RAID: Shadow Legends Gems – How to Spend?

Spending Gems, rubies or jewels in RAID: Shadow Legends efficiently is a lot harder than any other game. So, If you are new to the game and are looking for the most efficient ways to spend Gems, you will love this article.

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Best place to spend Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends

Best Ways to Spend Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends

  1. Buy full Masteries for your starter champion and NINJA if you have him for free. You can buy Masteries for your second level 60 Champion as well, but make sure to follow our RAID Tier List to know that it’s a good hero. From there, you can easily farm fodders or farm Minotaurs for any hero in the future!
  2. After being able to farm Minotaur level 15, fully upgrade your Gem Mine. Especially if you are a free-to-play player. The sooner you fully upgrade it, the better benefits you will receive. It costs 1500 Gems to fully upgrade the Gem Mine and you will receive all of those 1500 Gems back in 100 days. After that, free Gems every day!
  3. Fully unlock the Market. It costs 250 Gems in total to unlock all of the hidden slots. By doing this, you will be able to get a lot of fodder Heroes every day and 5 Ancient Shards in total per month. Sometimes, you can find some seriously crazy artifacts here as well.
  4. Sparring Pit is another great place to spend your Gems on. It seems like isn’t a great investment at first but in the long run, it will save you tons of Energy by giving you lots of idle XP every day. It’s best to not upgrade the slots after unlocking them. If you don’t have time to spend much every day, unlock the 2nd & 3rd slot of the Spairing Pit first.
  5. Refills! It’s time to never stop grinding now. Grind until you don’t have anything left to max out!

Have fun playing RAID: Shadow Legends!

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