Download Infinity Kingdom PC & Mac

If you are not playing Infinity Kingdom PC, you are probably not enjoying the game with its max potential.

There are a lot of stuff you are missing when not playing Infinity Kingdom on your computer! Here are some features that you really do not want to miss out!

Download Infinity Kingdom PC and Mac

Infinity Kingdom PC Features

  • No more battery draining.
  • Play multiple IK accounts on your PC!
  • Control the game easier using the keyboard and mouse.
  • A bigger screen gives you more idea about what happening in the game.
  • Capture screenshots and record screens with ease.
  • Enjoy the game every where and any time.

What is Infinity Kingdom PC?

Infinity Kingdom PC is an MMO mobile game that just has been released recently on both iOS and Android devices by YOZOO Games.  It offers very interesting gameplay which includes competing with other players, defeating the gnomes, and battling together with your allies. It also has an epic story as well as historical tales that many players may want to know.

infinity kingdom immortal


When joining the game, you will take the role of a lord of a city in Norheim land which is threatened by the gnomes. These gnomes are not just ordinary figures in the garden, those are very dangerous creatures that can’t be underestimated. It is your mission to develop your city in order to prevent all of the gnomes from ruining the land. This mission seems very difficult but no need to worry, you will get help from Immortals and Alliances.

Immortals are the legendary hero that comes from tale, myth, and history. You can recruit their shards by using Philosopher’s Stone in the Hall of Immortals. There also are other ways to get like buying from the market, the guild’s shop, arena’s shop, or joining in-game events.

Hall of Immortals
Hall of Immortals

Once you successfully summoned an Immortal, you can increase their power by getting more of their shards to upgrade their ability, level them up by using experience roll or by defeating gnomes on the map and equip them with upgradeable gear.

The Immortals are designed with cartoonish 3D style, along with interesting voice lines and animations. This style also applies throughout the game, result in an amazing and stunning graphic.

Infinity Kingdom PC Combat System
The combat in Infinity Kingdom PC version

Combat System

  • There are 2 different types of combat when playing Infinity Kingdom on computers.
  • The first one is automated combat: It happens when you attack gnomes or other cities on the world map. There will be a short animation and the game will send you a battle result to your mail.
  • The second one is also automated combat. However, you can watch your troops fight with the enemy on the screen and activate Immortal’s special ability by tapping on their portrait. This combat type happens in the Well of Time and the Arena.
Infinity Kingdom City

City Development

In order to protect the land from gnomes and compete with other players, you will need to grow your city effectively.

There are many types of building that you need to upgrade like barracks, castle, academy, hospital, and resource mines. You can use speedups and help form your ally members to shorten the waiting time. In the beginning, the game will give you only one builder, you can get an extra permanent one by buying an in-game pack with real money. Or if you haven’t wanted to spend money on the game yet, you can buy it at the shop with 90 gems. However, it only has 1-day duration and you can only one each day. Therefore, make sure that you don’t forget to buy it since an extra builder can help you grow your city much faster.

Infinity Kingdom Gem Shop

You should do all of the daily, and weekly missions. You should also train your troops, farming resources on the map, do research, and farming gnomes regularly.

Joining an Alliance is a very good choice since they can give you protection and help in upgrading buildings.


You can get lots of great rewards in the game by completing missions, defeating neutral units, exploring ruins, joining events, logging in, and stay online. These rewards are resources, speedups, buffs, and gems and they are extremely important for developing your city.

Also don’t forget that you can earn a lot of free rewards by redeeming the Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes we share on this blog!

Download & Play Infinity Kingdom PC from now!

The game now is available on Mac, Windows, Google Play Store and Apple Store. If you are a fan of MMO strategy game, IK is definitely worth a look!

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