The following guide will give you an overview of Samson’s ultimate ability, power, and the most suitable partners for him in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Samson and how to maximize his strength in the battle.



Title: Judge of the Sun
Troop Type: shieldmen Shieldmen
Attribute: fire Fire
Position: attack Attack
Rarity: Rare

Samson Introduction

Samson is a Fire Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. He and Pelayo are the only Fire Immortals right now in the game. Because of that, you will have a limited choice when playing Fire squad.

However, both all have an amazing ultimate ability, especially Samson, who has a skill that can deal an insane amount of damage to a single target.

It also comes with a huge amount of healing toward himself, which makes him a powerful Immortal with great durability on the battlefield.

Samson Infinity Kingdom

To unlock Samson, you will need to collect 40 of his shards.

Once you collect enough material, head to the Immortal tab to summon him. You can find his shards through the Philosopher’s Stone Shards, purchasing in the Market, through sailing, and participating in the Mysterium.

Just like Pelayo, it is our recommendation is to use only Philosopher’s Stone Shards to find his shard and upgrade his star.

Samson Pros & Cons


  • A powerful tanker.
  • Has the ultimate ability that has a huge amount of damage to a single target.
  • Quite easy to get his shards.
  • Has a good energy restoration rate.
  • Can be used in both PvP and PvE.
  • Has healing ability.


  • Weak against magical attack.
  • His power starts to fall when it comes to the late game.

Samson Skills

Divine Power

This ultimate ability lets Samson inflict physical damage to a single target. It also gives him a 40% chance to recover HP.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate: 150%/ 200%/ 250%/ 300%/ 350%/ 400%/ 450%/ 500%
  • Recovery Rate: 171%/ 228%/ 285%/ 342%/ 399%/ 456%/ 513%/ 570%

Divine Power is truly an amazing ability. At max level, it has a massive amount of physical damage (500%) and an extraordinary recovery rate (570%). This skill will significantly improve his survivability on the battlefield as well as the back-line Immortals.

Recommended Passive Skill:

Normally, whenever Immortals reach 3 stars, they will have an additional skill slot, and another one if they reach 7 stars.

You can equip those skill slots with extra abilities, which can be bought in the Tower of Knowledge.

  • The Tower of Knowledge will become available when your Castle reaches level 12.
  • You can use the Soul Crystal to buy and upgrade Immortal’s ability.
    • You can get Soul Crystals by refining unused Immortal shards in the Alchemy Lab and through events.
  • To further improve his strength, you may want to improve his magical resistance, which is one of his weaknesses by taking the Fortify passive skill.
    • You can take the Grace support skill to heal your ally unit and himself.
    • Penance is a quite good skill since it increases the Resilience Rate.

Pairing Team for Samson

  • In the early game, you should use Pelayo and Vlasta in the back-line, Samson and any other Immortals in the front-line.
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