Void Keep Dungeon

void keep raid shadow legends

In RAID: Shadow Legends, The Void Keep Dungeons drop the potions for ascending Void Champions.

Void Keep Dungeons are only open on Sunday.

Void Keep Boss

The Void Keep boss is very powerful at dealing poison damage:

  • Grim Reaper: Deals damage to your entire team and apply 2 stacks of 5% poisons (can be resisted).
  • Bane: All of the casted poisons immediately deal damage. Cooldown: 5 turns.

He comes with 2 minions:

  • The right one casts weaken buff on your team to increase the poison damage further
  • The left one removes your buffs and prevents you from casting buffs.

How to farm in Void Keep Dungeon

If you use any block debuff ability, take out the left minion first. If you just want to kill the boss as fast as possible, take down the right minion first or just aim for the boss.

There are 2 ways to deal with the Void Boss:

  • Just attack the boss and you can usually kill him before the poison can do any significant damage. This is the fastest way.
  • Remove or block the debuffs. If you don’t have any Champion being able to do this, Spirithost is a great choice (can be obtained from Chapter 4). The boss will be unable to poison you.
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