Best Archero Weapons Guide

Best Archero Weapons Guide

Best Archero Weapons Frequently Asked Questions

Why does everyone think that Tornado is the best Archero weapon?

Because of its abilities: Pierce through monsters and bounce back, which allows you to hit multiple enemies twice.

Is Blade the weakest weapon in the game?

Although it has the lowest damage output in the game, statistics and gameplays show entirely different scenes. It has almost the same picks as Tornado and Death Scythe.

Why so many people play Death Scythe?

It has the highest damage output and the best epic-passive in the game!

What is the best weapon in Archero?

The best weapon in-game is the weapon you love the most!

Weapon List

Tornado’s Summary:

[Has -20% base damage & 1.73 AS]


  • Very good in the early stage of the game.
  • Already had two top-tier passives, which give players more skill options to choose.
  • Can play shoot and run effectively with decent attack speed and its passives.
  • Bounce back damage deal 55% of base damage (66% for epic).


  • Bounce back damage not always connect with moving target, which lowers your DPS.
  • Tornado can’t knock back enemies, therefore be careful when dealing with melee monsters.
  • Does not work well with Ricochet since it would mess with piercing ability.

Saw Blade’s Summary:

[Has -20% base damage & 2.6 AS]


  • Has the highest attack speed in the game (50% faster than Tornado/Brave Bow, 80% faster than Death Scythe)
  • Has knockback ability, works well with Multi-Shot
  • Has very good firing animation, projectile speed and recovery animation, which means that this weapon is very good against moving enemies.


  • Has the same damage as Tornado. It means that Blade has 20% less damage than Brave Bow and 80% less damage than Death Scythe.
  • Need Ricochet/Bounce/Pierce skill to deal with multiple enemies.
  • Some certain chapters or Bosses need you to keep moving to dodge, so it means that you will lose some DPS because Blade’s main source of DPS is rapid-fire.

Death Scythe’s Summary

[Has +45% base damage & 1.43 AS]


  • Death Scythe has the highest amount of DPS among of all other weapons.
  • Has knockback ability.
  • At Epic+ rarity, Death Scythe has Headshot ability (50% chance to instantly kill mobs at 30% health or lower), which is insanely good, especially in later chapters.


  • Has the lowest AS, but it makes stutter-stepping while attacking with this weapon is very to time.
  • Hard to deal with stages/bosses that flooding with attacks and projectiles cause of its low AS.

Brave Bow’s Summary

[Has +0% base damage & 1.73 AS]


  • Very balanced weapon, Bow has decent damage, the same firing speed as Tornado, it’s projectiles are fast as Saw Blade.


  • Need Wolf Rings to make use of its epic-rarity perk (+50% critical damage)
  • Its damage falls off in later chapters, needs lots of good skills to make up to its.

Best Tips for Using Weapons in Archero

If you are struggling at a certain stage, there are a few things that you can do:

  • Your gear rarity or your level is too low. So keep farming the highest dungeon that you can reach and try to upgrade your gear and raise your level.
  • Improve your muscle memory so that you can dodge and predict enemy attacks. The only way to train is to keep trying again and again, and you eventually know how to deal with these monsters.

Recommended Weapons for Each Chapter

Here are some recommended weapon and item-levels suggestions:

  • C5: Level +20 (Rare equipment) – Death Scythe, Saw Blade, and
  • C6: Level +25 – Death Scythe, Saw Blade and
  • C7: Level +40 – Saw Blade and
  • C8: Level +45 – Death Scythe, Saw Blade and
  • C9: Level +50 – Saw Blade.
  • C10: Level +55 – Death Scythe.
  • C11 Level +65 – Death Scythe.

They are just some suggestions, not requirement because this game mostly bases on RNG (Gears, skill choice ….).

Have fun playing Archero and hopefully you have found the best weapon after reading this guide!

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Licoo man


Licoo man

I use a blue death scythe level 30 and I have another one in my inventory so I can fuse them to get a purple