In this following guide, we will give you an overview of Ashoka’s ultimate ability, power, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Ashoka and how to maximize his strength in the battle.



Title: Buddhist King
Troop Type: bowmen Bowmen
Attribute: fire Fire
Position: range Range
Rarity: Epic

Ashoka Introduction

Ashoka is an Epic Fire Immortals in Infinity Kingdom. If you want to play Fire element in the late game, you will certainly want to choose him as one of the core heroes in your team. He is considered the most frightening Immortals in the game thanks to his powerful offense capability and the ability to dish out huge blows quickly.

His specialty is to control the bowmen effectively, which allows him to stay in the backline and to launch a deadly ultimate ability from a far distance with high damage output. The active skill also grants him a chance to double the attack’s damage, which can easily wipe out the enemy team in no time.

Since Ashoka is an Epic Immortal, you can only obtain him by using the Philosopher’s Stones, exchanging his shards through some special events, or in the Lucky Spin. If you take part in the Mysterium regularly, you will have a small chance to get his shards. Although it is only a few, it is worth the time in the long term.

Infinity Kingdom Ashoka

Ashoka Pros & Cons


  • A superior Immortal with high damage output.
  • Can deliver a powerful active skill that does an insane amount of damage.
  • Has a chance to double the attack’s damage.
  • Suitable for Fire squad.
  • Very useful in both PvP and PvE.
  • Has a high energy restoration rate.


  • Weak against magical damage.
  • Difficult to collect shards.

Ashoka Skills

Arrow of Naraka

Ashoka launches multiples arrows toward all the enemies directly ahead, causing physical damage. He also has a 50% chance to do double the damage.

Upgrade Preview: Damage Rate: 126%/ 168%/ 210%/ 252%/ 294%/ 336%/ 378%/ 420%

Arrow of Naraka is a very strong skill that does tons of damage to multiple enemy units. Any enemies that have little resistance can be easily destroyed in a matter of a second. The active ability also gives Ashoka a 50% chance to double the damage, which means that it theoretically lets him use his active skill twice at the same time.

Recommended Passive Skill

Since he is a physical damage dealer, you should focus on upgrading abilities that give him additional physical damage as well as triggered ability to further the energy restoration rate.

  • Duel Master: Increase physical damage by 50% and grant immunity to Wound.
  • Anger: Increase physical damage by 30% during the fight.
  • Cleave: A passive skill that gives a 75% chance to cause extra physical attacks with normal attacks.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Grant a 50% chance to gain 150 energy with every normal attack.

Pairing Partners for Ashoka:

  • William I: He is one of the best Fire attackers in the game. He has a special active skill that gives all his ally teammates a bonus crit chance in the fight. Which will significantly boost the overall output damage, especially to Ashoka. It can help Ashoka quickly eliminate the enemy.
  • Cyrus the Great: An Immortal that can decrease the enemy fighting capability as well as can temporarily disable the enemy with his Stun effect. A very nice supporter.
  • Frederick I: A powerful damage dealer that has a healing ability. Although it is only a self-healing one, it can still improve his survivability while standing steadily in the frontline, taking all the incoming damage from the enemies.
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