Silk Road Speculators Event Guide

In Rise of Kingdoms, the Silk Road Speculators is an interesting event which is one of the fewest events no one wants to miss the chance to enjoy it and for sure that you will have a lot of enjoyable time here. You can speculate the caravans bringing valuable goods or protect them against the barbarians.

Silk Road Speculators Rise of Kingdoms

In this article – The best Silk Road Speculators guide for new players, you will deeply understand this event and know the way to use to obtain the great bonuses. Plus, among the most famous events such as Karuak Ceremony, Lohar’s Trial, and even Ceroli Crisis, Silk Road Speculators is also named in that list due to its great amount of rewards. So don’t hesitate any longer, let take advantage of this event to earn rewards right now.

Silk Road Speculators Event Summary

Actually, because the Alliance Caravan is in charge of transferring the precious goods from your alliance fortress to a specific location, you have to guard them at any cost from the barbarians and bloody players.

The condition to start the Silk Road Speculators is that you must own at least 100,000 Alliance Credits and only alliance leaders or officers can start the event. Afterward, use the nearest fortress with the large part of your alliance members as a starting point for your caravan.

When you start the Silk Road Challenge, the will be an appearance of an alliance caravan right by your nearest alliance fortress. As a result, the event will begin and the alliance caravan is going to transfer goods to a particular place. plus, during this progress, your alliance members have to keep in touch and cooperate with each other to defend the caravan.

protecting Alliance Caravan

Difficulty Level in Silk Road Speculators

For those who just begin to do this event, the first level you had better carry out is Easy Mode. You will need to spend about 15 mins to finish this event.

When you reach to harder mode, you need to complete the level with longer route and have more difficulties from the barbarians needing to deal. So you need to dispatch more armies to your alliance members, they need to have longer endurance to survive and have powered commanders to deal these savage barbarians.

The more final event’s stage you are, the more hardship you need to deal. Please make sure that you let your commanders protect all areas. When you finish the Easy Mode, Normal Mode will open and be ready.

Basic Rules

Before beginning the Silk Road Speculators, here are a few basic game rules that you need to follow so as to max out your benefits:

  • Only alliance leaders and officers can select a difficulty level and start the event.
  • Alliance credits will be used whenever an alliance caravan is dispatched.
  • You need to complete the prior stage before opening the next level of difficulty.
  • Barbarians will procreate at random to assault the caravan.
  • When all alliance caravans finish the final route, all alliance members will obtain event rewards.
  • If your alliance caravan defends better, they will receive the more precious rewards.
  • You are able to dispatch your alliance caravan in only several times a day. It will be limited and don’t worry, this limit will reset every day
  • The alliances will be ranked based on their highest difficulty level and their highest score. At the end of the event, the top rank alliances will get reward.

Silk Road Speculators Escort Successful

Silk Road Speculators Game Tips

To max out your opportunity of victory, follow these tips during the whole event:

  • Spread out your commanders to protect more areas so that before the barbarians can kill your caravan you can quickly kill them.
  • Choose commanders that own solid direct damage factor (for example Genghis Khan, Osman I, or even Pelagius).
  • Dispatch as many armies as you can because this can help your armies and alliances caravan work better.
  • The route will be random, but in case the caravan is being along the cliff-side, barbarians will procreate on the opposite side.
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