Best Artifact Sets and Accessories (Gears) & How to Manage Them

raid artifacts

If you are finding the most optimal ways to upgrade the gears (artifacts and accessories) for your champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, you will love this guide.

By reading this guide, you will easily understand the best ways to pick the best gears for your Champions in the game. But do remember that these are just very basic tips!

General Gearing Tips

Firstly, you want to get as many set bonuses as possible. They are a lot more helpful than normal stats unless you want to get a specific stat for some reason.

If you want to use the Accuracy set:

  • Ensure your Champions have debuffs.
  • If the debuffs do not need accuracy, you don’t need to use Accuracy sets.
  • Almost all 4-piece sets are situational and useless. You can sell them all without getting any problem with the exception of Lifesteal and Shield sets.
  • If you are able to get great Relentless gears, they are totally worth using.

raid shadow legends aritfact gear

RAID: Shadow Legends Gear Management Guide

Guide by GoodNewsNoble

One of the most annoying topic most RAID: Shadow Legends players have is how to manage the gears effectively. Knowing which gears to sell, to keep, and to upgrade is just super important.

You simply don’t want to keep a lot of artifacts in your bag. They are also a good source for gaining some extra Silver as well!

A lot of people anxiety over selling off artifacts. It’s truly a super hard job to do.

So, in this guide, I am going to show some of the best tips and steps for managing your gears with ease from the early game to the end game. Simply follow my advice and your life will become a lot easier.

At the moment, everyone has 1000 Equipment and 1000 Accessory artifact slots in the game and they will get expanded soon!

We all want to have as many artifacts as possible when it comes to gearing Champions because different Champion needs different types of stats. Thus, I always try to keep at least 900 pieces of equipment and 900 pieces of accessory artifacts in the late stage of the game.

If you are new to the game, or even in the mid stage of the game, it will take you some time to slowly build up your gear into this pool.

Almost all of your gears come from the Dungeons, and there isn’t no other alternative way for farming dungeons.

I use a “filter” to determine the gears to keep. I will layout the rules below. It changes as you progress through the game but you will get the general ideas.

If a gear passes the rules, I put it in the inventory. If not, I sell it. When the inventory reaches the cap, you will need to do some purge activities to create room for the others. I usually don’t purge 10% of my gears at once, but slowly improve the overall quality of the inventory overtime.

Artfifact Filters

It’s recommended to set a set of rules for determining which gears to keep and to sell. This helps you make the decision a lot easier as you farm dungeons daily.

I divide the filters into two sections: Primary Stats and Rarity rules. The stat rules are generally good for all of the time. The rarity rules might changes as you progress in the game.  There are exceptions for every rule as well.

raid gear filters

Primary Stat Filter

If a gear meets the above criteria, move it to the rarity filter. If it does not meet any criteria, you can just sell it. You don’t even have to take a look at its sub-stats.

There is still a very important exception however. You want to keep all pieces of Speed gears that have Speed substat regardless of the primary stat.

Note that if you are trying to gear a Bomb champion, you want to keep %ATK gloves. %ATK gloves are normally not getting used anywhere else.

A lot of people get frustrated when farming Dungeons as it’s normally super hard to find a specific gear. To avoid this, it’s recommended to not look at any specific gear, just farm the dungeons slowly and you will surely get all of the ones you need eventually.

Rarity Filter

Next is the rarity filter. This adapts your account progresses.

raid artifact rarity filter


Like the stat filter, there is a very important exception here as well.

You want to keep all Crit damage gloves that have the Crit Rate substat, even if it doesn’t meet the rarity filter.

If the gear passes both stat filter and rarity filter, you can keep it in your inventory for now until you start purging the worst gears.

Our rules right now are still pretty loose but it will get some more rules when we start purging the worst gears in the inventory. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Your goal now is to farm as many gears as you can and we will find the best ones from them later.

Purging Gears

Before doing a proper purge, let’s do some preparation first!

You need to preroll your gear. You must do this after having them passed your first filters, and before selling bad gears.

Example, a 6-star Crit Rating Gloves with Crit Rate, SPD, and %ATK looks amazing until you got a flat HP roll on the substat. Crazy, right?

You don’t actually know how good your gear is until you roll it.

What to roll?

  • Stat Clusters.
  • Bonus Alignment
  • Wasted Substats.

Stat Cluster

Turn Meter Booster Speed
Damage Dealer Speed / Crit Rate / Crit Damage
Debuffer Speed / Accuracy
Faction Wars / Doom Tower Speed / Accuracy / Resistance
The Alure Speed / Crit Rate / Accuracy
Shield Sets Speed / %HP

The table above is a common listing of stat clusters. The stats above come very well together for the mentioned roles.

Damage Dealer prioritizes Speed and Damage stats.

Debuffer prioritize Speed and Accuracy.

Understanding the best stats for your Champions help you determine the quality of your gears a lot easier.

In general, I always try to hit at least 2 of these stats on a gear to keep it.

Set Bonus Alignment:

There are 3 examples here so it would be a bit briefly. However, it will help you understand the general idea easier!

Savage Set

This is the world class set for damage dealer. This set ignores 25% of the enemy defense, making it fantastic for Arena, Dungeons, Doom Tower, etc. This is the set you want to use when killing enemies with a lot of defense. When checking the table above, there is only one stat cluster that fits this set bonus: The Damage Dealer. While Speed and Accuracy are very good stat cluster, they are not good for Savage Set.

Shield Gear: This set gives your teammates a shield that equals to 30% of your total HP, lasting for 3 turns. While Crit Rate and Crit Damage are good stats, they are not the best for your Shield Champions. You want to get as much %HP as possible to make sure you have the best possible shield, giving your Champions more survivability. There are some exceptions, but in general, you want to have %HP.

Perception Gear

This two-piece set provides ACC and SPD, which are two essential stats for a lot of stat clusters above for different roles. This is a super flexible set that can be use on a ton of Champions. Its range of potential clusters is wide, while it’s narrow for Savage and Shield.


Try to think about when and why when using a gear set, and make sure the stats are in alignments. This doesn’t mean you should sell the triple SPD Savage helmet, but you probably won’t be using it for the set bonus.

Wasted Substats:

Every build has a number of potential substats that you can roll, making me try to minimize the wasted substats on any piece of gear.

Any epic piece that already has 3 substats.

Generally, I would not roll a gear unless it has at least 2 substats I need.

If roll a gear to level 8 and I hit both of the substats I need, I would roll to +12 and then keep it. If i miss both, I sell it. If I hit only 1 substat, I will spit the difference and see what I am chasing. If I need SPD or C.RATE, I probably roll again. If I need ACC or RES, I probably not. The goal is to have no more than 2 wasted substats on every gear.

When can I start purging gears?

The best time to do this is during Artifact Enhancement Events!

First you need to roll the gears, and then sell the unwanted ones.

You can whether go for a specific champion that needs to be geared, or for cleaning your inventory in general using the gear filters above (rolling a lot of gears to level 12).

A more common route is to gear a champion.

For example, you are lucky and got a damage dealer, Trunda. You want to make her a god. You want her to be fast, having Savage Gear, 100% Crit Rate, a lot of Crit Damage, a lot of ATK, and a suitable amount of ACC.

I am going to start with the Savage gears. All of my Savage gears have passed the filters. Now I just need to look at the stat clusters and start rolling the gears I got to level 8. If I hit the right stats, I will take it to further +12. Gears with bad substats will be sold.

rerolling gears

Once the Savage Gear is done, I am going to check for Crit Damage Gloves with Crit Rate Substats, Speed Boots with Crit Rate substats, and %ATK Chests with Crit Rate & Crit Damage Substats. Get all of them at level 12, sell bad rolls. Now my gears are prepared for Trunda.

However, remember that we are purging, not equipping champions.

Next, we must understand which gears are trash.

You want to take a overall look of your account. There isn’t any specific filter here. What to sell depends on the situation of your account.

If you have 75 pieces of Lifesteal gears, roll some gears to 12 and sell the bad ones.

If you have 100 pieces of bad sets (Daze, Fury, Healing, etc.), roll some, and sell anything which is not amazing.

Lacking Regen gears? Keep the good ones!

Having a lot of Cruel gears from Daily Clan Boss? Keep only the good ones.


One you’ve hit 900 pieces of gears, you can chill out and slowly re-evaluate your gears when the time comes.

After that, slowly farm Dungeons whenever you have the chance, and go through the Filter and Purge cycle as mentioned above. You now want to choose gears for specific champions that fit specific roles in the game contents.

You need to pre-roll your gears to actually see which ones are great.

All RAID: Shadow Legends Artifact Sets

Set Description
LifeLife (2) 2 Pieces | 15% HP

This is one of the most basic Artifact Sets. Each 2 Life Artifacts gives Champion 15% extra HP on top of the base stats. While HP is great for all Champions, especially the ones that deal damage based on their max HP.

The Immortal Set from Clan Boss is a better version of this Life Set. It gives +15% HP and heals HP by 3% every turn.

OffenseOffense (2) 2 Pieces | 15% ATK

Extra ATK is very helpful for all Champions that focus on dealing damage. Some heroes that heal themself based on their ATK could benefit from this a lot as well.

The Cruel Set from Clan Boss is an upgraded version of the Offense set, offering +15% ATK and +5% enemy DEF Ignorance.

DefenseDefense (2) 2 Pieces | 15% DEF

It’s best to use for Champion that is hard to kill, like the tanker or healer of your team. It is also very helpful for champions that deal damage based on their DEF.

+15% DEF. Primarily used to make a Champion harder to kill, a Defense Set is also incredibly strong on damage dealers whose Skills deal more damage based on their DEF.

Critical RateCritical Rate (2) 2 Pieces | 12% C.RATE

Very useful for damage dealers and Champions who can deal great damage against bosses or high-HP Target. It is also very useful for Champions that offer extra effects when having critical hits.

AccuracyAccuracy (2) 2 Pieces | 40 ACC

This is one of the most useful stats in RAID: Shadow Legends for dealing with many Bosses and Champions. Best to use with Debuffers so their debuffs will have a much higher chance of landing on the enemy.

SpeedSpeed (2) 2 Pieces | 12% SPD

If your Champions have higher Speed, their Turn Metter fills up faster (It’s the bar below your Champion HP bar, determining which Champion takes the next turn). The champion that has the highest damage attacks first.

Being able to attack in the first turn is an important factor for winning the battle, especially in the Arena. Attacking first allows you to cast a lot of debuffs on the enemies, buff your own heroes, or even kill the most threatening enemies immediately.

All of these make the Speed set one of the most important Artifact sets in RAID: Shadow Legends.

ResistanceResistance (2) 2 Pieces | 40 RESIST

This set is useful for Champions that need to avoid as many debuffs as possible. It’s normally your healer, debuffer or cleasner.

This is always a good second set to support the main set.

Critical DamageCrit Damage (2) 2 Pieces | +20% C. DMG

If your damage dealer already has a great C.RATE, having more C.DMG allows them to get a lot more total damage output.

This set is also great for Champions who have guaranteed-crit Skills.

LifestealLifesteal (4) 4 Pieces | Heal 30% of the Damage Dealt

One of the most useful sets for farmers and Champions who want to last longer in the battle. This is a great set for Champions that increases damage as they lose HP, allowing them to heal a huge amount of HP to survive.

Do note that the Lifesteal effect doesn’t work with Poison debuffs or Skills dealing damage based on the target’s max HP.

If the Champion already has a skill that heals based on damage dealt, both effects will trigger, giving you even more HP recovered.

DestroyDestroy (4) 4 Pieces | Decreases target’s max HP by 40% of the damage dealt

This is a great set to deal with tanky Champion who has high self-sustain, being able to heal themselves continuously. This is because this set makes their next healings worthless.

Do note that the enemy MAX HP cannot be decreased by more than 8% each turn. This effect also applies per skill, not per hit, so multi-hit Skills are very useful here.

During the entire battle, the target’s MAX HP cannot drop by more than 40% of its original state.

RetaliationRetaliation (4) 4 Pieces | 35% Chance to Counterattack when getting attacked

Great set for Champions that have useful default skills because they only use default skills when doing counterattack.

There are many Champions that offer Crowd Control Effect (Provoke, Freeze, Stun, etc) in their default skill. They are all great for Relaliation.

This set is also very helpful for tanky damage dealer because they take more hits than the others, and also because the counterattack damage only equals to 75% of the standard value.

This set is not good for glass cannon (low HP & high damage) because they are very easy to kill and cannot take too many hits.

FuryFury (4) 4 Pieces | +5% Damage for every 10% HP Lost (Max +25%)

The more HP you lose, the more damage you gain.

This is a great damage for tanky damage dealers, who can deal great damage and are able to take multiple hits. It’s even better if the Champions have Provoke or Taunt effects.

CuringCuring (4) 4 Pieces | +20% Healing Value

This effect is only available for Healing skills. It doesn’t work with Artifact’s healing effects.

Reflex (4) 4 Pieces | 40% Chance to reduce the cooldown of 1 Skill by 1 Turn

Do note that it affects a random skill, not a specific one.

This set is great for all Champions, especially those who have very strong Skills with long cooldown. It’s best to use Reflex with Champions that have only 1 active skill as the active skill is the only one benefiting from this effect.

CursedCursed (4) 4 Pieces | 75% Chance of applying a 50% [Heal Reduction] debuff for 1 turn when attacking

This set is useful for Arena battles against teams that have constant healing and high sustain. Those are teams that focus on slowly take down your team.

It’s best to use this set on Champions who have multiple AoE skills to make the most of it.

Toxic (4) 4 Pieces | 75% Chance of applying a 2.5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns when attacking

The Poison effect deals damage over time, based on the target’s max HP, making this set useful against high-HP enemies such as bosses.

This is a good set to use with skills that already have the Poison debuffs to make the most of it.

FrostFrost (4) 4 Pieces | 20% Chance of applying a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn when getting attacked

It’s best to use this set for Champions who are almost always getting targeted by the enemies, especially those who have Taunt or Provoke effects.

DazeDaze (4) 4 Pieces | 20% Chance of applying a [Sleep] debuff when attacking

Great for Champions who have AoE skills to make the most of the CC effect. Do note that if you attack a sleeping Champion, it will awake the target.

It’s best to use Champions wearing Daze with ones who don’t have direct damage skills.

ImmunityImmunity (4) 4 Pieces | Applies a [Block Debuffs] on the wearer for 2 turns at the start of every round

This set is very powerful in Arena to make sure you don’t get taken out immediately by a high CC team, or even against teams that have high Turn Meter reduction.

Very useful for protecting your Champions when you are not sure if you can get the first turns.

AvengingAvenging (4) 4 Pieces | 45% chance to Counterattack when taking a critical hit

Note that the counterattack of the Avenging set can deal 100% of the default skill damage, not like the normal Acounterattacks.

Best to use on Champions who have strong debuffs or effects on their default skill.

ShieldShield (4) 4 Pieces | Grants a [Shield] buff worth 30% of the wearer’s MAX HP to all allies for 3 turns at the start of each Round

One of the most powerful gear set in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Best to use it on Champions with very high HP. You should also equip multiple Champions in your team with this set to amplify the effects multiple times. This effect stacks if you have multiple Champions wearing it.

StalwartStalwart (4) 4 Pieces | Decreases incoming damage from AoE attacks on the wearer by 30%

This is a good reserve set for Dungeon teams dealing against powerful AoE boss attacks.

FrenzyFrenzy (4) 4 Pieces | Turn Meter will increase by 10% for every 5% HP lost from each hit of an enemy attack

This set is very useful in some situations where your Champions have the “catch-up” or recovery skill.

In Arena Defense, the enemy always wants to weaken your Defense with a lot of AoE attacks. This set helps you a lot in this situation, letting you heal the team faster, even being able to interrupt their turns.

The effect of this set only triggers if the wearer loses more than 5% HP from a single enemy hit. The more HP you lose per a single hit, the faster your Turn Meter gets filled up. For example, if you lose 20% HP from one enemy hit, the Turn Metter will get increased by 40%, which is quite a lot.

Each hit from multi-hit attacks is counted separately. And the effect doesn’t occur if you lose HP from Poison debuffs, self-damage skills, or skills that modify your current MAX HP.

RegenerationRegeneration (4) 4 Pieces | Heals the Champion by 15% of their MAX HP at the start of their turn

It’s best to use this set on Champions who are very tanky (High HP/High DEF) and is a huge threat to the enemy.

The heal is based on the wearer’s MAX HP, including boosts from all sources in the game.

StunStun (4) 4 Pieces | 8% chance of applying a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn when attacking

It’s best to use this set on Champions who have multiple AoE skills, giving them the highest chance of applying the CC effect. Stun is one of the strongest CC debuffs in almost all video games.

Super helpful in Arena, where any turn counts.

RelentlessRelentless (4) 4 Pieces | 18% chance of getting an Extra Turn immediately after their turn

This is a very powerful set that fits for almost all Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

If your team has a support Champion, you want to cycle back to them asap to use their buffs/debuffs as much as possible.

To make this set even more powerful, use it on Champions that has Extra Turns ability, allowing them to use their skills multiple times at once, and are even able to heal your whole team fully, or even kill the enemies.

There are a lot of ways to use this set with other effects in the game. Another popular use is to use it with Skills that decrease the Skill Cooldowns.

Once the effect occurs, the chance of getting consecutive Extra Turn right after that drops by 45% each time. Meaning being able to trigger this effect multiple times continuously is totally possible

SavageSavage (4) 4 Pieces | Each attack from the wearer ignores 25% of the target Champion’s DEF when attacking

25% reduction is a great amount of reduction. This effect stacks with other Skills and effects in the game which also reduce the target’s defense, helping the wearer further make the most of the effect.

In general, this is a great set for your damage dealers, allowing them to significantly increase the damage output when dealing with high-DEF targets.

TauntingTaunting (4) 4 Pieces | 30% chance of applying a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn when attacking

The Taunting set is best for Champions who are made to take hits, such as Champions with Counterattack mechanics, ones who get stronger when taking more hits, or just those tanky Champions.

Provoke is a good kind of CC, making them only be able to use the default Skills.

You can lock down the enemy permanently when using this set on Champions who have counterattacks.

CruelCruel (2) 2 Pieces | +15% ATK & Ignores 5% of enemy DEF

You can only find this set from the Clan Boss. It is a mixed version of the Offense (2) and Savage (4) sets.

ImmortalImmortal (2) 2 Pieces |  +15% HP & Heals by 3% every turn

You can only find this set from the Clan Boss. It is a mixed version of the Life (2) and Regenration (4) sets.

Equip it on Champions who need to stay alive for as long as possible. The effect of this set stacks so you can use it multiple times on a specific hero. It increases the HP of a Champion by up to 30% and heals up to 6% every turn if you use 3 sets at once.

Divine LifeDivine Life (2) 2 Pieces | +15% HP & +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns

This set is only available from the Arena Chests. This set offers excellent survivability.

The effect resets at the start of each Round.

Divine OffenseDivine Offense (2) 2 Pieces | +15% ATK & +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns

This set is only available from the Arena Chests.

This set offers an excellent buff for any Attacker. The Shield buff is always great for surviving a bit longer.

Divine CriticalDivine Critical (2) 2 Pieces | +12% C.RATE & +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns

This set is only available from the Arena Chests.

Similar to the Divine Offense set but best for Champions who need higher Crit Rate.

Divine SpeedDivine Speed (2) 2 Pieces | +12% SPD & +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns

This set is only available from the Arena Chests.

One of the two best sets for increasing SPD while also allowing your Champions to survive longer.

Swift ParrySwift Parry Set (4) 4 Pieces | +18% SPD & +30% C.DMG

50% chance to get Unkillable effect for 1 turn when hit with a fatal hit.

DeflectionDeflection Set (4) 4 Pieces | +20% HP & +20% DEF

25% chance to deflect 1 debuff onto the attacker when a debuff is placed on the wearer.

ResilienceResilience (2) 2 Pieces | +10% HP & +10% DEF

Well-balanced 2nd set for any Champion that wants to stay longer in the battle.

PerceptionPerception (2) 2 Pieces | +40 ACC & +5% SPD

Boosts Accuracy and Speed for Champions who must go first to place the important debuffs.

FatalFatal (2) 2 Pieces | +15% ATK & +5% C.RATE

Perfect secondary set for more extra offensive stats.

UntouchableUntouchable (4) 4 Pieces | +40 RESIST & Immunity for 2 Turns

This set makes the wearer immunity to any debuff in 2 turns with the [Block Debuffs] buff. It also further makes the enemy hard to remove any buff on your Champion by giving the extra resistance.

Useful in a lot of modes, especially in the Arena!

AffinitybreakerAffinitybreaker (4) 4 Pieces | +30% C.DMG & 20% chance to change weak hit into critical hit

Very helpful to help your Champions dealing with the enemies from a stronger Affinity. Super unique set!

FrostbiteFrostbite (2) 2 Pieces | 15% chance to block Freeze debuffs & 10% chance to place Freeze debuff on the attacker

This set could give the opponents a lot of headaches when attacking you.

GuardianGuardian (4) 4 Pieces | Takes 10% Damage dealt to any Ally Champion & Heals by 10% every turn

This set helps you protect the ally Champion while also giving yourself more survivability. You want to use it on your tanker!

Bloodthirst 1Bloodthirst (4) 4 Pieces | +12% C.RATE & Heals by 30% of damage dealt

This is an upgraded version of the popular Lifesteal set. Do note that the Bloodthirst effect doesn’t work with Poison debuffs.

However, if your Champion already has a healing effect from their Skills based on the damage dealt, both will work, increasing the damage recovered by a lot!

All Accessory Sets

  • Refresh Set (1/2/3): Has a 5%/10%/15% chance with 1/2/3 Accessories equipped respectively to prevent a Skill going on cooldown after use.
  • Cleansing Set (1/2/3): Has an 8%/16%/24% chance with 1/2/3 Accessories equipped respectively to remove 1 random debuff from the wearer each turn.
  • Bloodshield (1/2/3): Gives wearer Shield buff worth 5% of damage dealt after attacking (per Accessory), AOE damage gives 75% less Shield value.
  • Reaction (1/2/3): 25% chance to change Critical Hit into Normal Hit when attacked before the first turn (Per Accessory)

Artifact & Accessory Stats

The table below shows all of the stats you can find in different gear in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Do note that the stats are placed in a specific priority order. For example, when it comes for Boots, SPD is always the best primary stat you want to have.

Primary Stats Sub Stats
Weapon ATK (+) HP (+), HP (%), ATK (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Helmet HP (+) HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (4), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Shield DEF (+) HP (+), HP (%), DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Gauntlets Crit Rate (%), Crft Dmg CO, HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST , ACC
Chestplate ACC(+), RESIST(+), HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+) C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Boots SPD (+), HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+) , C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%) , RESIST, ACC
Ring HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+), HP(%), ATK(%), DEF(%)
Amulet C.DMG(%), HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+), ACC(+), RESIST(+), C.DMG(%)
Banner ACC(+), RESIST(+), HP(+), HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(%), ATK(%), DEF(%), ATK(+), DEF(+), SPD(+)
The main stats you want to look at while searching for gears, including both artifacts and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends are:
  • The accuracy bonus from the banner. This is a very huge one you want to get. A great banner could give you up to 78 ACC.
  • The Weapon primary stat is always Attack. If your champion doesn’t need attack, you should look for great sub stats. Similar things apply to Helmet (HP) and Shield (DEF).

Best Gears for Attack Champions

When building gears for an attack champion, you want to focus on either Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Attack, or Speed.

Unless your champion requires 100% crit for an ability, having the crit rate around 60-70% is good enough.

Next, you want to use Speed, Crit, Berserker and Offense gears to boost those stats and unlock the set bonuses.

It does take some attempts to find the best possible sets for each champion so don’t keep testing!

  • Gloves = Crit Damage (%)
  • Chest = Attack (%)
  • Boots = Speed

Best Gears for Defense Champions

For Defense Champions, it’s best to aim for Crit Rate, Crit Damage and Defense

Depending on the Champion abilities, consider using Speed gears If they need to cast the skills fast.

Mix Crit Rate and Crit Damage from the sub stats to increase the damage.

Try to get as many HP% gears as possible to improve their survivability.

Speed and Defense sets are great for Defense Champions. Retaliation can be great too.

  • Gloves = Crit Damage (%) or Defense (%)
  • Chest = Defense (%)
  • Boots = Defense (%) or Speed
raid gears
Is this an optimal set for Defense Champion? Please comment!

Best Gears for Support Champions

Look for Defense, HP, and Speed while building gears for Support Champions because they need to be very fast and be able to survive as long as possible in order to cast more debuffs/buffs.

Do not go for damage stats unless your Champions are great at doing damage.

You need Accuracy If your champion has debuffs.

Speed set x3 is one of the go-to builds for Support Champions!

  • Gloves = HP (%) or Defense (%)
  • Chest = HP (%) or Defense (%)
  • Boots = Speed, HP (%) or Defense (%)

Best Gears for HP Champions

For HP Champions, the build is very similar to Defense Champions. But, you want to get more HP than Defense Stats.

  • Gloves = HP (%) or Crit Damage (%)
  • Chest = HP (%)
  • Boots = HP (%) or Speed
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you should make a image of a tierlist here for the different sets
top tier being the speed ofcourse
make like 4 different tiers and put in the different sets in the fitting tier

Last edited 1 year ago by fefefe
Doo Gooder

thank you, this is very helpful…


With many Support champions (the ones I have anyway), their skills are based on their Attack total stat. So why no Attack stats for their artifacts? Not much use to me if they live a long time but don’t do much “damage.”


In my personal opinion (so take it with a grain of salt) you want to focus more on the skills that apply buffs/debuffs, which aren’t affected by base stats. To compliment this effectively, you’ll want to use champions that deal high damage and can benefit the most from whatever buffs/debuffs your support applies. For instance, if you have a support champion that decreases DEF, you might want to compliment with a champion that has a high crit rate/damage. Another example would be a support that lowers resistance with a champion that deals moderate/high damage and applies debuffs such as poison,… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Crimson
Alexander Treviranus

Looking into this because I want to look into more knowledge particularly on support champions to try to make them survive as LONG as possible because I have two support champions Sanguinia & Reliquary on this one account that is destined to climb Doom Tower because of the champions on that account are IDEAL for the purpose.
They unfortunately die too fast and I’m looking into strategies to make sure they aren’t the first to die before my other champions that are supposed to do damage get drenched in debuffs and die.


I still don’t understand from the entire article – should i mix sets? One with 4 and one with 2 bonuses?

Klaus Specht

Are there any other stat clusters? If so, please insert. Thank you.