How to Attack and Defend in RoK

Welcome to my guide: How to attack and defend in Rise of Kingdoms for beginners.

The player base in Rise of Kingdoms is split into two different gameplays:

  • PvP: Player vs. Player
  • PvE: Player vs. Environment

Getting to know and mastering the fundamentals of how to target and protect the civilization’s survival in Rise of Kingdoms is critical. Mainly, you will like your defeats to be reduced thus increasing the prizes from your fights.

In this How to Attack and Defend guide, I’m going to clarify the game mechanics at your fingertips.

Rise of Kingdoms commander skills

How to Use Commander Active Skills

Commanders have their own special active skill that requires 1,000 Rage (850 for Genghis Khan, and 1,350 for Edward of Woodstock) to cast their active skill.

It is achieved automatically during the fights by the commanders themselves and there is no need for them to undertake its function manually. It can be done by improving their rage generation via the talent tree to further improve the ability of your commander to cast their active skills more often.

As far as the fighting in Rise of Kingdoms is concerned, there are a few aspects you should be aware of how the combat system works with the commanders using their active skills:

  • The commanders must have at least 1,000 anger to cast active skills.
  • Over the rage bar next to the avatar you can see how much rage the commanders are getting.
  • If you have a secondary commander along with your primary commander, otherwise the main commander casts their active skills.

Rise of Kingdoms Attack Pass

How to Attack in Rise of Kingdoms

There are 4 different forms of attacks in Rise of Kingdoms that you need to remember to optimize your battle effectiveness:

  1. Normal Attack: These are the standard attack usually done by attacking barbarians or an enemy player on the map. Normal Attack costs 50 Action Points.
  2. Rally Attack: This method of attack usually consists of several armies turning into a large, massive force that provides rallying attack and defensive rewards against enemy towns, barbarian forts, coalition fortresses and coalition flags. Rally setup requires 150 Action Points.
  3. Attacking Alliance Structure: To attack structures of the enemy’s alliance, your territory must be adjacent to the enemy territory.
  4. Reinforcement: Another form of way of attacking is to reinforce the marching rally to fill in space. An amazing combat tool to learn whether you choose to help the movement.

There is a number of items you need to note down before you start a rally attack:

  • The size of the rally army depends on how much castle the player makes.
  • Starting a standard attack on enemy would often result in major troop losses. Rally attack is the easiest way to reduce causalities within the troops and a simple way to zero the rivals.

How to Defend in Rise of Kingdoms

This is one of the most neglected methods of battle in Rise of Kingdoms. But did you know you can actually pick the commanders you want to protect your town?

How to do it:

  1.   Tap on your wall.
  2.   Choose 2 commander that you want to garrison to protect your area.

Ideally, you want to use commanders who have the qualities of Garrison / Defender to protect your area. For example, below are some of the strongest garrison commanders to use:

That’s all, Governors! Now you know how to successfully strike and protect in Rise of Kingdoms. Watch as your troops battle, raking up all these tasty kills as your enemies stumble in defeat.

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