The following guide will give you an overview of Merlin’s skills, power, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Merlin and how to maximize his strength in the battles.



Title The Great Wizard
Troop Type bowmen Bowman
Attribute water Water
Position magic Magic
Rarity Epic

Merlin Introduction

Merlin is a powerful Elite Wizard in Infinity Kingdom. He is capable of dealing a monstrous amount of damage on the battlefield thanks to his amazing ultimate ability. He is also a friendly Immortal for players who only want to spend little money on the game because it is very easy to obtain him. All you need to do is to recharge some money and spend that money on purchasing anything on the Gem Shop, you will receive a complete Merlin Immortal and some valuable rewards.

merlin offer

Our recommendation is to purchase the Head Start bundle since it will give you a second permanent builder, which means that you will no longer have to buy a temporary builder in the Shop with 90 gems.

Once you get him, you can now buy his shards on the Market by using Soul Crystals:

  • It is best that you only spend Soul Crystal on buying his shards since he will be extremely useful in the late game.
  • You can get Soul Crystal through multiple sources like the Alchemy Lab (by refining unused Immortals’ shards), daily login, and events.

(Optional) You can get his shards by purchasing the Exalted Chests in the VIP section.

  • You will get 270 of his shards by spending 40$, the number of shards will guarantee you to upgrade him to 3 stars.
  • You will need to reach VIP 4 to purchase all of the chests that have his shards.
  • The exalted chests come with many great rewards like resources, territorial teleport, speedups, and EXP rolls.

vip chest

Merlin Pros & Cons


  • A powerful wizard that has a high amount of Magical Damage output.
  • Very easy to obtain the first copy.
  • Can be used in both PvP and PvE.
  • Has an AoE ultimate that can hit all of the enemies.
  • Has strong magic defense.


  • Since Merlin is an Elite Immortal, it is quite hard to develop him to full stars.
  • Weak against physical attack.

Merlin Skills


Merlin casts a spell that hit all of the enemies. If the target is under the chilled effect, the amount of damage will increase by 50%.


  • Damage Rate: 265.2% / 301.6% / 338% / 374.4% / 410.8% / 447.2% / 483.6% / 520%

Prophecy is a powerful AoE ultimate skill that can hit all enemies in the fight with a 520% damage rate at max level. The amount of damage can further improve by 50% if those targets have been chilled. Therefore, Helen of Troy is the best partner for him since she is the only Water Immortal that has the Chilled effect, although the chilled proc chance is quite low (only 8%), it is still a huge threat to the enemy.

Recommended Passive Skills:

  • Normally, whenever Immortals reach 3 stars, they will have an additional skill slot, and another one if they reach 7 stars.
  • You can equip those skill slots with extra abilities, which can be bought in the Tower of Knowledge.
    • The Tower of Knowledge will become available when your Castle reaches level 12.
    • You can use the Soul Crystal to buy and upgrade Immortal’s ability.
  • Since Merlin’s strength is magic, you should take the skills related to magic power:
    • Wisdom: A passive skill that increases Magical Damage.
    • You can also take Concentration for additional Magical Damage. However, you will need to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge to level 24 and Merlin to 7 stars to unlock the 3rd skill slot.
    • Meteor is a great triggered skill since it has a high chance to trigger (55%) and a high damage output (Damage Rate 350% at max level). But it can only trigger every 6 seconds after the battle started.


Best Pairing Immortals for Merlin:

  • The obvious choice here is the Water team because if you have 5 Water Immortals on the same team, your team will receive many nice bonuses like 20% more Physical/Magical Attack/Defense and 10% more health.
  • Helen of Troy is the best partner with Merlin in the back row here because of the extra damage when fighting against chilled enemies.
  • There are multiple choices for front row Immortals like Lancelot and Brynhild (for early game), or Attila the Hun and Ramesses II (for late game).
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