The following guide will give you an overview of Edward’s skills, power, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Edward and how to maximize his strength in the battle.



Title: Black Prince
Troop Type: bowmen Bowman
Attribute: fire Fire
Position: range Range
Rarity: Elite

Edward Introduction

Edward is an Elite Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. He is considered one of the best Immortals among all other Fire bowman ones. His ultimate skill allows him to gain extra physical damage and attack speed in a certain amount of time. Although it doesn’t buff his allies, it is still a very great skill to have, and it surely gives Edward lots of advantages on the battlefield.

edward infinity kingdom

In able to summon Edward, you will need 40 of his shards. There are many ways to collect his shards like using the Philosopher’s Stone and purchasing his shards in the Market. You can also get 50 of his shards by opening the Elite Immortal Optional Chest I, which can be obtained through some special in-game events.

Edward Pros & Cons


  • A powerful backline Immortal.
  • Quite easy to get his shards.
  • Can do well in many PvP and PvE contents, especially the Mysterium.
  • Has a very high energy regeneration.


  • Weak against Magical damage.

Edward Skills

Burning Plume

Burning Plume increases Edward’s Physical Damage and Attack Speed by xx% in a total of 6 seconds.


  • Damage Increase: 12%/ 16%/ 20%/ 24%/ 28%/ 32%/ 36%/ 40%
  • Increased Attack Speed: 12%/ 16%/ 20%/ 24%/ 28%/ 32%/ 36%/ 40%

Burning Plume is a nice ultimate skill that gives Edward 40% more damage and attack speed for 6 seconds at max level. By increasing the attack speed, it increases the energy restoration of Edward, which rises his ultimate skill uptime. Therefore, it makes him a very powerful Immortal who is capable of constantly dealing a huge amount of damage, thanks to this, he can easily dominate the enemy on the battlefield.

Recommended Passive Skills

Normally, whenever Immortals reach 3 stars, they will have an additional skill slot, and another one if they reach 7 stars.

You can equip those skill slots with extra abilities, which can be bought in the Tower of Knowledge.

The Tower of Knowledge will become available when your Castle reaches level 12.

You can use the Soul Crystal to buy and upgrade Immortal’s ability.

  • You can get Soul Crystals by refining unused Immortal shards in the Alchemy Lab and through events.

Due to his ability to give a high amount of attack speed, the best additional skill for him is Combo.

  • Combo is a triggered skill that grants an Immortal a 30% chance of inflicting extra physical damage with each normal attack. This ability definitely gives his enemy a very hard time when fighting against him.
  • If you manage to upgrade him to 7 stars, which will allow you to have a third skill slot, you can choose a skill that increases your physical damage to further improve the output damage like Onslaught or you can take defensive passive skill for survivability like
    • Rage is also a good passive skill since it increases the critical hit rate and it synergizes well with both Combo and his ultimate ability.
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