Archero Chapter 4 Guide

archero chapter 4

Best Skills for Archero Chapter 4

  • Multishot: Everything will be x2.
  • Attack++: Always collect it in full measure.
  • Critical++: Provides better know back & shot.
  • Front +1: Drop single arrow damage but increase the whole outcome & x2 every skill else.
  • At least 1 Attack Speed ++: Choose it in case you do not have other options.
  • Bounce: your attack can have rebound on other enemies after hitting one, it’s also more useful than ricochet.
  • Pierce (without Boomerang): Can combine with bounce in order to make your attack have performance similar to a Boomerang.
    With Boomerang, Pierce can help increase attack speed.
  • Holy Touch: Shreds enemies at high speed. It’s suggested being used with critical + multishot at 40++ stage and above.
  • HP Boost: Helpful to survive, less important than options above.


  • Wingman: Actually does not provide much assistance at the beginning, but useful for defeating the final boss. He should be used at stage 30++ and above.
  • Star or shield: Helpful for defense, but you’re advised to go offense rather than defense.
  • Poison/Blaze: Useful at first but not effective as Holy at late game.
  • Freeze: Not really useful, it doesn’t force enemies slow significantly.

General Tips for Archero Chapter 4

  • Try to shred enemies as quick as you can
  • Dodging is impossible at some point because of the aim prediction and number of enemies in some stages hence why you need enough damage to reduce some enemies you need more HP or even some defensive skills. In some cases, it is extremely difficult to use dodging between a high amount of enemies and aim prediction, thus damage, HP and some defensive skills are vitally important in some stages.
  • Remember not to move in a direct line with the bats, which can move about 1/3 of the full-length level.
  • Wolf also can predict when they charge. If you are around Wolf, you should pause your movement at the time you see them charge or they would charge into you.
  • Wolf will charge is in a straight direction but if there is an obstacle, they’ll slide along it much faster! Watch out. Regularly, Wolf charge in a straight direction, however, you should be careful because when they meet a barrier, the charge will be side along faster.
  • Orange Fireball guys tend to shoot a second time following the opening shot. Likewise, the bullets are much quicker.
  • You need to increase your damage base over stages because ever 10 stages, enemies’ vitality will rise several times and of course, it will take you more time to kill them.
  • Enemy attack cooldown/state refresh time and bullet speeds (slightly) will also expand every 10 stages, particularly the meteor which has a lot shorter time to trigger. It is important to keep an eye on the red circle.

Here are my account details when I have successfully beat the Chapter 4 bosses:

Chapter 4 Boss List

Tree Boss

Jumping Counter:

  • You should entice him to the border when he’s going to land, make him straight your position vertically or horizontally.
  • At the time he’s landing, swerve a bit from your current position and stop moving when he lands.
  • The tree dude might be able to predict your next position, his bullet arc always directs to your point when you’re running.
  • Attack of the dude will miss if you’re moving and suddenly stop right the time he lands, because of his predict function if you to keep your movement and go ahead.
  • More than a centimeter away from the arc is supposed to be a safe distance for you to avoid its damage.

Spraying Counter:

  • Improvise yourselves and try to avoid the line of fire.
  • He often tends to perform a single large bullet after releasing the Triple Bouncy Bullets ahead of spraying.
  • During the attack, aim prediction is still being used in 2-3 bullets, which would be directed to you if you start moving at the early time of spraying.
  • Tip to deal with the aim prediction is moving shortly in a small range by tapping left/right.

Bouncy Bullets Counter

  • Stay away from the middle of the sides IN CASE there are short-corner and vice-versa bullets.

Rock Boss

Spinning Attack Counter

  • It’s better to stay close to the walls and move within an ideal square, do not contact the walls of the map.
  • In my view, the bullets seem to shoot unintentionally without any prediction.

Rock Throwing Attack

  • The rocks will immediately burst out as soon as reaching your last position when you attack them.
  • To avoid these attacks you just need to shift adjacently.

Fireball Summoner Boss

Purple Homing Bullets Counter

  • Wait until you are close to them, move quickly to the side. Because of low turning rate, it’s hard for them to catch up.

Meteor Counter

  • Carefully observe the situation.
  • To elude the orange bullets, do not stand right straight to the boss’ face in case your point is nearby him when the Meteor happens.

Orange Bullets Counter

  • When the boss release orange bullets from a distance, he always looks at you so that the bullets won’t hit you if you stand still.
  • This strike presumes that you will move slightly to evade it so that it’s combined with other attacks to perform combo damage.
  • Be cautious about the boss if he does it when you’re escaping from the strike the second time, try to keep away from him.
  • Once Purple Bullet attack is performed, stay as far as possible in order for the time of orange bullets ends.
  • In case the boss shoots out a Meteor, get straight towards in the same route of the boss’s facing direction, you wouldn’t be hit.

Fire Boss

Shooting Bullets Counter

  • The shot that originates from the front of the boss is continually heading directly at you. Simply move to one side to maintain a safe distance.

Wall Fireball Counter

  • No particular counter however as a rule, remember to consistently remain close to the walls and somewhat in front so you have space to stay away from the fireballs.
  • Abstain from remaining at corners as you’ll have minimal space to sidestep these projectiles.

Random Bullets Counter

  • No specific counter.
  • Simply watch for where they spawn and attempt to keep a safe distance under the circumstances.

Final Boss

Wide Spraying Attack

  • In this case, wingman plays an important role because the bullets pursue a particular pattern. What you need to do is moving and placing yourself straight behind your pet for every single spray attack, the bullets should be cleared simply.

Curvy Shooting Attack

  • Still no particular counter, however, try to watch cautiously, when the Curvy Shoot is released, you should maintain a strategic distance from toward the path that is further away from the boss. That can make enough room for yourself to run away when a wide spray or charge happens.

Charge Attack

  • There’s next to little notice so you simply need to expect that a dash would be made towards you.
  • Generally is meant to be a counter to catch you off guard and standing still avoiding the other attacks. That’s generally a guard which has function to catch you and evade other attacks.
  • So when avoiding the spray or curvy patterned attack, make sure you always do so by creating more distance between you and the boss. If not, just keep circling the boss until you have room. Patience and lots of crit/damage is the key here. Always in attempt to keep you further away the boss when escaping from the spray or curvy patterned attack, in case you can’t, still go around the boss until you get chance to increase the distance. Focus on crit/damage and be patient.

If you are still finding it hard to beat the Archero Chapter 4, please comment down below and let us know!

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