What are Zones?

Sometimes you will see in the chat or discussions on Reddit that people talk about Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3. You will wonder what they are talking about, so in this following article, we will explain to you the definition of Zone and some necessary information about it.

What is the Zone in Rise of Kingdoms?

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As we can see in the above image, there are 3 areas in 3 different colours:

  • Green area is called Zone 1: There are 14 green dots in total. Each dot is called “Pass”, you need to cross the Pass to enter to the new Zone or other Zone.
  • Blue area is called Zone 2: There are 26 passes that connect between Zone 1 and Zone 3.
  • The middle purple area is Zone 3: There are 9 passes connect between Zone 2 and Zone 3.

The thin white lines between Zones are mountains, so the only way to move between Zones is by travelling through passes. You can expand your Alliance’s Territory into the new Zones by taking over Passes.

Zone 2 is always located in shape around the centre of the Kingdom, which means that Zone 3 is always in the exact centre.

What is Zone 1?

  • It is located at the edge of the Kingdom and surrounded by mountains.
  • When you first create a new character in the new Kingdom, your city will spawn randomly around Zone 1.
  • This Zone is divided into 6 small areas. Each area is separated from each other by Level 1 Passes.
  • Since this Zone is the beginning area, it only has low-tier resource deposit (usually level 2 or 3 deposit), and low-level barbarians. But this is a perfect place for new Cities because you don’t have enough troops to beat high-level barbarians as well as enough troops to carry the load from high-level resource deposit.
  • You can find Sanctum and Altar in Zone 1.

What is Zone 2?

  • Zone 2 is located between Zone 3 and Zone 1.
  • To enter Zone 2, your Alliance must take control a Level 2 Pass that connects to the area that you want to access.
    • There is a way to bypass this requirement that the Alliance leader must temporarily pass their leadership to a trusted friend or a 2nd account, leave the Alliance and then join the Alliance that controls a Level 2 Pass. After that, they need to use a Targeted Teleport to move into Zone 2, quit that Alliance and join the old Alliance. Finally, the leader can build an Alliance Fortress inside Zone 2, which will allow other Alliance members to teleport to Zone 2 by using Territorial Teleport.
  • In Zone 2, you will find better resources than Zone 1 and stronger barbarians.
  • You can find Shrines in Zone 2.

What is Zone 3?

  • It is located in the centre of the map.
  • This Zone has the most precious resource potential in all of the Zones. You can find level 5-6 resource deposit and level 24-25 barbarians here.
  • This Zone is the most oppressive place to contest for entry because of its rich resources and also is the place has the Lost Temple. Who controls the Lost Temple will be the King of that Kingdom and of course, there will be many benefits to the King and his Alliance members. So it is the goal of every player and Alliance in the game.
  • The Lost Temple is always stat at the middle of Zone 3.
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