire Dragon Chest

In order to find his Crystals, the easiest way is to farm Lava Lurker on the map. After defeating it, you will receive a Dragon chest which can be purified in the Treasury building. You can either instantly open it by using a key or wait for a certain amount of time. The chest has multiple rarities, the higher the rarity, the longer you will have to wait. In the Treasury, you only have 3 slots of treasure so make sure that you don’t forget to purify the chests before farming the Gnome bosses.

There is another way to obtain crystal which is through some special events.

Fire Dragon Skills

  • Flaming Breath: Ignatius attacks the enemy team with his breath, causing true damage and applying the Burn effect, which deals continuous damage every 6 seconds in a total of 12 seconds.
    • Damage: 33,000/ 67,000/ 100,000/ 151,000/ 218,000/ 301,000/ 402,000/ 519,000/ 653,000/ 804,000
    • Continuous Damage: 13,000/ 27,000/ 40,000/ 60,000/ 87,000/ 121,000/ 161,000/ 208,000/ 261,000/ 321,000
  • Intense Roar: Ignatius starts a battle roar that gives all allied Immortals a chance to receive 50% more Crit rate in 12 seconds.
    • Crit Rate: 49.5%/ 54%/ 58.5%/ 63%/ 67.5%/ 72%/ 76.5%/ 81%/ 85.5%/ 90%
  • Furinkazan: During the fight, all Immortal gains bonus crit, and dodge rate. Also, whenever a Fire Immortal receives a buff, all Fire Immortals get more damage.
    • Crit Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Dodge Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Bonus Damage:5%/ 6%/ 6.5%/ 7%/ 7.5%/ 8%/ 8.5%/ 9%/ 9.5%/ 10%

Fire Dragon

Dragon Phases

Egg Phase:

To get the Fire Dragon, you will need to get his egg first, which can be obtained through completing story mission chapter 15.

Infancy Phase:

The moment when Ignatius breaks the egg, he will appear as a small clumsy baby Dragon, barely has any power. However, you are now can assemble the Fire formation with him.

Adolescence Phase:

He is now able to learn the Flaming Breath when reaching the Adolescence stage. A powerful active ability that casts a nice-looking flame but cannot be underestimated. It can destroy anything in a matter of a second.

Adulthood Phase:

An adult Dragon with a magnificent and frightening look at the same time. A mighty Dragon that can deliver a powerful fire attack that will set the whole world on flame. Not only that, but he also learns a new ability called Intense Roar. It buffs his team’s combat capability with a massive crit boost.

Elder Phase:

This is when Ignatius gains his full power by unlocking the 3rd skill which is called Furiunkazan. It further increases all Immortals’ crit and dodge rate. In addition, all Fire Immortals gain bonus damage whenever one of them receives a buff. It is a quite nice buff since it significantly raises their combat potential.

The upgrade price at this point is very costly. You will need a ton of gold as well as 140 Fire Dragon Crystals in total to reach this final form.

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