Expedition Guide

Here are our complete Expedition Guide in Rise of Kingdoms for you.

The expedition is a special game mode in Rise of Kingdoms, where players must show a strategy to vanquish different armies to reach higher stages. Expedition Mode is a common feature in Rise of Kingdoms with a lot of precious rewards!

Rise of Kingdoms Expedition

How Does Expedition Mode Run?

You can navigate via Campaign and click on Expedition to run this mode in Rise of Kingdoms.

You can see different stages on the map and you must overcome these stages to reach higher stage and open gifts. Through the requirements, you will get a performance rating when you overcome a stage. The more stars you got, the more rewards you get.

The dispatch you can send which depends on the kind of mission you are joining. However, you only can send at most 2 dispatches.

Once you reach higher stage, there will be up to 5 available dispatches. You had better train your troops frequently so you can finish the Expedition missions.

You will receive the rewards after you finish the mission. Medal of the Conqueror is a kind of money used to purchase the sculptures and items of commanders in the Expedition Store.

Finally, Expedition Mode is off and you can back to your normal game. So you can use your commanders and troops now healing in the hospital or in a dispatch in order to go farming.

Expedition Rules

  • You can attempt all missions without time limited, however you will receive rewards from the missions with 1/2 stars one time a day.
  • The system will sum up the rewards from 3-star missions you have finished you and deliver you your daily rewards.
  • Everyday, Expedition will set again at 00:00 UTC.
  • All buffs are activated.
  • Finally, there is no experience for your commanders in Expedition Mode.

Why you should do Expedition

Rewards is one of the biggest reason why should do Expedition Mode. The more rewards you receive by completing the stages, the more currency you get to purchase sculptures in order to upgrade your commanders.

The entire list you can buy with Medal of Conqueror:

  • Aethelflaed: 1,500 MoC
  • Epic Sculptures: 1,000 MoC (purchase as many as you can to get lots of rewards in KvK Past Glory Event)
    • 1 Epic Sculpture = 5 Heroic Coins (HC)
    • 100 HC = 1 Legendary Sculpture
    • 40 HC = 1 Legendary Starlight
    • 20 HC = 1 Golden Key
    • 3 HC = 1 60 Minutes Speedup
    • Other = Exchange for Arrows, Tomes, Sculptures and more.
  • Elite Sculptures: 500 MoC

Best Expedition Tips for Beginners

Performing Expedition is basically and easily understandable. You just only need to vanquish the armies and finish the missions and achieve 3 stars for each mission.

There are some best Expedition tips on how you can get the best out of this game mode:

  • Sometimes, there are some stages having a requirement in which you must drop more than 50% of your total troops. To dispute this problem, you just let a commander with a series off T1 siege units in and put them beside while your main force fight the battle.
  • Remember always to enter your tanky force’s name first. Richard I, Sun Tzu, Yi Seong-Gye and Ramesses II are really good at dealing heavy damage while tolerating the hits.
  • The timer is restricted after 60 stages. Don’t rush it and be sure of arresting your enemy one by one
  • Use Army Expansion and Enhanced Attack buffs.
  • Spare at least some Attack / Defense Runes.
  • Scout a random city in order to get Frenzy Buff (+3% attack bonus).
  • The most efficient way to use your Medal of Conqueror to purchase following the order: Legendary Sculptures → Legendary Starlights → Aethelflaed → Epic Sculptures.
  • Always to preview your Expedition mission to get an overview of what to expect then assign your dispatches and use the marks.
  • Remember always to preview Expedition mission to have an overview of what are you going to do then allocate your dispatches and use the marks.

Expedition Store

In Expedition Mode, there’s a shop called the Medal Store or Expedition Store. Here are a lot of valuable items that you can use your Medal of the Conqueror to purchase.

When you purchase an item, it will be no longer available.  You can buy it again by refreshing the shop; it will be free for the first time and in the second time you have to pay 100 gems. Nonetheless, the refresh timer will set again at 00:00 UTC.

An outstanding commander is appeared every week who is considered as “Commander of the Week”. You can purchase the sculptures of that commanders without limit. This  is truly a best opportunity if you are concentrating on upgrading a particular commander.

In order to advance quickly in game, You had better buy sculptures to uplevel your farming commanders or gathering commanders such as Constance, Sarka, Joan of Arc and Gaius Marius.

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