Archero Frequently Asked Questions

archero faq

Q: What is the best weapon in Archero?

A: Tornado is considered as the best weapon in-game cause It can pierce through enemies and especially bound back which is very strong against a single target (like bosses). And then scythe, they very useful in chapters with lots of monsters because of its knockback. Sawblade and bow are also good weapons, but you can play whatever weapon that fit you.

Q: What is the best chapter to farm?

A: Usually the chapter that you can do easily, for example, if you stuck at chapter 5 you can farm at chapter 3.

Q: How to unlock time reward talent?

A: You can unlock time reward talent after you reach level 20 and above, but it is completely based on RNG.

Q: How to meet the Devil?

A: You can see the Devil after defeating the Boss, but only if you take no damage during the fight.

Q: How to meet the Merchant?

A: Unlike Devil and Angel, the Merchant spawns randomly.

Q: How does the daily wheel work?

A: You have 5 daily wheels with ad per day, it comes after free wheel at the start of each run and after defeating a boss.

Q: Can I re-roll a boss?

A: No, this bug is fixed recently.

Q: Is Epic the best quality in-game?

A: No, after Epic there are Perfect Epic and Legendary. (Both of them can’t be found in the chest, only fusing)

Q: What is the best chest to invest?

A: It depends on current progress in the game. If you are in the early stage of the game, you should wait until you have 840 gems to buy 3 obsidian chest trying to get an epic. Once you have some good items, you can start opening gold chests to fuse items.

Q: What is hero mode?

A: It is a mode that allows you to play the same chapters with higher difficulty, which give more golds and scrolls. Buy it is only available for the first 3 chapters.

Q: What items should I focus on upgrading?

A: Weapon and armor.

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