Free Archero Gems Farming Guide

Looking for the best tips for farming Free Gems in Archero? Here you go!

Free Archero Gems Farming Guide

Dear Archers,

Do you covet the lovely green gems that can make you happier? You think of the early days in Chapter 1 when you’re still ingenious so you paid gems for coins, do you regret that? Do you have to fight with yourself to choose either the greedy need for spending your Doritos money or remaining F2P? Don’t worry, if you are a normal player, the built-in freebies will provide free gems properly, but I would be sorry if you’re something more than just a casual player, you may have to spend a lot more.

Ways to Get Free Gems in Archero

  • Spin: 50
  • Gems (total): 280
  • Gems per spin: 5.6
  • Gems per day: 28

The Goal

Being a F2P player, do you wonder how many gems are rational for building up in normal?

Actually there’re some ways to accumulate Gems in Archero, now I’m capturing the reasonable rate for you to pick up Gems on a regular basis.


  • This guide is for normal F2P player, however, it also have an advantage for P2W.
  • Only gems were tracked because we only focus on Gems here.
  • The data were recorded from over 10 days of playing. It is equivalent to 50 daily spins of a sample size.
  • The data of spins was recorded through different chapters, assume that chapter has no influence on gem output.
  • It’s totally possible for you to get more gems in the same period of time if you can level up or finish various chapters. This data is variable which is depend on player so I didn’t record it.


  1. By investing a little, players will be able to earn nearly 200 gems per week.
  2. It’s not really probable for players to get enough gems for an obsidian chest inefficient way every week.
  3. You can achieve it in a short time at Chapter 7 by defeating rooms as many as possible and doing it again because you can have a free spin after each boss battle (you must receive damage so you won’t get the Devil’s deal)

Recommendations For Farming Gems

It’s very advisable to open the game every day for the free spins to get a chance to receive gems no matter who you are, F2P or P2P, Casual or Serious. Using this strategy can help you receive up to more than 3 Golden chests for free on top of your daily chests during the week, it is useful in the long term, especially for F2P players who’re grinding their way along.

I hope you guys can find something useful for your situations and take the most advantage of these strategies to get free Gems in Archero.

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