Archero Chapter 3 Guide

archero chapter 3

The Best Abilities for Archero Chapter 3

SS+ -Tier:

  • Ricochet
  • +1 Life
  • Wingman (If you have 2 spirits)
  • Slows Projectiles (Easier to dodge monster’s projectiles since there are lots of mobs)

SS -Tier:

  • Multi-Shot (SS+ -Tier with Ricochet and Attack Boost)
  • Front Arrow (Same as Multi-Shot)
  • Bouncy Wall (SS+ -Tier with Diagonal/Side Arrows/Front Arrows if you have 2 or more above skills. Not recommend if you are using Tornado)
  • Bloodthirst (Very useful since there are lots of mob in this stage)

S –Tier:

  • Rage
  • Fire/Toxic/Lightning Arrow (SS+ -Tier with Ricochet)
  • HP boost

A –Tier:

  • Attack Boost
  • Critical Master (S –Tier with Attack Boost or SS –Tier with Rage)
  • Toxic/Lightning/Fire Circle (SS –Tier if you have 2 or more Circle)
  • Shield Guard
  • Invincible Star (S –Tier if you have good timing)
  • Diagonal/Side Arrows (S –Tier with Ricochet and Bouncy Wall)
  • Piercing Shot (Ignore it if you are using Tornado)
  • Attack Speed Boost
  • Death Bomb

F –Tier:

  • Ice/Fire/Lightning/Toxic Swords (Pretty bad cause they only useful in close range combat, which is harder to dodge monster/projectiles)
  • Rear Arrows
  • Smart

Best Weapons To Use in Chapter 3?

In Archero Chapter 3, it’s safe to say that you can use any weapon you like.

Starting with a grey bow from the beginning is totally fine.

However, Boomerang likely provides the highest damage in chapter 3 because you can do 100% damage at the first hit and 50% more damage when it comes back, it’s a total of 150% damage.

In this chapter, you want to clear the enemies as soon as possible before the next wave spawns. The main problem of Chapter 3 is the huge amount of mobs every stage has.

Even if you have poor gear, you can still clear every stage with ease by obtaining Ricochet. Although Ricochet doesn’t work well with Boomerang like when it works with other weapons, it’s still the best ability for you to clear all of the waves easier.

The best skills for Boomerang in Chapter 3 should be Bouncy Wall, Multi-Shot, Diagonal, Side Arrows, Front Arrow +1, Piercing Shot and Attack/Crit/Speed boosts.

If you are still finding it hard to beat Chapter 3 (Abandoned Dungeon) in Archero, don’t hesitate to comment down below and we will help you solve it!

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