How to Get Lord Level Quickly

In this following guide, we will show you how to upgrade up the character (or Lord Level) quickly in Infinity Kingdom.

The main reason why we do this guide is that the lord’s character plays a very important role in the game. It decides the level of resource spot that you can gather, it also grants you 1 talent point per level to use in the Lord Talent Tree, and you will receive tons of valuable rewards and goodies by leveling up.

Lord Talent

You can see that there are many advantages just by upgrading your character’s level. Therefore, we will give you some tips and tricks that you can easily use to speed up your leveling process if you are new to the game.

Getting a few levels ahead in the early stage of the game can grant you a huge benefit compared to other players. Without further ado, you can follow these tips and tricks!

How to Get Lord Level Quickly in Infinity Kingdom

Growth Quests

Doing Growth Quests:

Completing the Growth Quests certainly is one of the easiest ways to grow your Lord level. Doing these quests can help you significantly improve your Kingdom’s level as well as your Kingdom’s power. It is like two birds with one stone. You only need to do the following tasks:

  • Upgrading buildings.
  • Collecting resource.
  • Buying items in the Market.
  • Defeating gnomes.
  • Training troops.
  • Constructing new buildings.
  • Researching technology.
  • Upgrading the Immortal’s class.
  • Completing challenges in the Well of Time.
  • Summoning Immortals.
  • Upgrading dragon’s level.

You should do the growth quests as soon as you can since it always gives tons of experience and it also helps you progress throughout the game.

Daily Missions in Inifinity Kingdom

Doing Daily Missions

The daily missions also are the main source of increasing experience. Although they do not have as much experience as the growth quests, these missions are very easy to complete, and they are normally reset at 00:00:00 UTC. You can check the time in the top left of your screen.

There are 18 missions in total but only 10 of them give you the Lord EXP which are:

  • Collecting resources in your Kingdom.
  • Using 1 advanced summon and 5 normal summon in the Hall of Immortals.
  • Completing 3 campaigns in the Well of Time.
  • Using 1 resource item.
  • Buying 5 items from a Market (This one is optional since it requires Soul Crystal, which is mainly used for upgrading abilities in the Tower of Knowledge).
  • Gathering resources on the map.
  • Defeating gnomes.
  • Healing wounded troops in the Hospital.
  • Training troops.

The above missions can be done easily, except for the Market one, you will need to save your precious Soul Crystal to improve your Immortal’s strength. In total, you will receive 900 Lord EXP per day.

lord level


There are only 2 ways for players to obtain Lord EXP in Infinity Kingdom currently, which are Growth Missions and Daily Missions. To maximize the experience gained, it is our recommendation is to do both missions regularly and at the same time, since some of them overlap each other.

When reaching the later stage of the game, leveling up your Lord level becomes much harder and longer since the experiment requirement rises significantly after every level. However, there will be also new missions with more experience points available.

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