The following guide will give you an overview of Vlasta’s ultimate ability, power, and the most suitable partners for her in Infinity Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players know more about Vlasta and how to maximize her strength in the battle.



Title: Courageous Heroine
Troop Type: bowmen Bowmen
Attribute: fire Fire
Position: magic Magic
Rarity: Uncommon

Vlasta Introduction

Vlasta is a Fire Immortal in Infinity Kingdom. She is one of the easiest Immortal to start with primarily for players who want to play the Fire team in the early game.

Although she is only an Uncommon Immortal, she has a quite decent ultimate ability that can burst a huge amount of magical damage to a single target.

She is a very powerful Immortal in the early game thanks to her ability and it is very easy to obtain her shards.

Vlasta Infinity Kingdom

To unlock Vlasta, you will need to collect 10 of her shards. Once you collect enough material, head to the Immortal tab to summon her.

You can find his shards through the Philosopher’s Stone Shards, purchasing in the Market, through sailing, and participating in the Mysterium.

Our recommendation is to use all the Philosopher’s Stone Shards and free ones to get her shards only since you want to save other resources for stronger Immortals in the later stage of the game.

Vlasta Pros & Cons


  • A strong Immortal to use in the early game.
  • She has an ultimate skill that can deal a lot of damage to a single target.
  • Very easy to find her shards.
  • Has a decent Intelligent stat.
  • Can be used in both PvP and PvE.


  • Her power falls when reaching mid-late game.
  • Weak against Physical attack.
  • Her skill does not have AoE or an additional effect that comes with it.

Vlasta Skills

Meteor Burst

Vlasta inflicts magical damage to a random target.

  • Upgrades:  Damage Rate: 138%/ 184%/ 230%/ 276%/ 322%/ 368%/ 414%/ 460%

At max level, Meteor Burst allows Vlasta to deal 460% magical damage to a random target. No doubt that is a quite big number of damages for a single target. She will be very useful for many contents in the early game.

Recommended Passive Skill:

Normally, whenever Immortals reach 3 stars, they will have an additional skill slot, and another one if they reach 7 stars.

You can equip those skill slots with extra abilities, which can be bought in the Tower of Knowledge.

  • The Tower of Knowledge will become available when your Castle reaches level 12.
  • You can use the Soul Crystal to buy and upgrade Immortal’s ability.
    • You can get Soul Crystals by refining unused Immortal shards in the Alchemy Lab and through events.
  • Since you will only use her at the beginning of the game, there will be a few skills that she can use due to low level of Tower of Knowledge and skill slot restriction:
    • Wisdom: A passive ability that increases magical attack in the battle.
    • Meteor: A triggered skill that grants Vlasta a 55% chance to cause magical damage to 1 random enemy unit. A very nice skill that increases the total damage output.

Pairing Teams for Vlasta

  • In the early game, it is best that you use Pelayo and Vlasta in the back-line, Samson and other Immortals in the front-line. Since other Fire Immortals are all Elite or Elite rarity, so it is quite hard to find them.
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