The Best Archero Beginner’s Guide

This beginner guide will show you, new players, the basics of the game that you need to know before getting addicted to Archero!

archero beginner guide


There are 9 passive talents that upgrade your character stats (life, health, attack damage, attack speed, damage reduction, gear enhancement).

You need gold to unlock/upgrade a talent, the price will increase after every upgrade, and it assigns randomly, no other way to upgrade a specific talent unless you are very lucky J. The maximum upgrades of talents base on your level + 1.

There are two unique talents: Glory and Time Reward.

  • Glory gives you a skill selection each time you start a game, this will give a little heading in early levels and it can’t be upgraded once unlocked.
  • And time reward gives you a fixed amount of coin or sometimes upgrade scrolls every 60 minutes.
archer gears
Gears or Equipments in Archero

Equipment / Gears

Will be unlocked after you obtain your first item, you can hold 6 pieces of equipment: a weapon, an amour, two rings, and two pets.


There 4 types of weapons in Archero

  • Tornado: Considered as the best weapon in-game, it can pierce enemies and bounce back to you, which deals additional damage to your enemies. Has fast attack speed but suffer a 20% damage penalty. (80%)
  • Saw Blade: Has the fastest attack speed but also suffer a 20% damage penalty. (80%)
  • Death Scythe: Decent weapon, has low attack speed, knockback enemies and has a 45% damage buff. (145%)
  • Brave Bow: Decent weapon, has average attack damage and attack speed. (100%)


There are 4 types of amours, each amour has unique stats

  • Vest of Dexterity: +7% dodge rate
  • Golden Chestplate: +5% damage resistance
  • Phantom Cloak: +10% projectile resistance
  • Void Robe: +10% collision resistance


There are 4 types of rings, each ring will give bonus damage to a specific unit in Archero

  • Bear Ring: Ground units
  • Serpent Ring: Ranged units
  • Wolf Ring: Melee units
  • Falcon Ring: Airborne units


There are 4 types of spirits

  • Laser Bat: Pierces enemies and wall, fast attack speed.
  • Scythe Mage: Pierces enemies, slow attack speed.
  • Living Bomb: Deals splash damage, low attack speed.
  • Elf: Fast attack speed, fires projectiles.

You can upgrade your gears with gold and scrolls (which can be found through playing or obtain through time reward).

Fusing Items

There is another way to upgrade your equipment is to fuse 3 of the same items with the same rarity into an item with higher rarity.

Rarity: Common, great, epic (can be obtained from chests), perfect epic and legendary (only by fusing items). Above great rarity item will have a bonus perk/effect.

top bar archero
Level, Energy and Currencies in Archero!


Each run will cost 5 energy, you can buy energy with gem, watch an ad (up to 4 times a day) or just wait.


Gold and gem. You can get gold by killing enemies, through time reward, the daily wheel with ads/wheel at the beginning of each run or you can buy it with real money.

And you can obtain gem with daily wheel, every 10 stages (only one time) and real money.

chests archero


There are 2 types of chests, the Golden and Obsidian Chest.

  • Golden chest costs 60 gems and contains one Common or Great equipment.
  • Obsidian Chest other gives you a great, rare or an epic item but it costs 300 gems.

The best option here is to save for the obsidian chest. When you buy an obsidian chest, the next one will cost 20 gems less (stack 2 times), so you should wait until you have 840 gems.

archero abilities
Abilities (or Skills) in Archero

Abilities / Skills

You can see this Archero tier list by ArcherOcafe.

During your run in dungeon, you will see Angel and Demon. Angel will appear every 10 levels starting from level 5, he will offer you heal or a skill, take heal if you are low on hp or skill if you are full, but always take Health boost skill cause it gives you 20% more of current and maximum health.

And the demon will show up if you kill a boss without losing hp, he will offer some unique skill like running through wall/water exchange for 20% of your hp, so be careful if you accept.


Unfortunately, there is no logout option so you need to create another Google/Apple account to play again.

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