Best Starter Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends

If you are looking for the best RAID: Shadow Legends starting champions to pick after finish the tutorial missions in the game, you will love this guide!

Best Starter Champions in RAID Shadow Legends

What are the best Starter Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends?

In short, all of the starter Champions are great. However, Athel and Kael are better than the other two.

Kael is very great during the early-mid stage of the game, especially in the Clan Boss because he has a lot of poisons. He is great in Arena, Dungeons and any other game-modes during this phase.

Although Athel is a starter champion, she is also an excellent one for the end-game because she has a multi-hit primary skill, a Weaken debuff and some other special abilities making her excellent for Clan Boss, before and after getting the Giant Slayer mastery.

RAID: Shadow Legends Game Review

The gaming industry has incorporated games that have been invested with more than just a common storyline. The real factor here is the looming shadow of the real stars that mostly action and war games are famous about. One of the most well-known games that have dedicated a complete set of efforts to the entire gaming arena is Raid: Shadow Legends’. This game is a classic in terms of better prospects, war and gathering enough evidence to defeat the enemies. If you love to venture forth in aspects of drama, then welcome to the gameplay of this unique Raid. Its developer, Plarium Global Limited has envisioned to bring a pretty good deal in this game for players to enjoy.

Within seconds of its release, this game has ventured out to be popular. With other gaming highlights like the Stormfall, Sparta: war of empires, Vikings: War of clairs, this game is no less than a real throne victory for all players out there. If you are eager to play this game, you will truly catch up with some live-action, helping to create a superior succession of players all over the world.

Best Starter Leaders

Playing the game is no less than an intricate affair that comes into being. Played at the multi-player level, Raid: Shadow legends begin with a sudden empire invasion. The entire world of Teleria is completely ravaged and is disturbed by the prospects of war and terror. The only thing that can save this kingdom from this unreal situation is a hero, who has the right to restore peace and stability in this mighty kingdom.

There are basically two teams working against each other: the arbiter as well as the perpetrators. These two have their own gang in action, trying to figure out what the future actually stands for. The perpetrators are known to spread a foul shadow, which is basically from the east. Their powers are all heightened up, leading to possible disasters within a short period of time.

Since the destructive forces lie within the control of the perpetrator, the arbiters are, therefore, the rock-solid guardian of the empire. This power is invested with the only arbiter here, as she is powerful and reflective about her next step. But will the evils fulfill her dreams or will she stand defeated like the rest?

As a player, you are the single arbiter, battling it out with your enemies till the end. Since there are ‘’four starter champions of the kingdom’’ present in the game, it is your duty to restore them back all to their respective positions. The entry of the player here is quite significant and unmasks all the great moves that you are about to make in the game. The soul of all the starter champions will then be back to life and will finally follow you to your ultimate will!

Best Starter Healers

The primary role of the players as soon as you start the game is to choose the very first champion, as known as starting champions. This means that you have to be careful about every approach you make and start the combat immediately. The first few stages are more or less the same as any other combat that you have. Therefore, your role here is to get your teammates on point, gather and level up all buildings, see the champions and develop your own inner skills. Fighting the perpetrators isn’t easy at all and you must do it ‘’the champions way!’’

Once you are familiar with the earlier stages of the game, you slowly proceed to the most important part of the game, which is assigning the part of the mystery shards. This will ultimately bring all the starters back to life at this point in time. In order to carefully understand the situation here, let us have a look at the shards as well as the various factions of the game,

Best Starter Supports

The shards are listed below:

  • The mystery- this summons an uncommon or a common champion.
  • Ancient- this summons an epic or a legendary champion
  • Void- this summons an epic or a rare legendary champion.
  • Sacred- this summons either a legendary or rare champion.

The various factions are listed below:

  • High Elves
  • Barbarians
  • Banner Lords
  • The scared order
  • Skinwalkers
  • Orgy tribes
  • Lizardmen
  • Dark elves
  • Undead Hordes
  • Orcs
  • Knight revenant

The various combat types that players will go through in the game also happens to be the following:

  • Dungeons
  • Faction wars
  • Campaign
  • Clan Boss
  • Arena

The game starts with the Campaign and ends with faction wars. Players must be ready accordingly so as to plan the strategy and act wisely on the field. You have to raid the castle, titled, ‘’karaoke castle’’. The king is now in his shadows, all fallen down. The only way to stop him from getting crushed is through the interference of the arbiter. As a player, you have to find the situation that had made king Tayba’s situation weak and destructible.

Conclusion: Top 5 Starters for New Players

Since now you are aware of the ultimate goal, you must be aware of the combats and choose to act accordingly. You are about to raid the castle and save King Tayba. The enemies are all around and you have limited resources to use here. You as the hero will now collect various elements to combat from one stage to the other. No sooner will you emerge victorious, than you have to fight like the ultimate boss. Therefore, the gameplay requests the players to showcase signs of energy and complete focus.

If you are new to this gaming arena, then you can watch the tutorial video beforehand. All major steps to move forward in the game is explained clearly. In case of an attack, several colors will pop up. Green means that the attack was good, while red means it was totally ineffective. Players, therefore, have to work accordingly to win the battle through all major operations.

Hopefully you can find your very best starter champion after reading this RAID: Shadow Legends guide. Have fun!

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bacca man

on the Best Starter Supports below, what the Sacred shard can drop is wrong.The shards are listed below: The mystery- this summons an uncommon or a common champion. Ancient- this summons an epic or a legendary champion Void- this summons an epic or a rare legendary champion. Sacred- this summons either a legendary or rare champion. This is the correct one is below The shards are listed below: The mystery- this summons an uncommon or a common champion. Ancient- this summons an epic or a legendary champion Void- this summons an epic or a rare legendary champion. Sacred- this summons… Read more »