Welcome to our guide for Hippolyta. In this following guide, we provide some basic information to give you an overview of Hippolyta’s power, active skill, and the most suitable partners for her in Infinity Kingdoms. Our goal is to help new and experienced players play Hippolyta effectively to earn as many advantages as possible in any fight.



Title: Queen of the Amazon
Troop Type: shieldmen Shieldmen
Attribute: fire Fire
Position: attack  Attack
Rarity: Epic

Hippolyta Introduction:

Hippolyta, aka Queen of the Amazon, is the name of an Epic Immortal. She is one of the best Fire Immortals for defending your city against multiple enemies as well as taking part in open-field fights. This Fire Immortal can cast a strong active skill that does tons of damage and can reduce the enemy’s fighting capability. It also can stack multiple times which can help her dominate her enemy at ease. Her specialty is to control the shieldmen troops, which are the tankiest in the game due to their high health pool and defense stat.


To collect Hippolyta’s shards, you can perform advanced summons in the Hall of Immortals, participating in the Lucky Spin, or you can regularly fight in the Arena. Where you can earn Insignia coins by challenging other Lords, then using it to buy her fragments in the Insignia shop with 200 coins for 1 shard. The maximum number of fragments that you can buy is 240, and the shop refreshes every month.

Hippolyta Pros & Cons


  • Amazing Immortal for defending your Kingdom and fighting in the open field.
  • Has a strong active skill.
  • Has a debuff that reduces the enemy’s fighting capability.
  • Can counter wind element.
  • Can be used in both PvP and PvE.
  • Has a very high energy regeneration rate.
  • Has a high crit and dodge rate.


  • Vulnerable to magical damage.

Hippolyta Skills

Flaming Smite

Hippolyta launches 5 multiple fire attacks that do physical damage. Each time it hits a random enemy’s unit, it will lose 100 energy and 10% attack speed for 6 seconds. The attack speed reduction can be stacked up to 5 times.

Upgrade Preview:  Damage Rate: 36%/ 48%/ 60%/ 72%/ 84%/ 96%/ 108%/ 120%

Flaming Smite is a powerful active skill that allows Hippolyta to inflict multiple physical attacks on her enemies. It is a very effective skill to use against a strong nuker or a supporter since whenever it hits a target, their current energy rate will go down by 100, and they also suffer from 10% attack losses. It also can stack up to 5 times, which means that an unlucky target can receive 600% physical damage, 500 energy, and 50% attack speed loss. Flaming Smite is truly a big threat to any opponent who dares to face against her because of the debuff effect.

Recommended Passive Skill:

  • You will certainly want to further push her overall damage by picking skills that increase physical damage. Although Hippolyta has already had a high energy regeneration rate, it is nothing wrong to improve it to maintain high active skill uptime.
    • Anger: It is one of the best choices here since it can increase the active skill’s damage.
    • Adrenaline Rush: An awesome ability that gives extra energy with every normal attack.
    • Cleave: A passive skill that gives Hippolyta more utility to fight against multiple targets at the same time.

Pairing Partners for Hippolyta:

  • William I: The best frontline partner for her. He is a great damage dealer and a trustworthy tanker. He comes with a buff that increases all his teammates’ critical rates. Since Hippolyta skill can hit 5 times in total, each of its will have a better chance to land a critical hit which significantly improves the overall damage.
  • Empress Wu: She is one of the best spell casters in the game. She can easily wipe out multiple targets with her destructive magic, and she also has a high energy restoration rate, just like
  • Cyrus the Great: An Immortal that can make the enemy take extra damage from critical hits and disable the enemy’s team with his stun. A nice Fire support Immortal to have on the team.
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