Infinity Kingdom Team Formations

In this guide, we will show you some basic tips and strategies regarding building up the best Infinity Kingdom Team Formations for free-to-play players!

Infinity Kingdom Team Formations


As we all know, Immortal (or hero) plays a very big part in commanding your troops since they can decide the number of troops that you can bring into the battlefield as well as the efficiency.

In Infinity Kingdom, there are 2 types of Immortal’s rarity which are Normal and Advanced

  • The Advanced includes Epic, Elite, and some Rare Immortals.
  • The Normal one includes some Rare and Uncommon Immortals.

You can find Immortal shards by opening Philosopher’s Stones through the Hall of Immortals, events, sailing, and buying in-game packs with real money.

You can use Philosopher’s Stone shards to pull Uncommon and Rare Immortals. Epic and Elite Immortals can be found in the Philosopher’s Stone. Every 7 Advanced Summons will guarantee an Elite or Epic Immortal.

If you decide to stick and spend money on the game, you should buy the 2nd builder pack. This pack will give you a permanent builder, which will help you grow your city much quicker.

By purchasing the pack, you will also receive a free legendary Immortal who is Merlin, a mighty wizard, and other valuable rewards like gems, VIP points, and philosopher’s stones. It is a very good deal since he can give you a big help when you first started the game, and you can use him in the later stage of the game if you use the Water attribute dispatch.

First Recharge Package

There are 7 different attributes in total are Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, and Holy. Each of them has its own strength and attributes.

  • They can be used to beat each other:
    • Water counters Fire
    • Fire counters Wind
    • Wind counters Lightning
    • Lightning counters Earth
    • Earth counters Water
    • Shadow counters all of the above elements.
    • Holy counters Shadow.
  • Whenever you fight against a counter element, you will deal less damage and take more damage from them so makes sure that you check the opponent’s troops before fighting in Arena, mysterium, or attacking the enemy’s city on the map.
  • One interesting fact that all 7 different attributes have different visual effects on Immortals, Dragons, and Gnomes.

Infinity Kingdom Team Formations

Having multiple immortals in a squad that have the same element will have great advantages against the enemy like increasing power and receive less damage. It is best that you should use 4 immortals and 1 dragon that all have the same element for maximum stat bonus.

  • Dragon takes a quite important role in a strong squad. Therefore, you should frequently upgrade its level.
  • You will need Dragon Soul Crystals to upgrade your dragon when it reaches level 4 and to upgrade its abilities. Dragon Soul Crystals can be found in the Market or through beating Gnome bosses on the map.

Water Dragon Infinity Kingdom

If you are a F2P player, you should definitely use the Water team since it is quite easy to get their shards at the early stage of the game. This team specializes in damaging the enemy with freeze effects.

The one problem with this lineup is that the back row is vulnerable to physical damage from the enemy’s back role. This lineup includes Harald III, Brynhild, Merlin, and Helen of Troy.

Harald III: He is a powerful Immortal that capable of inflicting physical damage, and reducing the enemy’s defense in the battle. He is very useful in both PvP and PvE. If you haven’t pulled him yet, you can use Lancelot as a decent replacement. He is only an uncommon Immortal so it is quite easy to get his shards.

Harald III Infinity Kingdom

Brynhild: She can deal physical damage to the enemy and stun them for 5 seconds. You can easily find her shards through the log-in rewards.


Merlin: A powerful AoE Immortal that has the ability to deal extra damage toward chilled enemies. As mentioned above, you can obtain him by recharging and purchasing anything for the first time with real money.

Helen of Troy: She can deal AoE spell and freeze the enemy, which makes her a perfect partner for Merlin. You can easily get her to 7 stars by doing the 7 days event.
Helen of Troy

Since you will focus on the Water team, Water Dragon obviously is the best choice here. In order to upgrade it, you should defeat Death Stinger bosses daily to get the Water Dragon Soul Crystal.

When you reach the later stage of the game, you can start switching to the following Immortals:

  • Attila the Hun: He is a strong debuffer who can silence up to 3 enemies in the fight. He is considered a very important Water Immortal because of his great attributes and ability.
  • Ramesses II: He can deal physical damage to 2 targets max while reducing their damage. His ability allows him to hit the back row directly and cause huge losses to the enemy’s troops.
  • Yoshitsune: His skill is capable of dealing AoE physical damage. He can deal 50% more damage if the opponent troops’ strength falls below 50%. A very powerful replacement for Helen of Troy.

Hopefully you can build up a strong Infinity Kingdom Team Formation after reading this guide!

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