How to Teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are 3 ways to teleport your city to a new location. This instructions for amateurs might be helpful and informative, especially when you are having questions of how to teleport in this game. This instruction was created with the aim of clarifying each teleport item and offering the best way to utilize it.

teleport city Rise of Kingdoms

Types of Teleports

Firstly, to get acquainted with teleporting items in Rise if Kingdoms, it’s essential to understand three kinds of teleport which are listed below:

  • Random Teleport
  • Territorial Teleport
  • Targeted Teleport

Now, let’s go into specifics and finding out how to apply each teleport in Rise of Kingdoms.

Random Teleport

random teleport Random Teleport commonly is achieved throughout the quests and prizes.

Your urban will be warped to a random position in the kingdom by the random teleport.

Random teleport is merely utilized when you attempt to breakout or to begin elsewhere safer.

Territorial Teleport

Warping your city towards your alliance is the primary purpose of terriotoral teleport Territorial Teleport. This had to be done in the interior of your alliance territory.

In other words, it’s important to locate your urban inside the alliance frontier or within.

Moreover, Territorial Teleport is one of the greatest and most dominant teleport item for amateurs due to the fact that with this teleport item, you are able to skip all zones.

Targeted Teleport

In comparison with Territorial Teleport, Targeted Teleport Targeted Teleport performs in another way.

Even though both of them share the function of being capable of controlling where to teleport your city, which means you are able to place where you want to teleport to; it’s impossible to teleport inside neutral/enemy alliance territories at all.

If your alliance does not dominate the pass, you are not able to bypass zones. When you are playing as Britain and would like to carry out a city bomb on an opponent, then Targeted Teleport is an appropriate item.

How to Teleport (Move) City in Rise of Kingdoms

The displacement of your urban can be done by using Targeted Teleport or Territorial Teleport. A panel questioning you about the location that you want to teleport to will be pulled up. Then, to teleport your urban, please tap the Teleport button when you feel satisfied with the projected location and meet the teleport demands.


Simple as that, Governors! I trust you discovered this guide on how to teleport in Rise of Kingdoms is useful and instructive. Make sure to make best use of each type of teleport appropriately to maximize your game advantage in Rise of Kingdoms.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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Only that you have to have teleport item before you can do any of them which why I came here thinking there was a way to avoid paying for something that should be free a start of game of lower like other games are.
helpfull but not the answer