Move to a New Kingdom Using Passport Page

Players whose City Halls are at level 7 and are under 10 days old can change to a new server by using Beginner Teleport.

passport page Rise of Kingdoms

But I guess you didn’t know that you can find a much better kingdom if you really want to?

Since Rise of Kingdoms was updated and published a whole new map named The Lost Kingdom, players can use Passport Page to easily settle down in a larger kingdom if they want to. This is totally the same in real life when you must have a passport to go abroad!

In this guide, I’m going to introduce the way to move to a better kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms. To not to make you wait any longer, let’s get started.

How to get Passport Page in Rise of Kingdoms?

First thing first, how can you get Passport Pages? Luckily, you can get them as a free-to-play player by many ways:

  • Purchase Passport Pages in alliance shops.
  • Purchase the worthy bundles in Gem Store.

purchasing passport pages

You can purchase as many as you want in the alliance shop. Even though its price is 100,000 Individual Alliance Credits alliance credits to refill and 600,000 for individual credits to buy. If you put efforts to develop your alliance, you will get a chance to have a bunch of credits to buy all you want without having to pay any fees.

Otherwise, you can go to the Gem Store and spend money to buy a New World package which includes a Passport Page, some vouchers, and candies. I suggest this method only when you are still lacking some pages and need to boost the settlement procedure.

How to immigrate to New Kingdom using Passport Page

In Rise of Kingdoms, it’s actually uncomplicated and simple to immigrate to a new kingdom. This process is indifferent from moving to a new kingdom for beginners. However, you will be moving to a much more advanced kingdom.

moving to a new kingdom

This means you have to hope other players to be more influential than you. Moving to a whole new kingdom will hinge on how many Passport Pages are compulsory and will depend on your power cap.

As you are extremely powerful, you will need more Passport pages to immigrate to a more advanced kingdom. You can do that by zooming out and touch the “world” icon on lower right corner of the screen. Here is a list of conditions to relocate successfully:

Immigrating Requirements:

  • City Hall at level 16 or higher is required
  • Must have enough Passport Pages to immigrate
  • You can’t have any active dispatch
  • You are not in a union
  • Your supply can surpass your store protection capacity
  • The kingdom you want to move to need to exist at least 120 days
  • All march queues are inactive
  • The kingdom that has imperium status only consent to players who have 25 million power limit or lower.

If you have all these conditions, you can touch on immigrate. The gameplay will resume and your city will set down in an unplanned place on the state that you choose in the immigration procedure.

Kingdom Status:

For Rise of Kingdoms beginners or players who are new to this game,  all kingdoms will ask you to go through some procedures to verify immigrating conditions, as known as Kingdom Status and you can find them on migrating seminar in Rise of Kingdoms.

Here is more information about phases:

  • Nascent: a new kingdom that has lately formed and is developing rapidly only requires Beginner Teleport for governors who have City Hall at level 7 to migrate here.
  • Protected: In this phase, all governors’ information is classified and they are growing up rapidly.
  • Unsealed: Long Peace in the Kingdom Chronicles has winded up. All fog has been evaporated so that controllers now can see this kingdom’s information.
  • Developed: This phase points out that the kingdom has been unlocked for more than 90 days. Inhabitants have become stable and controllers can move to this kingdom by using Passport Page.

How many Passport Pages are required?

Remember to analyze how many passport pages are required to move to wealthier kingdoms. You will want to use a bonus passport for every 5 million power you get after hitting 5 million power capacity. Once you have 10 million power, 2 passport pages are all you need, and so on.

Rise of Kingdoms Passport Requirements

That is all I want to represent. Hope “How to immigrate to a new kingdom for beginners” is advantageous and revealing to you. Additionally, players who are in trouble with gaining power can refer to do so by power leveling your commanders and applying these ways to boost your overall power capacity rapidly.

If you have any questionnaire about this guideline, just drop a comment in the comment section below.

Good luck, Governors!

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