Titantula Event Guide

Titantula is an special event in Infinity Kingdom that shouldn’t be ignored due to the huge amount of rewards it offers.

Titantula Event in Infinity Kingdom

Titantula Event in Infinity Kingdom

4 Simple Steps of the event:

  1. Energy Accumulation: Prepare to challenge.
  2. Move Territory: Seize a good position.
  3. Attack Prisoner: Obtain damage rewards.
  4. Kill Prisoner: Obtain super rewards.

Note: Lords can teleport to an area near the Titantula for free once each day.

Energy Accumulation

During the event, the Titantula will appear at a random location on the continent at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00 UTC.

The Titantula will spend 2 hours accumulating Energy, during which time he is sealed and cannot be attacked.

Move Territory

While the Titantula is accumulating Energy, Lords can move their Territories to his location. Lords can teleport to an area within 5km of the Titantula for free once per day.

Attack Prisoner

When the Titantula has finished accumulating Energy, the seal is lifted, and the attack phase begins.

The attack phase lasts 30 minutes. If the Titantula is not killed within the time limit, he will disappear at the end of the phase.

Kill Prisoner

If the Titantula is killed within the time limit, the Lord who dealt the final blow will receive a huge bonus reward.

Titantula Event

Titantula Event Period

1. The Titantula Chase event opens every Wednesday and Sunday at 0:00 UTC.

2. The Titantula will appear 6 times during the event, at 0:00 UTC, 4:00 UTC, 8:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC, 16:0′ UTC, and 20:00 UTC.

3. After the Titantula appears, he will spend 2 hours accumulating Energy. Lords can challenge the Titantula for 30 minutes after the accumulation ends.

Event Rewards

1. Single Damage Reward: Receive Justice Points and Enhance Stones depending on the amount of damage you deal to the Titantula during a battle.

2. Top 10 Damage Reward: The 10 Lords who deal the most damage to a Titantula will be rewarded when the target dies (only issued after defeating the target).

3. Reward for killing the Titantula: The Lord who deals the final blow to the Titantula will receive a random super reward package.

4. Justice Reward: Receive a bonus points reward when you obtain enough Justice during the event.

5. Justice Ranking Rewards: Lords who have obtained Justice during the event will be rewarded according to their ranking at 24:00 UTC on the day after the event.

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