Archero Chapter 1 Guide (Verdant Prairie)

I really want to post this Archero Chapter 1 Guide to share some experiences with new players who were looking for information and tips for early levels.

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In this article, I do not include the skills, however, there would be some basic dynamics of the enemies.

I don’t remember exactly the technical names so I myself create some and cover some specific descriptions. Feel free to state your opinions if you want to contribute or in case you find that something need to be modified.

Note: This list does not ensure whether the enemies would appear in a particular order or not, I just number the list from the beginning to the end.

Archero Chapter 1: General info

The very first and also the simplest chapter is Verdant Prairie.

It’s aim is as an introduction of the game, however, it’s also a primary set of major obstacles the players must get over.

Once entering the chapter 1, you may be put in a blank room.

Each time you reach a new room by going through the door at the end of the rooms, there will be a random room with enemies in certain positions chosen for you. You can never know exactly which room you would enter next because the number of room combinations is nearly unlimited.

Archero Room Dynamics

archero angel

Each time reaching the room which ends in 5 ( 5,15,25,35,45) you can meet an angle. You will be given 2 options: Heal (heals partial health) and another bonus effect (ability).

It is perfect when you just lose a little health throughout the chapter so you can take a bonus effect instead of using heal. However, if you’re low on health, let’s select the heal option.

You will have to face a boss battle every 10 rooms.

Remember to aware the skull-like thing on the top of the door, it signals that the next room is a boss battle.

giant stone golem
The final boss of the Chapter 1

Bosses in Verdant Prairie include Red Skull, the Giant flytrap, the Baby Dragon, the Giant Haunted Tree, the Giant Stone Golem.

The first four do not appear in a certain order, but it is assured that you will always meet the Giant Stone Golem at the final round (stage 50).

Additionally, you will see a Treasure Chest in the room before each boss battle.

The Chest does not attack, it will drop red blood for you can heal a significant amount of health. You’re advised to destroy it, at last, to ensure that you would not lose health and waste the additional blood. The red blood/hearts are obtained automatically whenever you kill a monster/enemy.

archero devil
The Devil in Archero

In case you can defeat a boss without receiving damage, a devil will appear to offer a bonus exchanged for a certain amount of your max HP, include Walking on water, Multishot, Font Arrow + 1, Walking through Walls, Extra Life, etc.

Some people might insist that it is not worth to loose your max HP to get a bonus skill. Depending on your current condition and your intention to build up your character’s power, your choice might be different from other’s.

In my opinion, it is really helpful to get Extra Life for some sticky circumstances. Besides, when you, unfortunately, take damage, there is little possibility that the devil occurs at the end of the boss stage.

If there is no devil appearing, the wheel to spin will certainly appear. You will be given a chance to get a random reward, ranging from coins to gems, to different skills.

Moreover, there is a mysterious vendor that would randomly occur in any stage in the chapter. It usually gives 2 options both be equipment or scrolls for the player. You have to pay coins or gems if you want to get one of the choices. 

How to Defeat Chapter 1 – Verdant Prairie

In spite of being the easiest chapter, Verdant Prairie is not easy at the beginning.

Don’t worry if you do not go well in the first stage or even the first 20.

Playing through VP several times then opening the Talents tab, you will see there are some permanent bonuses available.

Purchasing in these bonuses is the first priority when using coins in the game.

After a while, you will find it much easier to deal with VP when you can take enough talents and suitable equipment.

chapter 1 monsters

Here you can find the complete list of monsters and bosses in the Chapter 1, Verdant Prairie.

Chapter 1 Normal Monster

Flytrap Plant (Range attacker): Throws a red orb every 3 seconds (can shoot through the wall). To dodge this, just simply move either left or right when it shots you and start firing it.

Bat (Green Wings – Melee Attacker): Can fly through the wall, charge at you every five seconds. The plan here is to stay as far as possible from it, or don’t stand still in one place for too long if you are close, because it can charge at a very high speed toward you.

Stone Golem (Range Attacker): Can spin and throw three orbs every three seconds. You can easily dodge its attack because the only middle orb is aimed toward your current position. Just move to left/right to dodge the middle shot but not too far or you will be hit by the diagonal shot.

Haunted Stump (Range Attacker): Jumps and when lands, fire four balls in four directions (up, down, left, right). You can easily dodge its attack by simply standing in the diagonal of it, but be careful if there are many.

Green Archer (Range Attacker): Aims a red line toward you then takes about one second to shoot an arrow. To deal with this, you need to keep moving until the red line disappear, and the arrow is shot, you will have five seconds to attack them.

White Skull (Melee Attacker): They will never stop following you until they are all dead, but thankfully they are slow, so the best strategy here is to keep shooting and running.

Orange Skull (Melee Attacker): It will split into two White Skulls when killed.

Ghost Bombers (Range Attacker): This one is quite dangerous because they have high throw speed and big damage. But sometimes they can delay their attacks and go through the wall, so it quite hard to predict their actions. The best strategy here is to keep shooting and running, don’t stand in one place for too long.

Stone Golem II (Range Attacker): Can spin and throw five balls every five seconds. The strat here is the same when dealing with Stone Golem, but you need to keep a distance from them because it is impossible to dodge their balls when staying too close.

Green Ghost (Melee Attacker): The only way is to stay far away from them because they have unpredictable movement, they usually rush in a random direction and can’t go through the wall.

Red Ghost (Melee Attacker): Just like Green Ghost and split into two Green Ghosts when killed.

Haunted Stump II (Range Attacker): Jumps and when lands, fire eight balls in eight directions. Just try to stay in between two balls or to stay as far as possible away from them, it easier to dodge their attacks.

Bat II (Melee Attacker): Their actions are just like Bat but only stronger.

Flytrap Plant II (Range Attacker): Just like Flytrap Plant but they fire twos balls instead of one. The strat here is the same as most of the ranged attackers, keep moving as far from them as possible, and move left/right to dodge their attacks.

deal with Flytrap Plant II

Red Archer (Range Attacker): Also aim a red line toward you and shoot an arrow but this time the arrow can bounce off the wall a couple of times before disappearing or hitting you.

Ghost Bomber II (Range Attacker): They are now throwing two-three bombs at the same time, so keep moving and shoot when they pause their attacks, and remember to keep an eye on other bombers when they about to attack you.

Chapter 1 Boss

Red Skull (Melee Attacker): It split into two smaller skulls when kill, but it is an easy boss to deal with. You only need to fire the skull and move to another direction if any skulls come near you, that all.

Red Dragon (Range Attacker): Interesting one, It can fire fireballs, and they can bounce between walls. To dodge its fireballs, just need to stay as far from it as possible so you can prevent collision damage from the boss and can predict where the fireballs will bounce.

dealing vs dragon

Giant Flytrap (Range attacker): Its attack is to fire multiple red balls toward you. The key here is to stay away from the boss. Better is stay at the bottom (If you stay at the top, the joystick can be annoyed when fighting), move left/right to dodge balls.

Giant Flytrap
Dealing with Giant Flytrap

Giant Haunted Stump (Melee – Range Attacker): It has two types of attacks. First is to fire multiple projectiles toward you; the only way to dodge is to move left and right. Second is a jump attack. You need to move right away when the boss about to jump because it will jump to where you are standing.

giant stump

Giant Stone Golem (Range Attacker): The boss will summon two Stone Golems, will summon another if one Stone Golem is Fire seven spreading balls toward you. The boss will charge at you if you are close, so stay as far as possible.

vs giant golem

Hopefully, you have found this Archero Chapter 1 Monsters & Boss Guide helpful!

Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question regarding this stunning mobile game!

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