Top 25 Best Archero Tips

Here are some of the most useful Archero tips & information for you while playing the game. You will definitely find these tips super helpful for both new & experienced players.

We will try to update them as soon as there is any new change in the game. Enjoy!

archero tips

Top 24 Archero Tips

  1. You can certainly attract The Evil if you defeat a boss without being injured. Besides, you should cautiously choose rarer buff provided by The Devil like Extra Life, Another Multishot, Walk Over Water or Walk Through Walls, etc.
  2. When getting the ability to walk through walls, you can easily hide in walls during attacking the enemy. In this case, the only enemy that is able to attack through walls can hurt you.
  3. Your individual damage would be reduced when you take additional arrow like multishot/front arrow. However, the extra arrow from diagonal/side/rear arrow doesn’t affect your strength of arrow damage.
  4. Freeze effect might sometimes reset the monster’s and bosses’ animation. Particularly, some bosses will pause their attack while others might reshoot over; bosses that are moving will repath or releap again. Don’t take freeze effect buff unless you want to take command of the fight’s rhythm, especially when beating twin bosses (freeze and lighting stun effects are NOT supposed to be used).
  5. When your HP is low and you get a chance to choose between Heal and HP Boost, let’s choose HP Boost, it also has the healing ability.
  6. In World 3 and World 6, remember to stand at the 10 o’clock position to get the best opportunity to evade the Dragon breath.
  7. Don’t forget the 4x watching ads for free energy and 5x special reward for gem every 24h countdown.
  8. In case you open the Obsidian Chest 3 times continuously, the gem requirement per open would reduce by 20 each time. After 3 times opened, it will back to 300 Gem as default.
  9. The Invincibility buff needs 10s gap time between every 2s activation. Catching its routine can help you know the time to go crazy, especially you can get more chances to survive when entering the room full of monsters at the 8th-second interval. You can always get full attack mode on the first 3 seconds.
    To control the new room better, try to destroy the closest monster. Besides, make use of the 2-second invincibility chance and hug on bosses for great damage when you have 2x diagonal arrow.
  10. Tornado has the function as a boomerang and availably has the Piercing shot. Therefore, it is meaningless for you to add the Piercing shot ability, but the Bouncing wall ability would enable your weapon to get an additional bounce on the wall before going back to you. Moreover, you’re not advised to take Bouncing wall ability when your damage power is not strong because the additional arrows would hide your sight to see the enemies’ incoming bullets.
  11. The floor map will be resetted if you close the app and then resume the gameplay. For instance, if you go in a floor and acknowledge that this maze is hard to handle, you should right away close the app, reopen it an resume the game, you will be brought to another maze, with new monsters/bosses but the same level of HP as the time you shut down the app. This tip is especially helpful for World 7.
  12. Another Archero tip when you use slower attack speed weapon like Scythe is tapping the screen at the moment you release the projectile to reset the throwing animation and enhance attack speed.
  13. Choose Smart ability to get extra 50% exp gain.
  14. You can merely perform Headshot by your very first arrow, your pets shot or from the ability: “Flying Sword” and “Explosion upon death”. Holy/Lighting arrow effects are not able to throw Headshot attacks.
  15. Fire and Poison effects make up small damage depend on the damage of the weapon you’re using. They are also not improved by later ability boost.
  16. When you start having difficulties (bottleneck) on World 5+, it’s best to farm scroll and credit via world 3. A full run on world 3 offers 2700-3300 credits and 14 scrolls in average. It is suggested to buy scrolls using credits via the Mysterious Vendor whenever she appears. You will never run out of credit so no worries.
  17. It is necessary to ensure that all drops from enemies and bosses are collected.
  18. You can receive 20% extra HP from HP Boost while Devil took 20% of your max HP.
  19. Tornado and Knives get the same attack power. While Tornado has slower attack but can re-bounce to deal further damage, Knives is faster.
  20. If you already obtained 1 Extra life form The Devil, do not claim again because it cannot be stacked.
  21. You cannot receive twice ability when you obtain extra Multi-shot or Extra Life from The Devil if you already got these abilities before.
  22. Here is an Archero tip for you to stack twice on Fire / Poison effect. First stack from Fire / Poison arrow or Fire / Poison orb or Fire / Poison swords or Fire / Poison flying sword. The second stack is coming from the Fire / Poison aura from armour equipment. However, it hasn’t been confirmed whether Pet’s fire / poison can be stacked.
  23. Bloodlust life steal is merely effective from your own weapon/amour killing blow, it does not work from your Pet’s kills.
  24. You can actually touch the Plant boss (looks like a worm and has the dig ability) without receiving damages.

Hopefully you have found some great Archero tips from the 25 most important tips we gave above. Enjoy and have fun with Archero!

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