Bivald of the Thorn Fusion Guide

This is a complete guide to finishing the GaiBivald of the Thorn fusion event as a free-to-play players. Here, we are giving you the most important tips you must know to get all of the Bivald of the Thorn fragments.

First, let’s take a look at the fusion event calendar first.

bivald of the thorn calendar

Bivald of the Thorn Fusion Cost

We are keeping the exact same Format as last Month’s Fragment Fusion but there are some nuances to look into.
Pay Wall:

  • Champ Chase T (05/13-05/16) 15
  • Summon Rush E (05/20-05/23) 20
  • 5 Bonus Fragments for 1st or 2nd Place Finish in Tournaments
    Pay Wall is all about Shards. You want Sacreds (500 pts)/Voids (120 pts) for Summon Rush and Summoning saved up Fragment Fusions for Champ Chase. Mystery Shards is always the first option and can fill the gap in points. You will need 20 Fragments from Summon Events to Fuse Bivald but there are only 15 Fragments from Champ Chase then 20 for Summon Rush. One way to get this is to Max Out Summon Rush. We’re projecting 2x Sacreds for Champ Chase for this Fusion which is a terrible Points Value per Sacred Shard. We’ll talk about which one is “better” at the Fusion Plan Section.

Energy Wall:

Champion Training E (05/14-05/19) 15

Dungeon Divers I E (05/12-05/15) 10

Dungeon Divers II E (05/17-05/20) 5

Dungeon Divers III E (05/22-05/25) 5

Artifact Enhancement I E (05/14-05/17) 5

Artifact Enhancement II E (05/19-05/22) 5

Champion Training T (05/22-05/25) 5

Dungeon Divers is the real pain here, as always, and there are three of them! Champ Training Tournament overlaps with Champ Chase for about a day which means you can get some free Value there from Campaign Runs. Always play when you can play and try to avoid having “must play” days because Real Life can be hard to Predict. Artifact Enhancement will just use Silver from all your Dungeon and Campaign Runs.

Progression Wall:

Spiders T (05/22-05/25) 5

Dragons T (05/12-05/15) 5

Fire Knights T (05/19-05/22) 5

Ice Golem T (05/15-05/18) 5

Aena T I (05/13-05/16) 5

Aena T II (05/20-05/23) 5

You will need to be able to Farm at least Stage 11-16 Dungeons (11 is more efficient but drops on 13 are better) to even participate here. Stage 20 in any Dungeon will mean a huge Energy Discount and if you are good at using your Energy you could getaway with just your Daily Energy Gains and even more so now with Advanced Quests. Less progression here mean more Energy per Tournament to get your 5 Fragments. Arena will need a decent Win Rate in at least Silver to go without Gemming more Tokens.

Fusion Plan

You will Pull Shards for this Fusion. You need 20 Fragments between the two Summon Events. The question is which way should you go? If we take last month’s Summon Rush into account then you needed either 7 Sacreds or 29 Voids (3500 pts) to get the full 20 Fragments.

If you pick to Max out Champ Chase then understand it will be 2x Sacreds this weekend and the points Per Sacred Shard in that Event is a Terrible 250 pts Each.

If you have no solid way of mitigating the Champ Chase Points you might end up needing to pull as much as 10 Sacreds (2500 pts) and the first 5 Fragments of Summon Rush.

You can consider pulling Ancients for Champ Chase especially if you are only short around 500 pts to get your 15 Fragments.

There is a really solid argument for Skipping the 2x Sacreds here and going straight to the Summon Rush. The risk for doing that would be if they ask for more than 3500 pts in Summon Rush. See if you can finish Champ Chase first before considering going the Summon Rush route.

Fusion Champ Value

Bivald might be the best Fusion Champ so far this year. Great for Progression and is Endgame for Spiders 20-25 and Magma Dragon Hard 110.

A1 is Provoke Books up to 50% Chance with a Heal on Damage Dealt to the Ally with the Lowest HP (could be good if stacks with Warmaster).

A2 is a 2-hit AoE Provoke then Leech with Strengthen on himself.

A2 is great for Dungeon Waves and Doom Tower Waves.

A3 is the money skill with AoE 20% of Damage is a Heal and Shield for 2 Turns with some extra Damage from Debuffs on Enemies. Hard Carry for Spiders here although it is a bit disappointing that it is a 2 Turn Duration and 4 Turn Cooldown when Booked.

Reflex/Relentless might be amazing Sets on him to try. Counterattack could also be good on him against Magma Dragon to retrigger that Provoke from his A1.

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