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raid artifacts

If you are finding the most optimal ways to upgrade the gears (artifacts and accessories) for your champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, you will love this guide.

By reading this guide, you will easily understand the best ways to pick the best gears for your Champions in the game. But do remember that these are just very basic tips!

General Gearing Tips

Firstly, you want to get as many set bonuses as possible. They are a lot more helpful than normal stats unless you want to get a specific stat for some reasons.

If you want to use the Accuracy set:

  • Ensure your Champions have debuffs.
  • If the debuffs do not need accuracy, you don’t need to use Accuracy sets.
  • Almost all 4-piece sets are situational and useless. You can sell them all without getting any problem with the exception of Lifesteal and Shield sets.
  • If you are able to get great Relentless gears, they are totally worth using.

artifacts gears in raid shadow legends

Artifact & Accessory Stats

The table below shows all of the stats you can find in different gear in RAID: Shadow Legends:

Type Primary Stats Sub Stats
Weapon ATK (+) HP (+), HP (%), ATK (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Helmet HP (+) HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (4), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Shield DEF (+) HP (+), HP (%), DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Gauntlets Crit Rate (%), Crft Dmg CO, HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST , ACC
Chestplate ACC(+), RESIST(+), HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+) C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%), RESIST, ACC
Boots SPD (+), HP (+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%) HP(+), HP (%), ATK (+), ATK (%), DEF (+), DEF (%), SPD (+) , C.RATE (%), C.DMG (%) , RESIST, ACC
Ring HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+), HP(%), ATK(%), DEF(%)
Amulet C.DMG(%), HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+), ACC(+), RESIST(+), C.DMG(%)
Banner ACC(+), RESIST(+), HP(+), HP(+), ATK(+), DEF(+) HP(%), ATK(%), DEF(%), ATK(+), DEF(+), SPD(+)
The main stats you want to look at while searching for gears, including both artifacts and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends are:
  • The accuracy bonus from the banner. This is a very huge one you want to get. A great banner could give you up to 78 ACC.
  • The Weapon primary stat is always Attack. If your champion doesn’t need attack, you should look for great sub stats. Similar things apply to Helmet (HP) and Shield (DEF).

Best Gears for Attack Champions

When building gears for an attack champion, you want to focus on either Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Attack, or Speed.

Unless your champion requires 100% crit for an ability, having the crit rate around 60-70% is good enough.

Next, you want to use Speed, Crit, Berserker and Offense gears to boost those stats and unlock the set bonuses.

It does take some attempts to find the best possible sets for each champion so don’t keep testing!

  • Gloves = Crit Damage (%)
  • Chest = Attack (%)
  • Boots = Speed

Best Gears for Defense Champions

For Defense Champions, it’s best to aim for Crit Rate, Crit Damage and Defense

Depending on the Champion abilities, consider using Speed gears If they need to cast the skills fast.

Mix Crit Rate and Crit Damage from the sub stats to increase the damage.

Try to get as many HP% gears as possible to improve their survivability.

Speed and Defense sets are great for Defense Champions. Retaliation can be great too.

  • Gloves = Crit Damage (%) or Defense (%)
  • Chest = Defense (%)
  • Boots = Defense (%) or Speed
raid gears
Is this an optimal set for Defense Champion? Please comment!

Best Gears for Support Champions

Look for Defense, HP, and Speed while building gears for Support Champions because they need to be very fast and be able to survive as long as possible in order to cast more debuffs/buffs.

Do not go for damage stats unless your Champions are great at doing damage.

You need Accuracy If your champion has debuffs.

Speed set x3 is one of the go-to builds for Support Champions!

  • Gloves = HP (%) or Defense (%)
  • Chest = HP (%) or Defense (%)
  • Boots = Speed, HP (%) or Defense (%)

Best Gears for HP Champions

For HP Champions, the build is very similar to Defense Champions. But, you want to get more HP than Defense Stats.

  • Gloves = HP (%) or Crit Damage (%)
  • Chest = HP (%)
  • Boots = HP (%) or Speed
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you should make a image of a tierlist here for the different sets
top tier being the speed ofcourse
make like 4 different tiers and put in the different sets in the fitting tier

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thank you, this is very helpful…

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