Scipio Africanus

Scipio AfricanusIn Rise of Kingdoms, Scipio Africanus is one of the most used Epic commanders thanks to the versatility and robustness.

Let’s see the most perfect way to play Scipio in this below article.

Overview of Scipio’s Skills

Skill Type Description
Military Life Active Reduce troops’ damage and strengthen troops’ counter-attack damage for 5 seconds.


  • Damage reduction: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%
  • Counter-attack damage bonus: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%
Patient Warrior Passive Scipio has 10% chance to increase his troops’ attack for 1 second when he attacks. It is only activated once every 5 seconds. Scipio also has 10% chance to heal an unit of his army.


  • Attack bonus: 30% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%
  • Healing factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 350 / 450
Conqueror of Africa Passive Increase damage when attacking other cities.


  • Damage bonus: 1% / 2% / 3% / 5% / 7%
Genuine Aristocracy Passive Increase troop’s capacity


  • Troop capacity bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% /10%
Utter Annihilation Expertise Scipio has a 15% chance to increase his troop’s attack by 100% for the next 2 seconds when he is attacked. The effect can only be activated once every 5 seconds. He also has a 15% chance to heal a unit of his troop that is slightly injured (Healing Factor 500) when his army has less than 40%  remaining.

  • Military Life: This skill reduces the enemy’s attack damage which is normal damage, not damage to skill attack.
  • Patient Warrior: This skill depends on the number of troops that attack Scipio. More troops, more great the activation ability this skill could have.
  • Conqueror of Africa: This skill’s damage incudes both normal damage and skill damage. It’s pretty cool, especially for a purple commander. There are some commanders like Mehmed that could increase the damage. However, for free players, Scipio is extremely good.
  • Genuine Aristocracy: This skill is Scipio’s famous one that makes more players use Spicio in the open fields because increasing the troop capacity by 10% is extremely good.
  • Utter Annihilation: Increase attack by 100% is an enormous bonus, which is especially useful for attacking other cities.

Best Roles for Scipio Africanus

Army Type Primary Commander Secondary Commander
Mixed Troops Balance DPS ✔︎ ✔︎
Tank ✔︎
Attack ✔︎
Infantry Troops Balance DPS ✔︎ ✔︎
Tank ✔︎ ✔︎
Attack ✔︎ ✔︎
Cavalry Balance DPS ✔︎
Archer Balance DPS ✔︎

How should I use Sciopio Africanus?

  • Keep at 1 star until the first skill is maximum
  • Then upgrade to 2 stars and maximize the second skill
  • After that, upgrade to 4 stars and then maximize all the skill remaining. The most effective is to have the third skill been max at last.
  • If players want to use Scipio as a secondary commander, keep at 4 stars and up the level for him. If using him as a primary commander, maximize up to 5 or 6 stars.
  • Moreover, players can up to 4 stars immediately after boost the first skill (it can be done directly from 1 star if players have full stars). If Scipio is just played for solo battle, this way is quite effective.

Best Commander Pairings for Scipio


  • Scipio – Richard
  • Scipio – Caesar
  • Scipio – Charles
  • Scipio – Eulji

Balanced DPS

It’s time for Scipio to rush into battle. He can couple with every leaders as long as Scipio and the leader who is combined with him have the talent tree that fitting players’ purposes.

Scipio’s Talent Tree

Scipio Field Battle

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