Wind Dragon Guide

Welcome to our Wind Dragon guide for players who are new to the game. In this guide, you can know more about him like basic information, strength, upgrade cost, and tips that can help you to get some extra benefits in the game.

Wind Dragon

Infinity Kingdom Wind Dragon

Zephyr, the Wind Dragon, is the fastest Dragon in Infinity Kingdom. If you want to strengthen your Immortals’ power and want to play the Wind team, Zephyr is your best choice here. He can boost his ally Immortals with useful offensive and defensive stats, even further with the element affinity. Since he can be considered as one Wind unit, you can take advantage of the bonus stats at the beginning of the game. When you have 3 units that have the same element, all of them will get 20% more physical and magical defense, 20% additional physical and magical attack when there are 4, and 10% more HP when the number reaches 5. These bonuses can help you a lot in both PvP and PvE.

Zephyr also is a damage dealer just like his Lightning and Fire brothers. It deals a huge amount of damage, and it comes with a debuff that can reduce the accuracy of the enemy team. It is a quite nice effect since it reduces the chance to hit, will lower the enemy’s energy restoration rate during the fight and it also helps your team take less damage.

One interesting fact is that he and Glyndwr, the Water Dragon are the only two Dragons who own the healing ability. Although Zephyr’s healing skill is not as strong as Glyndwr and has a percentage chance to proc, it is still a great defensive skill. You can further improve the proc chance by increasing the Immortals’ attack speed with gears and extra abilities.

Fighting alongside Zephyr will give Wind Immortals lots of bonus damage since his main attribute is a physical attack. He can further improve it with his powerful 3rd ability.

Unlike his brothers, there are no gnome bosses for you to farm Wind Dragon Crystals. The only way to obtain them is to purchase with War Insignias Coins through the Arena shop. You will need to participate in the Arena to get enough coins to buy the Crystals, which normally costs 500 coins for 10 crystals.

buy Wind Dragon

Wind Dragon Skills

  • Turmoil Breath: Zephyr releases a breath that causes true damage every 6 seconds in a total of 12 seconds to the entire enemy team. They also suffer from a 25% accuracy reduction, which lasts 12 seconds.
    • Continuous Damage: 21,000/ 43,000/ 64,000/ 96,000/ 139,000/ 193,000/ 257,000/ 332,000/ 418,000/ 514,000
  • Stormy Breath: Zephyr gives 3 random allied troops a 50% chance to recover HP with their normal attacks.
    • Recovery Rate: 27,000/ 54,000/ 80,000/ 121,000/ 174,000/ 241,000/ 321,000/ 415,000/ 643,000
  • Squall Howling: During the fight, every immortal gains extra crit, and dodge rate. Additionally, all Wind Immortals get bonus damage with their normal attacks.
    • Crit Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Dodge Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
    • Bonus Damage:75%/ 15%/ 16.25%/ 17.5%/ 18.75%/ 20%/ 21.25%/ 22.5%/ 23.75%/ 25%

wind dragon


Egg Phase

You must complete chapter 13 in the story mission to earn the egg. Once you obtain it, you can go to the Dragon Cave to hatch.

Infancy Phase

This is where Zephyr breaks the egg and comes out as a small, cute Dragon. He can provide attributes as well as element affinity now so don’t hesitate to add him to your team.

Adolescence Phase

In this phase, Zephyr becomes a little bigger but twice as fast as before. You just only to level him up to 5 with some gold and 20 Dragon Crystals. Since you have a decent number of troops and some Immortals now, you can start battling in the Arena to get Insignias Coins.

Adulthood Phase

He reaches the fastest form now, looking sharp and powerful. He can give better support to his partners due to his 2nd skill.

Elder Phase

He is still in the same form, but he becomes much wiser now after experiencing numerous battles. By unlocking the 3rd ability, all Immortals’ stat, especially the Wind Immortals become much stronger. Together they can easily defeat any enemies on their way.

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