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Archero Talents are the permanent upgrades you can apply to all of your Heroes. The talents help you boost various stats of the character, including damage, HP, HP recovery from HP drops, etc.

In the talent page, you can either unlock new talent or upgrade unlocked ones using Gold.

The maximum amount of Talents you can unlock depends on your level. You are not allowed to have more than your level + 1 talents unlocked.

archero talents
All Talents in Archero

Complete List of Archero Talents

  • Recover: Increase the amount of HP recovered from Red Hearts
  • Power: Increases character damage
  • Strength: Increases character HP
  • Iron Bulwark: Reduces the damage taken when touching enemies
  • Agile: Increases character attack speed
  • Inspire: More heals when the character levels up
  • Enhance Equipment: Increases the equipment effects
  • Time Reward: Gives you a random reward every 60 minutes
  • Glory: Gives you a skill at the start of each game

Talent Stats

Iron Bulwark5075100125150175200225250275
Enhance Equipment3%6%9%12%15%18%21%24%27%30%
Time Reward4/m5/m6/m8/m10/m12/m14/m17/m20/m23/m

Talent Upgrade Order

Every time you upgrade talent in Archero, the game will choose a random talent to upgrade. However, it’s not actually random. There is a specific upgrade order as follows:

LevelUpgraded X TimesTalentSetup
01Glory000 000 00M
12Strength100 000 00M
23Power110 000 00M
34Iron Bulwark110 100 00M
45Recover111 100 00M
56Agile / Inspire111 1XX 00M
67Strength211 1XX 00M
78Agile / Inspire211 1XX 00M
89Power221 1XX 00M
910Iron Bulwark221 2XX 00M
1011Enhanced Equip221 2XX 10M
1112Agile / Inspire221 2XX 10M
1213Recover222 2XX 10M
1314Agile / Inspire222 2XX 10M
1415Strength322 2XX 10M
1516Iron Bulwark322 3XX 10M
1617Power332 3XX 10M
1718Agile / Inspire332 3XX 10M
1819Enhanced Equip332 3XX 20M
1920Agile / Inspire332 3XX 20M
2021Recover333 3XX 20M
2122Time Reward333 3XX 21M
2223Iron Bulwark333 4XX 21M
2324Strength433 4XX 21M
2425Agile / Inspire433 4XX 21M
2526Time Reward433 4XX 22M
2627Power443 4XX 22M
2728Agile / Inspire443 4XX 22M
2829Enhanced Equip443 4XX 32M
2930Recover444 4XX 32M
3031Iron Bulwark444 5XX 32M
3132Strength544 5XX 32M
3233Time Reward544 5XX 33M
3334Agile / Inspire544 5XX 33M
3435Power554 5XX 33M
3536Enhanced Equip554 5XX 43M
3637Agile / Inspire554 5XX 43M
3738Time Reward554 5XX 44M
3839Recover555 5XX 44M
3940Iron Bulwark555 6XX 44M
4041Strength655 6XX 44M
4142Time Reward655 6XX 45M
4243Agile / Inspire655 6XX 45M
4344Power665 6XX 45M
4445Enhanced Equip665 6XX 55M
4546Agile / Inspire665 6XX 55M
4647Recover666 6XX 55M
4748Time Reward666 6XX 56M
4849Iron Bulwark666 7XX 56M
4950Strength766 7XX 56M
5051Agile / Inspire766 7XX 56M
5152Enhanced Equip766 7XX 66M
5253Power776 7XX 66M
5354Agile / Inspire776 7XX 66M
5455Recover777 7XX 66M
5556Time Reward777 7XX 67M
5657Iron Bulwark777 8XX 67M
5758Strength877 8XX 67M
5859Agile / Inspire877 8XX 67M
5960Enhanced Equip877 8XX 77M
6061Time Reward877 8XX 78M
6162Power887 8XX 78M
6263Agile / Inspire887 8XX 78M
6364Recover888 8XX 78M
6465Time Reward888 8XX 79M
6566Iron Bulwark888 9XX 79M
6667Enhanced Equip888 9XX 89M
6768Agile / Inspire888 9XX 89M
6869Strength898 9XX 89M
6970Power998 9XX 89M
7071Agile / Inspire998 9XX 89M
7172Recover999 9XX 89M
7273Enhanced Equip999 9XX 99M
7374Iron Bulwark999 MXX 99M
7475StrengthM99 MXX 99M
7576Time RewardM99 MXX 9MM
7677Agile / InspireM99 MXX 9MM
7778PowerMM9 MXX 9MM
7879Agile / InspireMM9 MMM 9MM
7980RecoverMMM MMM 9MM
8081Enhanced EquipMMM MMM MMM

Talent Upgrade Costs

And finally here we have the upgrade costs and the level caps of all talent upgrades in Archero:

Level Gate0000055555
Level Gate10101010101515151515
Level Gate20202020202525252525
Level Gate30333435363738394041
Level Gate42434445464748495051
Level Gate52535455565758596061
Level Gate62636465666768697071
Level Gate727374757677787980

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