Infinity Kingdom War and PvP Guide

A general guide to having alliance versus alliance war and tactics for Player versus Player (PvP) activities in the Infinity Kingdom.

PvP is a major reason to play a war game so it’s good to know the basics, especially as some events will naturally cause wars to occur.

Infinity Kingdom PvP Guide

infinity kingdom pvp guide


Preparation is key, it is important to have your resources secure and below the warehouse threshold or you will lose them, use a few speedups and do more expensive constructions, throw excess resources into the mint (you will always need more gold) Train your troops but overall the dead troops in war is much lower than garrison sieges.


Assessment of your enemies attack is also critical for victory, you should always try to get into fights you can win, or at least trade soldiers. You can click on an enemy avatar to get a power report and compare to your own strength. Generally speaking if it’s within 2k it will be a trade and element and troop types/immortals will decide who wins the fight.

You should try to assist allies who are being attacked by an opponent if you can win or trade, trading even if losing the assist team can keep your allies in the fight longer and their own garrison may win if the assist team did enough damage. You can see incoming attacks on the Alliance tab in the war section – Ally tab.

When an opponent is far outside your power it is better to just remove your defenses and take the hit, giving the enemy no honor and no resources makes the value of beating you extremely low. You also have the option of completely trading by sending your own army out at an enemy attacking you, if they are sending their main team it will usually be a much weaker B team holding the line and you can put pressure on them as a last ditch effort to bring them down with you even if it is a more powerful opponent. Helping allies by attacking an enemy that has sent an attack is also viable.


Probably the most important part of going to war is the goal. Not much point going to war if there is nothing to gain. That said you could do it for practice or fun as well!

For the most part the goal should be capitals, capitals are harder to take but once secure an enemy alliance needs to have a city in  the district before they can lay siege on a capital. They also give alliance wide buffs so the more we have the stronger we become.

Attacking as a team

First you should gather your forces at a nearby city in preparation and schedule your assault so that as many as possible can be available. You will all relocate to the target city and wait until everyone has landed. Then you will launch the initial assault. The initial assault is only to crack open the district, you may want to limit the amount you send to the first city so others can move towards the second city without bloody rage preventing relocation.

Try to be as swift and as quiet as possible for that first city, but depending on the value of the city to the enemy and the confidence of their forces they may come to try and stop you. If you are just cracking the entry city for the main assault then you need to focus the city even if under attack.

When the enemy does come to stop the attack and put up a defense work as a team, wait for red line attacks to appear indicating an incoming attack and assist your brothers-in-arms making it very difficult for the enemy to get rid of us. By working together with assists you can make every battle 2v1. Remember assist can only fit one or two depending on wall level so if you get the warning it is already assisted do not send more men.

You won’t need to waste AP attacking the enemy, they will come to you so you’ll get lots of honor by being quick to move your units to garrison if you are the city under attack. Remember the goals.

Teleports and Defense

It is possible the enemy will see it as too difficult to defend the city so instead they may choose to teleport to our vulnerable cities to try and lure us away. Do not teleport defend unless it is a vital part of our kingdom like a capital, and do not teleport defend until after they crack the wall.

Make them use their AP. After that move your troops into the city garrison to reinforce it and do your best to hold the city, or assault heavily the strongest opponent that can kill garrisons to reduce the chances of successfully occupying the city.

Attrition and Harassment

Attrition and harassment are for long campaigns or wars that may have cooled down a bit to recover troops and gather resources. There are many ways to cause an enemy attrition and it will also be telling of the experience the enemy team has in PvP quickly depending on how they react. Once you are nearby an opponent but not right next to them you can send relocates towards them to destroy. Relocates cost nothing and the enemy may spend AP to stop them, every time they attack reduces their ability to continue to fight. Letting an enemy take a city that you can reconquer quickly or waiting at least until they take down the walls if it is a difficult siege city will drastically reduce their AP as well. Attacking resource camps can give loot and force the enemy to attack you to remove you from the area, constant harassment can make the enemy uneasy knowing that every gather expedition is at risk.

Scouting and war spoils

When the enemy is exhausted and cannot put up much resistance anymore you can start selectively picking your targets. Send scouts into the cities to check for full warehouses and tag those enemies to your alliance so they know which opponents are worth attacking for loot. It is possible if the enemy was unprepared and hoarding resources to gain millions of resources this way and end the war with far more than you began. Anyone can report their scouting information to allies if necessary so they know its a good target to hit and communication is key to prevent wasting gold on over scouting.

Special Tips

Remember, AP, Troops and everything else is limited daily so proper AP management is important in war. You may have your castle cracked open, it’s okay, recover and return to the battle as much and as often as you can.

Some opponents are going to be near impossible to defend against, Leave it to stronger allies to fight them, set your garrison to take as many down with you and know they have to use AP to do this so every hit you take is one less your ally needs to take.

Written by: Yorae

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