Spirit Keep Dungeon

spirit keep dungeon raid shadow legends

In RAID: Shadow Legends, The Spirit Keep Dungeon drops Spirit Potions, which are required when ascending Spirit type Champions.

Spirit Keep is available on Monday and Thursday.

Spirit Keep Boss

The Spirit Keep Boss is very infamous because of her regen ability. She has 2 active skills and 1 passive skill.

  • Melt: The more HP she has, the more damage Melt does.
  • Cleaning Spring: Removes all debuffs applied on her, gives her own a Debuff Block shield which blocks all of the incoming debuffs for 2 turns. Cooldown: 6 turns.
  • Passive skill: Every round, the boss heals 20% of max HP (50% from stage 7). This makes it a lot harder to take her out & also increases her primary ability.

She has 2 mobs coming with her:

  • The right one casts an accuracy decrease on the enemy team & tries to prevent you from casting any healing reduction on the boss.
  • The left mob is able to stun your Champions.

spirit keep dungeon raid shadow legends 2

How to defeat Spirit Keep Boss?

The right mob should be taken out first.

In order to maximize the damage, do not use your debuff until her debuff shield is gone. Stripping this buff speeds up for farming progress.

From Stage 1 to 6, you can easily outdamage her healing most of the time so there isn’t any necessary strategy for this.

However, once the healing increased to 50%, it is very important to have a healing reduction debuff in your team. If you don’t have any Champion having the debuff, Rocktooth (available from Chapter 5) is a great choice for you because he has 100% chance to cast the 100% healing reduction debuff. Rocktooth is also a Magic champion, which has advantages over Spirit. If you manage to cast this debuff on the boss, it’s very easy to defeat her because she cannot heal, and her attack will have much less damage.

Speed reduction and turn meter reduction are also very effective against her as she cannot heal If she cannot get a turn.

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