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dungeons mode raid shadow legends

In RAID: Shadow Legends, Dungeons are the place where you can find gears, master scrolls, and ascension potions.

Dungeon Mode

The Dungeon bosses are stronger than campaign bosses. Campaign bosses do not require any specific strategy to defeat, while Dungeon bosses do. Understanding what each boss can do is very necessary.

Except for Spider Boss, each dungeon raid requires you to face two waves of enemies before finally facing the boss. There isn’t any strategy for clearing the first 2 waves, you simply need to be strong enough.

In general, you want to have as many buffs and debuffs as you can while raiding Dungeon bosses in Raid: Shadow Legends. Decrease their DEF to increase your damage output, slow them down to get more damage, counter-attack buffs allow you to attack the boss a lot more (since they all have only AoE skills). The counter-attack buff is also very good in Dungeons because there are times your Champions attack the normal mobs instead of the main boss.

potion dungeon raid shadow legends

Potion Dungeons

Potions are for upgrading and ascending Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Ascending only boosts the base stats just a little.

Some Champions have their abilities improved and/or unlocked at 3 stars of ascension.

5-star-ascension Champions can equip Amulets. 6-star-ascension Champions can equip Banners.

There are some stats that can only be increased at 6-star-ascension: Accuracy, Resistance, Crit Damage, etc.

Since ascension only gives your Champions a small boost, most of the time, you should only do the ascension if it improves your Champion skills, or if it unlocks the equipment slot.

Ascending a Champion to 3✭ if it improves or unlocks his/her ability. Otherwise, don’t do that until you are able to ascend them to 5✭. 4✭ is a huge waste of energy because it only gives a little boost so don’t focus on doing that.

With the exception of Arcane Keep, each other Potion Dungeon unlocks on a certain day of the week:

  • Spirit Keep, Force Keep and Magic Keep are rotating every day.
  • Void Keep is only available on Sunday.

In each potion dungeon, all the enemies, including the boss, have the same affinity. The boss of the Arcane Keep is Void affinity and the first 2 waves of mobs have different affinities.

  • Stages 1-3: Lesser Potions – 6 Energy per attack.
  • Stages 4-7: Lesser & Greater Potions – 8 Energy per attack.
  • Stages 8-15: Lesser, Greater & Superior Potions – 10-12 Energy per attack
The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID
Magic (Blue) > Spirits (Green) > Force (Red) > Magic (Blue) – Void (Purple): No counter

Although the higher dungeons give better rewards, you don’t need to farm there If you don’t need the bigger potions yet.

gear dungeons raid shadow legends

Gear Dungeons

There are 4 dungeons that drop Gears in RAID: Shadow Legends:

Dragon, Ice Golem, and Fire Knight have the same patterns of gear drops & energy costs:

  • Stage 1: 1-2✭ Gears
  • Stage 2: 1-3✭ Gears
  • Stage 3: 2-3✭ Gears
  • Stage 4: 2-4✭ Gears
  • Stages 5-6: 3-4✭ Gears
  • Stages 7-9: 3-5✭ Gears
  • Stages 10-15: 4-6✭ Gears

Note that 6✭ Gears are actually not available in the game yet but will be in one day.

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