The following guide will give you an overview of Brynhild’s skills, power, and the most suitable partners for her in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Brynhild and how to maximize her strength in the battle.



Title: Great Conqueress
Troop Type: cavalry Cavalry
Attribute: water Water
Position: defense Defense
Rarity: Elite

Brynhild Introduction

Brynhild is an Elite Immortal in Infinity Kingdom who is capable of disabling the enemy on the battlefield. She is also a popular choice among F2P players in the early-mid game because of her Water attribute, which is also the same attribute as Helen of Troy. Helen is one of the best Elite Immortal in the game.

You can find Brynhild’s shards in the Hall of Immortal by using the Philosopher’s Stone, or through the daily login rewards. Therefore, make sure that you claim the sign-in rewards daily to get enough shards to get her to 2 stars.

Brynhild in daily rewards

Brynhild Pros & Cons


  • A decent Elite Immortal for F2P players.
  • She is a defense Immortal who is good at defending in the front row.
  • Can easily obtain her shards through multiple sources.
  • Can disable the enemy by stunning them for 5 seconds.
  • Strong PvP Immortal.
  • Easy to obtain her shards.


  • Not suitable for PvE.

Brynhild Skills

Water Surge

Brynhild inflicts physical damage to an enemy row and she has an xx% chance to stun them. The stunned enemy can’t move for a total of 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate: 66% / 88% / 110% / 132% / 154% / 176% / 198% / 220%
  • Stun Chance: 10.5% / 14% / 17.5% / 21% / 24.5% / 28% / 31.5% / 35%

Water Surge is a powerful ultimate skill that allows Brynhild to deal 220% physical damage to an enemy row. It also comes with the disabled ability that makes the enemy stop moving for 5 seconds, which is extremely good because the enemy won’t be able to use any skill or perform any attacks.

Recommended Passive Skills

Normally, whenever Immortals reach 3 stars, they will have an additional skill slot, and another one if they reach 7 stars.

You can equip those skill slots with extra abilities, which can be bought in the Tower of Knowledge.

The Tower of Knowledge will become available when your Castle reaches level 12.

You can use the Soul Crystal to buy and upgrade Immortal’s ability.

  • You can get Soul Crystals by refining unused Immortal shards in the Alchemy Lab.
    alchemy lab
  • Soul Crystals can also be obtained throughout events.
  • You can also use Soul Crystals to purchase Immortal’s shards in the Market.
    Brynhild in the market
  • Since Brynhild is an Immortal who deals physical damage, our recommendation is to choose a passive skill that increases physical damage. You can also take a defensive passive skill for an additional tank because her position is in the front row.
    • Onslaught: A passive skill that increases physical damage by 18% at level 1.
    • Penance (Optional): A passive skill that increases Resilience Rate by 4.5% at level 1.
    • Choose Hold Fast if you need an extra physical defense or Fortify if you want to improve magical defense.
    • If you want to use her in the arena or to attack other player’s kingdoms, you should choose Silence. It is a triggered skill that deals physical damage to the enemy every 6 seconds. It also comes with the silence effect. A powerful skill that can easily dominate the enemy on the battlefield.

Best Pairing Immortals for Brynhild:

  • Since Brynhild is a Water attribute Immortal, it is best to place her in the Water team, along with Helen of Troy, Tomoe Gozen, and Lancelot in the early-mid stage of the game.
  • You can swap her with Harald III or Attila the Hun later since both of them are very powerful Epic Immortals.
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