How to Manage Resources

Experienced and veteran players in Rise of Kingdoms are experts in managing their resources. That includes piling on resource tokens, making the best of their money, and also getting up and running at least a few farming accounts so they can achieve strategic advantage over their rivals.

Managing your capital is one of the difficult aspects in Rise of Kingdoms and other games as well. Having the money you need to update your building or train a batch of troops in late play is costly. This is why learning how to control your money is more important than ever.

Welcome to my guide: Best Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms Resource Management Guide, I’ll be talking about the best ways to handle the money. This guide includes the fundamentals for beginners, and more complex advice for players who have their sleeves for at least many hours.

resource items Rise of Kingdoms

Save Up Your Resource Items!

In general, save your resource products before you truly intend to use it to update your buildings or train troops and test technologies. In case of emergencies it will be used to use the capital tokens and arms.

This takes me to the idea that in the Courier Shop you can only purchase the resource products. Purchase the utility tokens and boosters at demand reductions.

To sum up this tip:

  • Please save your tokens and boosters on assets.
  • Save your Resource Chests.

farming speed

Max Out Your Gathering Speed

Another approach to enhance the handling of your capital is to increase the gathering speed. For example, I suggest that these gathering commanders be leveled to get a head start to get your city the resources on the map:

You may also speed up your commanders’ gathering speed by using items such as Enhanced Gathering which can be bought from the Courier Shop and Quests. Although I strongly suggest that you speed up your VIP ranking to level 6, it is possible to start investing in your VIP rating as at rating 11, you can earn a 20%  gathering speed bonus, which is an immense benefit in handling your money.

Farm Barbarians & Forts

Knew you would potentially get money from barbarians and forts, too? If you have peacekeeping commanders like Belisarius, Aethelflaed or Boudica, I highly suggest placing 3 skill points into Trophy Hunter which gives you 15 resource packs for victory battles.

One of the easiest methods to achieve so is by chain-farming barbarians that can be achieved using commanders with AoE active skill such as Aethelflaed and piling with infantry-only army because they are quicker and tanky enough to work together.

The only time you’re supposed to attack Barbarian Forts is to get more Book of Covenants or earn rewards to defeat the Fort events.

Rise of Kingdoms Daily Objectives

Complete Your Daily Objectives

Regular tasks are a big part of the game and at the completion of the mission they often send away resource tokens / chests and a golden key. If you don’t achieve your daily goals, you don’t have the opportunity to reap the rewards.

Thus, make sure you do your daily tasks like:

  • Access your VIP Daily Chest.
  • Opening your Daily Special Offer Chest
  • Do all Daily Missions
  • Finish all Event Quests
  • Win all Arena Battles
  • Do your Expedition Mode

Do all of those things to help you enhance the handling of your money. Just performing the simplest stuff would go a mile to making the money well handled. Many players are beginning to struggle in the middle of the game with sufficient resources, so it is necessary to follow these tips for resource management in Rise of Kingdoms.

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