Warpath Event

Warpath is known as an event in Rise of Kingdoms in which the troops are trained leastways Tier 2 or above by their governors to gain rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms Warpath

Warpath event is occured within 4 days and sets up again at 00:00:00 UTC everyday. So you may have a chance to receive rewards amounting to 4 times during the whole time of the event.

You are a Free-to-Play player and are attempting to finish successfully this event, let read this article to know the efficient way to complete Warpath and obtain all the rewards without using any dime for this event.

Rise of Kingdoms Warpath Event

Step 1: Upskill Tier 2 Troops

The first essential step is beginning coaching tier 2 troops. This will be very useful for you if you own high-ranking barracks, siege factory, stable and archery because they are able to train a big group in 1 time. You coach more and more tier 2 troops, you can finish your target more quickly.

Step 2: Pace it Out

The second step is upleveling your troops from Tier 2 to Tier 3 in order to hold steady between your increasing power and strength. You just have to spend 50% of the resources and 50% of the training time to leveling up your Tier 2 troops to Tier 3 instead of doing a direct training.

This will help you train your troops easily. Leveling up your new Tier 2 troops group you trained. when you churn your daily target, pace it out.

Step 3: Have Speedups In Case

Occasionally, you may lack only a bit of needed target. Please ensure that you own leastwise several training speedups and universal speedups to use in circumstance you have to make shortcuts to fulfill the terminal few targets. Consider it as a final option to do.

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