Ice Golem’s Peak

ice golem peak

You can farm these RAID: Shadow Legends sets in the Ice Golem’s Peak: Life, Offence, Defence, Critical Rate, Resistance, Retaliation, Reflex, Cursed, and Taunting.

Ice Golem Boss – Klyssus

The Ice Golem boss, named Klyssus, has 2 active skills and 1 passive skill:

  • Frost Nova (Active): AoE damage attack.
  • Numbing Chill (Active): Applies 50% accuracy decrease debuff on the enemies. Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Frigid Vengeance (Passive): Once Klyssus’s HP drops to certain points, trigger the attack that revives all of the dead minions and ignore 50% of defense for every alive minion. Has a 20% chance of freezing the enemies (increased by 40% for each alive minion).
    • Stages 1-6: 75%, 50%, and 25% max HP
    • Stages 7-15: 80%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15% max HP.

So, if all of the minions are still alive when he triggers his 3rd skill, he will be able to bypass all of your defense and will have a 100% chance to freeze your whole team (it still can be resisted).

He comes with 2 minions:

  • The right one casts a Decrease DEF debuff to your whole team
  • The left one attacks and deals decent damage.

You need to take down the right one first whenever it gets revived.

ice golem boss klyssus

People usually underestimate because it’s easy to beat him at the lower stages. However, from Stage 14-15, his power gets increased significantly.

If the Frigid Vengeance gets triggered when all of the minions are staying alive, his attacks will be devastating for most teams. If you don’t have enough healing ability, you will not be able to keep up.

Tips for Defeating Ice Golem

  • Focus on taking out the right minion. You will never want to have the Decrease DEF debuff.
  • Beware of team counter-attack buffs. They could face some serious problems here. Frigid Vengeance will trigger a round of counter-attacks and decrease his HP furthermore, this will trigger the Frigid Vengeance once again and will lead to a nonstop attack chain that only stops when either side is dead.
  • Block the revive! This is a rare ability so it’s awesome If you have one. This prevents the minions from returning back and can save you tons of time & effort. A lot of players use the Conqueror (farmable from Chapter 1) because of this reason.
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