How to Farm Book of Covenants for Castle

Farming Book of Covenant Book of Covenants is hard in Rise of Kingdoms, particularly when you have to upgrade your Castle to Level 25 preceding you can order huge assembly armies’ forces.

Upgrading your Castle is a long-standing and tedious procedure which is the reason I made the Ultimate Guide to Farming Book of Covenant for Beginners.

Farm Book of Covenants in Rise of Kingdoms

The reason for this guide is to help new players figure out how to cultivate Book of Covenant adequately so you can spare time and speed-upgrade your Castle without holding up by any stretch of the imagination. Doing this procedure will expect you to be in any event dynamic regularly.

Right away, here’s the manner by which to level up your Castle to Level 25 by means of farming Book of Covenant for starters:

Upgrade Your Castle to Level 25

In the start of your game meeting in Rise of Kingdoms, maximizing your Castle to Level 25 isn’t the essential focal point. Despite the fact that, as you progress into the late game, upgrading your Castle to Level 25 turns into a focal point.

However, you can’t update your Academy without having a Level 25 Castle. Which implies you have to step up the entirety of your buildings to Level 25 before you are even ready to additional research about techs in Academy.

A beneficial tip for you: don’t spend your speedups on research when finishing off to Tier 5 troops by any means. Concentrate on updating your Castle to Level 25 then you can contribute speedups on Tier 5 troops.

The primary issue here is in the event that you update Tier 5 troops utilizing your speedups. At that point, you don’t have any remaining speedups to quicken Castle to Level 25. You will be stuck at max research with nothing to level up for a considerable period of time.

This is a simple mistake to make. In any case, totally avoidable if you take action to farm Book of Covenant and organizing the upgrade system.

How to Farm Book of Covenant

The best method to farm Book of Covenant is to demolish Barbarian Fort the greatest number possible. For beginners, you should get 5,000 Book of Covenant to move up your Castle from 24 to 25.

Else, you can purchase more during the More than Gems event. Clearly, in the event that you are going to play as Free-to-Play player, at that point you will need to adhere to farming the barbarian Forts and purchasing books during the event with the rest of the treasure.

Here’s a couple of ways you can get more Book of Covenant Book of Covenant

VIP Shop Chests: Very costly the higher your VIP level is, yet simple approach to get more. Spending your gems during the More Than Gems event.

Collusion Chests accompanies 10 Book of Covenant, a pleasant prize at whenever someone in your alliance purchases a chest in-game.

Farming Barbarian Fort gives you Book of Covenant, a smaller than usual farming account and Peace Keeping Peacekeeping commanders like Keira, Lohar or Aethelflaed is suggested.

In the event that you intend to farm Book of Covenant all by yourself, with your main account and a smaller farming account. Then basically follow these means to solo kill the barbarian Forts the easy way:

  1. Stay far away from your Alliance members.
  2. Do solo Barbarian Forts that are level 1, 2 or 3, depending on your account power.
  3. Rally the Forts using your main accounts & your farming accounts.
  4. Do this process again, you get 5 Book of Covenant for each successful battle.

Castle Rise of Kingdoms

Castle Upgrade Costs

The expense to update Castle isn’t actually that costly contrasted with upgrading Quarry or Gold Mine regarding resources. However, you need to account in the expense of activity points, Gems, and Book of Covenant, it does end up being the most costly structure in Rise of Kingdoms.

You don’t need to bother with an outline to upgrade your Castle to Level 25. Be that as it may, you do need to get at least 5,000 Book of Covenant so as to level up it. Here’s a guide for you to preview the complete expense to upgrade Castle.

Conclusion of Farming Book of Covenants for Castle

As should be obvious, the expense to upgrade your Castle to Level 25 is extravagant. This guide which is intended to assist you with realizing that there are a few choices you can do to farm Book of Covenants.

The most difficult way to manage without paying out your money at all is farming the Barbarian Fortresses and gathering Alliance Chests. On the off chance that you need to take the simple course, be set up to spend a little bit of your money on VIP Shop Chests.

A single Book of Covenant is equivalent 10 gems. At the point when you include the all-out books it takes to upgrade Castle from Level 1 to 25, it is 20,095 books which rise to 200,950 gems in the game. Which implies you should demolish at least 4,017 strongholds to have the option to update completely without spending your money.

This is what you can do to maximize your opportunity of getting more Books:

That is all governors! I trust you discovered my guide on the most proficient method to farm Book of Covenants successfully. Glad updating your Castle to 25!

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