Ultimate Guide to Dragons

Welcome to our Dragon guide in Infinity Kingdom. In this article, we will introduce you to all types of Dragons in the game. We also include some information about Dragons like their abilities, bonuses, and how to utilize them to gain maximum combat efficiency on the battlefield.

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We all know that Dragon is a very powerful creature, especially in Infinity Kingdom. It can deal a huge amount of damage to multiple enemies, cause numerous debuffs that can significantly reduce the enemy’s fighting capability, or it can heal wounded troops, bring them back to fight with their magical healing ability.

dragon cave infinity kingdom

In order to choose the best dragon for your team, you will have to decide which element that you want to play. It is quite important since your team will receive an enormous buff in fights if there are more than 3 units with the same element. Without further ado, let get to know about Dragon in Infinity Kingdom.

How to Train your Dragons in Infinity Kingdom

You can train your Dragons in the Dragon Cave, which will be available to use when your Castle reaches level 5.

When seeing this small bubble icon above, it means that some dragons are available for training. You can reduce the training time by using Dragon Upgrading Speedups, which can be obtained through normal events and daily quests.

upgrading dragons

When you first start the game, you will be given a Water Dragon. If you are a F2P player, our recommendation is to upgrade it as much as you can since the Water team is very easy to get. You can get their shards through the 7-day event and in the Alliance’s shop. You can switch to other Dragons when reaching late game.

You will need gold to upgrade the dragon’s level. Keep in mind that there are no gold resource deposits in the game, the only way to farm it is through dwelling (A building in your Kingdom) and in the Forge.

In Forge, there is a transmutation function that allows you to convert resources into gold. However, the transmutation rate is quite high so make sure that you keep upgrading your Forge building to lower the rate to get as much gold as possible.

At levels 5, 15, and 25 you will also need Dragon Crystal to upgrade to the next stage.

The Forge Levels

About Dragon’s abilities, you will need Dragon Crystals to upgrade them.

You can find them in a chest which only appeared in special events, or by farming gnome’s bosses. You should farm gnome’s bosses daily and aim for the highest level that your team can handle since the Crystal requirement for high level is pretty high.

Every Dragon must go through 5 different stages which are: Egg stage –> Infancy stage –> Adolescence stage –> Adulthood stage –> Elder stage. Each of them has 3 abilities. The requirement level for the first ability to be unlocked is 5, 2nd ability is 15, and 3rd one is 25.

All Infinity Kingdom Dragons

Currently, there are 7 different types of dragons in the game, each of them has its unique ability and strength:

Water Dragon

Water Dragon

Glyndwr is the name of the Water Dragon. As mentioned above, he is the best Dragon for F2P players. He is equipped with a powerful healing ability that certainly improves your team survivability on the battlefield.

His 2nd ability allows him to freeze up to 3 random targets, which causes them to lose the capability to move and gain energy for 8 seconds.

His 3rd ability is a support ability that provides damage, crit, and dodge rate to all your troops whenever a Water Immortal uses their active skill. It can go up to 5 stacks which give your team a big advantage against the enemy in the long fight.

Lightning Dragon

Lightning Dragon

He is the 2nd strongest magical dragon, right after the Shadow Dragon. He possesses a powerful active ability that can ignore both magical and physical defense and it can deal an insane amount of damage to an entire enemy team.

His 2nd ability has a very high chance to reduce the normal attack damage of 3 random targets for 12 long seconds.

His 3rd ability is quite similar to Water Dragon. It provides damage, crit, and dodge rate every time a Lightning Immortal cast a debuff on the enemy team. It can be stacked up to 5 times.

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon is definitely the tankiest dragon since he provides tons of defensive stats among all other dragons. Due to his massive weight and catastrophic ability, he can stun the enemy with his mighty earthquake. He also increases the damage reduction to 3 random allies.

Whenever the Earth Immortals lose 10% of their strength, they will gain bonus crit, dodge, and damage. The bonuses can stack up to 5 times.

Fire Dragon Ignatius

Fire Dragon

Ignatius is a Fire Dragon that can bring destruction and annihilation to the game. He is armed with balanced stats, which means that he can give the same amount of magical damage and physical damage to all Fire Immortals.

Ignatius casts a deadly flame breath that inflicts true damage to the enemy team, it also causes the burn debuff, which causes additional true damage in 12 seconds.

His 2nd ability grants 3 random allies a bonus crit chance in 12 seconds.

Every time a Fire Immortal receives a buff, Ignatius will give all Fire Immortal bonus crit, dodge, and damage.

Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon

Let meet Zephyr, the Wind Dragon. His ability doesn’t have as much damage as Fire Dragon, but it has a debuff that can reduce the enemy accuracy rate. It is quite nice since it reduces the chance of being hit by the enemy team, and it also stops them from gaining energy quickly during the fight.

His 2nd is a great support skill since it grants 3 random allies a chance to recover a certain amount of HP with their normal attack for 12 seconds.

His 3rd skill just straight up grants Wind Immortals additional normal attack damage, crit, and dodge rate.

Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon

There is no doubt that Melanthios, the Shadow Dragon is the most powerful one in the game. His 1st ability allows him to release a destructive breath that deals a hefty amount of damage to the enemy team. Not only that, but his 2nd ability can also silence multiple targets, which causes them unable to use their skill nor gain energy.

His 3rd skill grants all Immortals more dodge and crit rate. If there are any Shadow Immortals on the team, and their HP is above 60%, their damage will increase.

Holy Dragon

Holy Dragon

Finally, Lucasta is a holy dragon that also has a healing ability like the Water Dragon. Although he does not have as much healing as the Water Dragon, his 1st ability can strengthen all allies Immortal defense by giving them additional damage reduction. He can further improve their survivability by casting Disarm to 3 enemy units, which reduces their damage in 12 seconds.

His final skill gives all Holy Immortals more dodge, crit rate, and skill damage.

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