How to Spend Energy Efficiently

energy raid

Using Energy RAID: Shadow Legends effectively is the most important thing you need to know while playing this game. Indeed.

You get a lot of Energy at the beginning of the game, however, you will spend it all very quickly. You will find yourself always starving of Energy after just couples of days playing RAID.

The priority order of spending Energy:

  1. Getting all Campaign Chapters to 3-star If possible
  2. Getting key Champions to 6 star
  3. Farm basic gears in the Brutal campaigns
  4. Ascend to 6-star
  5. Get basic accessories.
  6. Get masteries.
  7. Get end-game gears and accessories.

In the beginning, don’t waste your Energy in Spider and Dragon Dungeons because the gears you get are not worth it for al of the Energy you need to spend.

Before you have decent masteries, 6-star gears are twice as powerful as 5-star gears.

campaign farming

Farming Food

Try to go as far as you can in the campaigns while farming on auto because each higher chapter gives you 10% more of XP/Energy ratio, in the same stage.

I recommend farming at stage 3 of every chapter because it gives Shield, which can be sold for the highest price comparing to the other gears.

Gear Farming

It is okay to farm Dragons to get some decent gears for your Vamp/Speed sets during the early game, do not overspend your Energy because the drop-rate is extremely poor here.

The brutal campaign is your final destination until you want to start finding gears for your Champions in the late game.

Spider Farming

Accessories can boost your Champions a lot. However, the farming efficiency is very poor here as well until you get to the late stage of the game.

Affinity Keeps

Go as far as you can in the Dungeon Keeps.

However, do not spend a lot of Energy in order to ascend a Champion to 4-star because 4-star ascension doesn’t give you anything. Asending them to 5-star gives you the ability to equip banner tho.

So, wait until you can ascend one to 5-star.


Minotaur is purely gear check. You can get the first tier masteries whenever you want but don’t spam your Energy here until you can easily farm at the Stage 14 or 15.

Try to limit your farming team to 2-3 Champions at first so that you can get the Giant Slayer quicky. This is the top priority for you.

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