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The game is very easy to play. You will face a lot of enemies, using different kinds of skills with beautiful & satisfying graphics.

Being considered a simple The Binding of Isaac version for mobile games, but Archero still has a tight gameplay as well as an incredible graphic design. The interesting point in the game is that you always want to not die. To do this, you need to progress through each level steady, and upgrades your characters to become more powerful.

Unique Gameplay Makes Loads of Archero Guides

Like many other video games, Archero has a large pool of skills and enemies. However, you always find the game fresh due to the unique experience of the gameplay.

After each time defeating an enemy, you will get EXP to level up your characters, gain more power, passive bonuses, items, and other stuff.

Defeat bosses, encounter Angels and get even more upgrades!

Your skills will be chosen randomly every time you upgrade them. There are a lot of passive skills you want to upgrade.

While playing in the game, you also get leveled up too. And every time you reach the new level, you will be given a set of 3 skills randomly, so that you can easily test out different combinations of skills.

A Lot of Challenges

Although the game is very easy to control, keeping your character alive using the joystick at the bottom of the screen is also very challenging.

To beat the enemies, you must cause damage to them, but that’s only half the way. You also need to focus on avoiding the damage because your HP is limited, and it is also very hard to get healing items in the game.

Easier said than done. When playing, you will see enemy bullets from all directions, so you have to be very focused on avoiding them effectively. It will take some time to practice, so newbies will find themselves dying after only 5-10 levels or so.

When choosing skills, there are times you being too greedy and picking the wrong power-ups. The top priority is to preserve your health at all times because your goal is to get as far as possible. It’s always worth it to sacrifice the chance of firing an arrow in exchange for not taking damage.

When play these types of endless action games, the above is one of the top concerns for all players.

Archero is not boring. Each play will be more surprising and more varied by the multiple randomly-generated elements

At the beginning, most players will not find the game difficult. However, If you make any single mistake, you can all notice the frustration in a matter of seconds. But you’ll see the game is completely fair when you calm down and move carefully. The game always gives you the motivation to keep pressing forward to redeem yourself.


Archero is a great game that has simple controls. It is an exciting mobile game to play with lots of challenging and satisfying actions. The game is always fresh due to the randomness of the gameplay.

An energy system in this kind of game limits your time is the only downside. The game slowly gives you a decent amount of energy you could spend every day. When using up all this energy, you will have to wait for a frustratingly long time to recharge before continuing playing.