Water Dragon Guide

The following guide will show you everything you need to know about Water Dragon in Infinity Kinngdom, including tips on how to utilize them for maximum combat efficiency.

Water Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom Water Dragon

Glyndwr is the name of the Water Dragon. He has a powerful support ability that provides a huge amount of healing to his allies. He also possesses a debuff that can temporarily disable the enemy’s movement and prevent them from gaining energy for a certain amount of time. He is definitely the best Dragon for the Water team.

The highest stat that Glyndwr can provide is the magical defense, follow by a physical attack. Two stats remain which are physical defense and magical attack have the same amount. Each maturity stage of him will significantly enhance all Immortals’ stats, so it is quite important to upgrade his level regularly.

Every Dragon in Infinity Kingdom must go through five maturity phases:

  • Egg Phase
  • Infancy Phase
  • Adolescence Phase
  • Adulthood Phase
  • Elder Phase

In order to upgrade the Dragon level, you will need gold. Unlike other resources like wood, food, stone, or iron, there are not any gold deposits on the map to gather. The only way for you to collect gold is to receive it in the dwellings on your kingdom, through some events, or to use the transmute function in the Forge. You will convert other resources into gold with a not very nice rate in the Forge. Therefore, you will need to constantly upgrade your Forge to lower the transfer rate when your Castle reaches a new level.

To reach the next phase, not only gold, but you will also need Dragon Crystals. You can find them by taking part in some rare events or taking down the Gnome bosses, which will drop a Dragon chest with random rarity. The higher the rarity, the more Crystals you will get.

egg water dragon

The Egg Phase

To be able to hatch the egg, you will need to find the Water Dragon egg which is appeared as a reward in the tutorial missions when you first start the game. In that mission, you will be required to build a Dragon Cave when your Castle reaches level 5. In there you can start to hatch the egg to obtain the Water Dragon.

In this phase, you cannot use or add the Dragon into the team formation.

The Infancy Phase Water Dragon

The Infancy Phase

This is where you successfully hatched the Dragon Egg, Glyndwr will appear after breaking the shell, looking cute and innocent.

You can now add him to the formation. However, he cannot use any skills since his level is still too low. But you do not have to worry about that, he can still provide bonus stats as well as the element affinity bonuses to the Water Immortals.

water dragon The Adolescence Phase

The Adolescence Phase

This is the phase when Glyndwr starts growing. He becomes bigger and can expand his wing. Not only that, but he is also able to use his 1st ability. It restores a certain amount of HP to two units that have the most wounded troops, and it also gives them a bonus HP regen in a total of 12 seconds.

You can see that in this phase, the amount of bonus stat will rise significantly, especially in the magical defense stat.

To reach this phase, you will only need a small amount of gold and 20 Water Dragon Crystals.

water dragon The Adulthood Phase

The Adulthood Phase

In this phase, Glyndwr’s level is now 15. He is now reaching the final form, looking big and powerful. An adult Dragon is much more dangerous and is equipped with a destructive power that can easily crumble the enemy in the fight.

By reaching level 15, the 2nd ability will be unlocked. It allows Glyndwr to release an ice breath that freezes 3 random enemy units, they will not be able to move and gain energy in a gold 8 seconds. This will give his ally teams a huge advantage since it can notably reduce the enemy fighting’s capability.

To reach this phase, you will need a decent amount of gold and 40 Water Dragon Crystals.

water dragon The Elder Phase

The Elder Phase

In this phase, he becomes much wiser, stronger, and more deadly after participating in thousand of fights. You can now use his 3rd ability, which is a passive skill. It provides tons of useful stats like crit and dodge rate. Additionally, all Water Immortals will receive bonus damage whenever an Immortal uses their active skill, the bonus can go up to 5 stacks, which is a hefty amount of damage.

Reaching this final phase will let Glyndwr have more impact on the battlefield than his younger forms. He can help his team dominate the enemy and take them down 1 by 1 easily.

To reach this phase, you will need a ton of gold and 80 Water Dragon Crystals.

Although the elder is the final form of the Water Dragon, you can still upgrade his level to improve the bonus stats.

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