Dragon’s Lair Guide

dragon lair dungeon

The Dragon’s Lair in RAID: Shadow Legends is where you can find the Accuracy, Speed, Life-steal, Destroy, Toxic, Frost, Daze, Avenging, and Stalwart sets.

Hellrazor – The Dragon’s Lair

The Dragon’s Lair boss, Hellrazor, has 3 active skills and 1 hidden skill:

  • Swipe (Active): AoE damage, applies 50% decrease ATK debuff on the enemies.
  • Wall of Fire (Active): Cooldown: 3 turns. AoE damage. Applies 2 5% poison debuffs and a 25% weaken debuff towards the enemies.
  • Inhale: Activates the hidden ability. Cooldown: 3 turns.
  • Scorch: Once Inhale is triggered, Hellrazor will drawback and prepare for the attacks. Everyone’s turn meters will be set to 50% at first (after Stage 7). Everyone will have 1 attack before the attack Scorch triggers. A part of his HP bar will get be turned into purple. If you can deal enough damage to remove the purple part, this attack will be canceled. If not, the Scorch will deal loads of splash damage that ignore defense and stun (cannot be resisted) your entire team.

Hellrazor is immune to Decrease Speed debuffs and turn meter reductions.

dragon lair

How to counter Dragon’s Lair

In order to defeat Hellrazor, you need to win in the damage race vs him.

If you are able to remove his scorch bar, you won’t face any issue. If you are not able to do that, consider following these tips:

  • Champions having moves based on the enemy max HP are great here. A decent Coldheart can often wipe out the scorch bar entirely with ease.
  • Boosting your damage is another option. Use Weaken or Decrease DEF debuffs before he casts the Scorch so that you can still deal a lot of damage regardless.
  • In case your team is very tanky and has a healer, you can also just simply tank the scorch. This is not a very optimal strategy and requires lots of time to finish the battle.
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