RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss Guide: Demon Lord

In this RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss guide, I will cover all of the basic ideas regarding building a decent team for raiding the Clan Boss Demon Lord.

I will try to explain how different roles in a Clan Boss (CB) team work, helping you choosing suitable Champions for your CB team easier.

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clan boss raid shadow legends

In every other game mode, your goal is very simple, it is to kill the enemies. However, in Clan Boss, your goal is a lot different, doing as much damage as you can before the boss kills you.

A failure in Clan Boss is obvious. It doesn’t matter who gets the last hit. You just need to do a ton of damage to get the chest rewards.

giant slayer
Giant Slayer Mastery

Normally, the Clan Boss teams in RAID can be divided into 2 different types:

  • Pre Giant Slayer
  • Post Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer is the name of a mastery, which should be obtained at the late game. This mastery helps you dramatically increase the damage dealt to the CB.

Please do note that there is another mastery works similarly to the Giant Slayer, is the Warmaster. From now on, every time I mention Giant Slayer (GS) in the guide, Warmaster (WM) is also included.

Clan Boss Demon Lord Fundamentals

Here are some of the fundamentals which are always true, whether you have Giant Slayer or not.

More turns = more damage.

This is always true.

Most of your damage while raiding Clan Boss is from abilities that do damage based on the enemy max HP. Although the boss has a passive that reduces the incoming damage, they still have the most effective results against Clan Boss.

Almost all of these abilities are not affected by your Champion stats. This means, not like most other game-modes of RAID, increasing the attack power of your Champions doesn’t give you as much damage as getting 1-2 extra poison debuffs.

You can get more turns by either being faster, or lasting longer. And you generally want to do both.

You want to have turn meter increase and speed buffs in your team. Also, equip your Champions with gears that increase Speed.

You also want to have more HP or lifesteal ability in order to last longer in the battles.

Testing Your CB Teams!

To be honest, CB teams are very hard to build.

You cannot 100% sure whether a Champion can increase the damage of your team or not. Each Champion can affect your team power in many different ways. And the only way to figure out which ones are the best is to test more!

Make sure you ask your Clan Leader first when testing out new team compositions if your Clan is competitive.

Demon Lord Mechanics

Understand the Clan Boss mechanics is super important.

Each round should happen like this: AoE -> harder AoE -> Single target -> Stun (Below 50% HP, this attack can ignore Defense too).

You want to time your healings, shields, and buffs. For example, if you have the team counter-attack buff like the Skullcrusher, you don’t want to use it right before the boss casts his stun ability because it will be a waste.

Once the boss hits 50% HP, he will change hits affinity from Void to a random affinity and his attacks will also be changed. The pattern will not change but his normal attack can ignore DEF. And depending on the new affinity, he will get new buffs/debuffs.

Clan Boss is immune to Freeze, Stun, Sleep, Provoke, Slow and Turn Meter Decrease. Do not try to use these debuffs on him.

raid clan boss

Avoid Using Auto against Clan Boss

Or never use Auto.

If you are lazy, don’t expect to get too much damage in Clan Boss.

If you know that you can get the Top Chest with auto, of course, go for it.

However, most of the time, you want to take down the boss as fast as possible, so you still want to use manual mode anyway.

The AI of the auto is not very smart, to be honest. You can probably notice this while playing the game.

The auto simply fires off your skills as soon ass they are available following the order: Ability 1 → 2 → 3 → 1 → etc. It doesn’t hold off any skill until the right time to use. It doesn’t give you any optimal skill casting pattern.

Using manual mode can be very slow. But you will be paid off very well.

CB Rewards

I will update the detailed information regarding the rewards coming from each chest soon. For now, let’s cover the basics first.

Is it worth it to care about the Clan Boss?

Top tier chests contain Sacred Shards, Void Shards, Epic/Legendary Tomes, Many Gems and Decent Gears. Of course, it’s totally worth it.

There are 2 resets in the game every day:

  • 12:00 UTC – Daily missions & other daily activities reset.
  • 10:00 A.M UTC – Clan Boss reset (HP, rewards, Clan Chests).

Players get 1 Clan Boss Key every 6 hours. It stops regening when reaching the cap of 2 keys. The key starts regening right when you start the fights so no worries using the manual mode as you will not waste any time.

When the Clan Boss is killed or when the Clan Reset happens, you will receive a reward chest based on the amount of damage you have done to the boss. You will receive 2 chests If the boss is killed.

If you are managing a Clan, this is a very important thing: The Clan Bosses can sometimes get defeated very fast and the low-level players might not have a chance of getting a reward chest. If you are a great Clan Leader, you want them to have some rewards too, right? Consider asking the top players in your Clan to aim for the harder Boss once they have done enough damage to get the top tier chest. Of course, as long as you are still able to kill the boss.

If you cannot get a top tier chest, it’s best to aim for the same tier chest of an easier boss.

Best Buffs and Debuffs for RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss

Some buffs and debuffs are very effective against Clan Boss. Some are always must-have in your team in order to significantly buff your damage.

Do note that all buffs/debuffs in RAID: Shadow Legends come in 2 types: Weaker version and Stronger version.

For example, Weaken Debuff has 2 version: 15% and 25%. Always try to have the stronger version.

When picking buffers/debuffers for your team, choose Champions who can have the buff/debuff available 100% of the time, meaning they can cast their skills constantly.

They should have low cooldown or should have a primary attack with buff/debuff.

If your Champion has a 2-turn debuff but it has 4-turn cooldown, it is okay to take it If you can take 4 turns before the boss gets 2 turns, so that you can get its up time to 100%.

Attack Down

This buff is not very effective elsewhere. Decreasing his attack requires the boss to take more time to take down your team.

Having Attack Down gives you a lot of more turns and survivability. However, you want to have this up 100% of the time because if it gets expired, he will suddenly wipe out your party faster and you will lose some turns.

Losing defense down debuff will only lower your damage. However, losing damage debuff can wipe out your team.


Weakness is very important for Clan Boss.

Before you get the Giant Slayer mastery, Weakness is a lot more important than Decrease Defense.

The Weaken increases all damage taken by the targets by 25%. Doesn’t work with Poison and HP Burn Damage tho. Comparing to Giant Slayer, it is much weaker.

Defense Down

Before you have Giant Slayer, this one is not very important because the basic attack is not your main source of damage in the Clan Boss. However, it is very important especially if you have skills that deal damage based on the enemy max HP such as Coldheart’s A3 or Husk’s A2.

After you get Giant Slayer, having Defense Down is important.

You also want to have both Defense Down and Weaken in your team.

Decrease ACC

This one is useless in Clan Boss battles.

Poison/HP Burn

Before you have Giant Slayer, this is the main source of your damage.

These abilities can do tons of damage to the boss every single turn.

But, do note that the HP Burn can only be used once at the same time. Having multiple Champions having HP Burn in your team at the same time doesn’t work very well.

After you get Giant Slayer, they are just some bonus damage, great If you can deal damage without losing Giant Slayer hits.

This is why Zavia, Nethirill and other similar Champions are so strong: Multiple-hit primary attack can deal tons of damage with Giant Slayer, and they get bonus poison damage.

Speed Up

This one is very essential. If you have more Speed, you will get more turns and more damage eventually.

Turn Meter Increase

It’s worth investing in Turn Meter increase. It’s almost as good as Speed Up buff.

It’s even better If you have both.


Before you have Giant Slayer, counter-attack is decent. It’s only great If you have Champions who can apply burn/poison damage with their primary attack.

After you have Giant Slayer, counter-attack is stunning. Although counter-attack deals 70% of the damage, Giant Slayer is not affected by this reduction. So basically you will get one extra turn.

A team of full counter-attack Champions is crazy here. It’s used by almost all top tier players.

When using counter-attack, you want to manage your Speed a bit. If your team is too fast, or if you cannot time your buffs correctly, you might end up using the buff before the boss hits you. You want to use it right before the boss hits you.

Attack Up:

Most people think that this buff is must-have. However, it is not.

Do not fall for that.

Rasing your attack in Clan Boss battles does not increase your damage that much.

To increase the damage output, you want to focus on abilities that deal damage based on the enemy Max HP, and it doesn’t get affacted by your attack stats.

Defense Up

This is not a bad one but also not too good.

Only use it If you can have its up time 100% and it doesn’t cost you any space in your team.

Continous Heal

Helpful buff but not a top priority.


This one is not effective until the Clan Boss is at very low HP when you want to get some more turns to take the boss down.

Block Damage

This one is a bit more useful than the Unkillable.

Block Debuffs

The Clan Boss has some debuffs. In the Void form, he has Poison. He has some other debuffs in other affinity forms.

However, his debuffs are not that strong. So block debuffs are not that great here with the exception of blocking the boss Stun.

Only use Block Debuffs if it doesn’t require you to sacrifice any slot. Using other buffs is much better.

Building Team Compositions for Clan Boss

Before Giant Slayer

Before you have the Giant Slayer, you want to have these following things in your team: HP Burn, Poison, Defense Down, Speed Up, Turn Meter Increase, Attack Down and Sustain.

Defense Down is only useful If you have someone who can deal damage based on the enemy max HP.

Team Aura: Speed, Defense and HP are the best Auras. Accuracy is okay. Attack is not great.

Sustain is the ability to keep yourself at high HP as long as you can. Ideally, you want to have your team at high HP until the boss can one-shot your Champions. To increase the sustain of your team, bring a Healer or Support with you. You want to equip Lifesteal Gears (it’s actually best after you get Giant Slayer) or to have someone who can spam Shield.

Shields are not generally not useful in Clan Boss battles. The shield lasts for 3 turns and gets expired before the Boss can do significant damage.

Do remember that you can cast no more than 10 debuffs on the boss. The oldest debuff will be removed if you exceed this limit.

During this time, If you have very strong single-target damage dealers, you don’t have to replace them for any poison dealer. They can easily keep pace with Poisoner. However, feel free to test it yourself too, use any who provides more damage.

If you don’t have too many Poisoners during this time, and cannot get more than 10 debuffs at once, you want to use toxic sets, which can be farmed from the Dragon, on your damage dealers. Test out if the set helps them deal more damage. Put toxic sets on Champions you use solely for Clan Boss because this set is not good in other game modes.

Before Giant Slayer, here are some of the best Champions for Clan Boss: Grappler, Steelskull, Slayer, Kallia, Bad El-Kazar, Vrask, Elenaril, Septimus, Royal Guard, Hyria, Marksman, Seeker, Tayrel, Apothecary, Husk, Armiger, Outlaw Montk, Kael, Coldheart, Juliana, Jotun, Wretch.

You can check out our RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List for more details!

After Giant Slayer

After you have Giant Slayer or Warmaster, here are some great tips for you while building up your Clan Boss Team.

The only thing you need to care about is the number of hits you can get.

Giant Slayer has a 30% chance of getting triggered on every hit you make. If your primary attack has 3 hits, you can virtually get a Giant Slayer hit on every turn. Sometimes you can even get more.

The Warmaster master even has a higher chance to be triggered, 60%, but you can only have 1 hit per turn. So it’s best to put the Warmaster on your 1-hit or 2-hit Champions.

Warmaster has a higher chance to proc, 60%, but can only have one success. Put it on your 1-hit and 2-hit champions!

During this state of the game, Defense Down Debuff becomes super important and lifesteal should be very effective.

Warmaster and Giant Slayer have a cap of 75k damage. This damage is further reduced by the boss defensive ability. Thus, you can increase this damage by using Defense Down Debuff. Furthermore, you can use Weaken to amplify it. Eventually, you can go post the 75k damage cap.

In your team, you want to have Speed/Turn Meter Increase, Attack Down, Defense Down, Weaken, Sustain and multi-hit abilities.

Best Auras: Speed, HP, Defense.

Crit Aura is very situational and should be used only when your Champions require it to be useful.

Attack Aura is useless most of the time.

Accuracy Aura is decent.

Best Champions for late-game CB teams should be: Skullcrusher, Apothecary, Bad El-Kazar, Tayrel, Steelskull, Longbeard, Fu Shan, Rhazin Scarhide, Lightsworn, Vrask, Exemplar, Venus, Nethril, Zavia, Juliana, Coldheart, Athel, Aina, Zargala, Martyr, Valkyrie.

Gears for Clan Boss Demon Lord

Gearing for Clan Boss Battles is a lot different from gearing for other RAID game-modes.

This is why top players always recommend using exclusive Champions for Clan Boss only because they are generally very bad elsewhere with Clan Boss gears, especially for those attack-based Champs.

You want gears that provide Speed and Survivability.

The more turns you can get, the more damage you will make eventually. You want your Champions to be as fast as possible and to stay alive as long as possible.

Always use Boots that have Speed

No exceptions.

Chest should have HP% or DEF%. HP% is for attack Champions. DEF% is for defensive Champions. If your Champion already has decent survivability, you can use ATK%.


Champions that deal damage based on enemy max HP like Royal Guard, Coldheart, Husk, etc should use Gloves with Crit Damage as the primary stat. Sub stats, Masteries and set bonuses should contain Crit Rate.

Champions who needs a critical hit to place a great debuff might want to have gloves with Crit Rate as the primary stat and Crit Damage in substat.

For other Champions, Chests with HP% or DEF% as the main stats work best.


Speed – Speed – Speed combo is very common before you have Giant Slayer.

Life Steal set is viable after you have Giant Slayer, especially if you don’t have any great healer in your team.

Critical chance sets are only suitable If you are building crit damage for abilities dealing damage based on the enemy max HP.

Defense sets should only be used for Champions which have very high defensive stats. Life set is okay for them as well. However, generally it’s best to use Speed set.


If you are using Tomes to level up skills of your Clan Boss focused Champions, ensure you are focusing on Cool-down Reduction and Buff/Debuff chance. These are the best things for you!

General Tips for Clan Boss

There are quite a few things to remember when you are assembling a team to fight the Demon Lord:

  • He is immune to [Freeze], [Sleep], [Fear], [True Fear], and (Stun] debuffs, so there’s no way to control him.
  • You cannot decrease the Demon Lord’s SPD or deplete his Turn Meter. However, he’s rather slow, so if you boost your team’s SPD and Turn Meters your Champions can still get multiple hits for each of his turns.
  • Demon Lord reduces the damage he receives from HP Burn) and (Poison debuffs; however, his HP is so high that these effects are still really useful against him.
  • Demon Lord begins to ignore [Block Damage] and [Unkillable] buffs when he reaches turn 50.
  • There are no waves of enemies preceding the Demon Lord, so there is no point in selecting Champions with AoE attacks. Instead, pick Champions with multi-hits and skills that inflict damage based on the target’s MAX HP.

raid clan boss guide 1

To inflict maximum damage, you will need Champions that can place [Poison], [HP Burn], [Weaken], and [Decrease DEF] debuffs on the Boss, as well as [Increase SPD] and [Counterattack] buffs on their allies. In addition, you need either Warmaster or Giant Slayer Masteries on every one of your Champions, supports included – this way, even a low-damage Support Champion can get some good, hits in.

It is also important to boost your team’s longevity: the longer your Champions stay alive, the more damage they can inflict. To do this, you need debuffs like [Decrease ATK] and [Leechl, and buffs like [Increase DEF), Revive On Death], [Ally Protection], and [Block Damage].

It’s worth noting that Warmaster and Giant Slayer combo really well with [Leech), able to effectively heal your Champions even if they normally deal very little damage. If you have trouble keeping [Leech] on the Demon Lord, though, you can also use Lifesteal Artifacts the same way.

raid clan boss guide 2

You should also remember the following:

  • There cannot be more than 10 debuffs on the Demon Lord at the same time, so don’t go overboard with Poisoners or they’ll push out the Champions trying to place [Leech), [Decrease DEF], or [Decrease ATK].
  • Always try to get the highest-level Chest you possibly can with your Boss Keys. This might sometimes mean fighting a Demon Lord that’s lower level than you can normally handle – the final chest a Demon Lord can grant you is always better than the first chest from the next higher difficulty.
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Great Article.

Two things that happened with today’s update.

1) They added a “Total Damage” indicator – great for knowing that you’ve hit the cap and can therefore Leave Battle
2) They upped the debuff limit. Not sure what it is – but I think I had 15 going at the same time.


1) Why the heck would you leave the battle instead of doing as much damage as you can? The clan bosses aren’t limited anymore damage wise.

2) This is not true. It is still 10 debuffs and will always be 10 otherwise it would break CB.


Hey guys, been wondering about how warmaster / GS works (now that i got that insane 350 scrolls for T6 line lol).

I got it, 1 or 2 hits only, go WM, multiple hits go GS.

but how does it apply to AOE hits ?

will WM proc on 1 of the hits ? will GS proc (potentially) on all hits ?

what if its a double AOE like Elhaiun, GS proc (potentially) on each hit of each wave ?

thank you 🙂

Kapila Lewis

Awesome information It’s a big help


I’m fighting the gatcha element still after something like 70 days. Is there a “best” farmable/reward-based champion composition? I do realize it is a bit subjective and dependent on gear… but I’m still learning.


Very understandable and appreciated:)


Thanks for all of the info. One question though, when was this last updated? They’ve added some great gear and new champions who should be mentioned in your lists.