Academy Tech Researching Guide

The Academy is building that helps you research techs for your troops, building speed or enhancing resources production. However, this usually takes a ton of time to research everything.

Good news that you can find the best way to research technology fast without wasting a lot of time in Rise of Kingdoms.

In this article, you will get the best Academy path to research technology fast especially for new players in Rise of Kingdoms to advance their techs in a short time.

For new players, Scouting map is highly recommended as it helps you get in touch with villages whom you can learn basic economic technologies. Also, it is necessary to own a mini account. Because it is more expensive when you have to research late technologies, you need to have extra resources to meet your progress.

Plus, it is a great idea if you own a VIP Status Level 6 or higher which can help you get a bit bonuses that can speed up your researching timer.

Rise of Kingdoms Economy technology

How to Research Economic Technology Quickly

In the beginning, you don’t have to study these technologies by your Academy and you are able to gain them from the tribal villages and boost up all of them to Masonry at Level 5. Then, you should study intermediate and advanced economic technology.

You can follow these steps below to upgrade your economic technology quickly in Rise of Kingdoms:

  1. Maximize your Masonry via Tribal Villages (+15% Building Speed)
  2. Then, maximize your Writing (+10% Faster Research Speed)
  3. Maximize your Engineering afterwards (+35% Faster Building Speed).
  4. Lastly, maximize your Mathematics (+15% Faster Research Speed)

Because the timer will be longer in the late game, in order to decrease it you need to get the building and research speed bonuses. For example, you have to spend about 4 months to upgrade your City Hall to Level 25.

Masonry and Engineering are also going to cut down the time approximately a month and half from the building timer to upgrade your City Hall. So, it’s essential to get these extra speed once you can to speed up your progress.

Academy Military Technology

Academy Military Technology

You need to pay attention to figure out basic military techs in the beginning. When you maximize your economic techs, at first you need to get the essential tech before researching military techs.

It’s also necessary to remember that you will need to get the high-tier troops immediately. This is the reason why you need to get these speed bonuses so as to study your techs fast. Since the military techs are so interlinked, your 1st step is to obtain Tier 3 troops as soon as possible.

  1. Get Tier 3 Troops fast.
  2. Maximize your military techs before researching Camouflage
  3. Research Tier 4 Troops fast.

An useful tip for new players, you don’t need to study Tier 4 siege units because of their less value contribution. If possible, you should study archer troops, infantry troops, and cavalry troops as they can contribute a lot of value.

Research Tier 4 siege troops immediately when you open them.

Plus, When you maximize your Combat Tactics / Defensive Formation / Herbal Medicine, you can obtain troops bonus. However, it also bases on the gameplay and your strategy that you use in Rise of Kingdoms.

For example, if you are planning to utilize Cavalry Commanders, maybe you will need to use Tier 5 cavalry troops. And of course, it is very expensive and wastes a lot of time in order to research the tier 5 troops. That is the reason for you should plan ahead before you play.

How to Increase Research Speed

There are a lot of tips that can help you improve your research speed. If you don’t have any ideas about these tips, you will make your progress become slower than most of skilled players.

So don’t hesitate to find out the way to increase your research speed. Here are some ways that a new player can follow:

  • Ask your alliance to give you a hand.
  • Kill sentinels and get runes with research speed buff.
  • Upgrade your VIP Status level.
  • Use Research Speedups.

With the first way, you can rise the amount of alliance helping hands throughout level up your alliance center; you can upgrade the number of time to decrease your building timer or research timer. Or another way is you can be one of these top alliances.


That’s all, Governors! Hope you can figure out from this article the way to research technology quickly via the Academy in Rise of Kingdoms.

So now you can understand the way you can use your bonuses and buffs effectively in order to speed up your research progress. Then you won’t have any difficulties to stably advance your terms of power and dominate in your kingdom

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