RAID: Shadow Legends Champions List

This page contains the complete list of all RAID: Shadow Legends Champions. Having loads of champions is what makes this game unique.

At the moment, there are over 300 Champions available in the game and still counting. There will be a lot more Champions being added into RAID in the upcoming updates.

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The first thing you want to know when you start playing the game is how RAID: Shadow Legends Champions work.

You will also need to know the ways you can obtain Champions in the game, how to ascend and upgrade them and their impacts in the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Champions

How to get RAID: Shadow Legends Champions?

On the main screen (Bastion), click at the Index button to see the list of all factions in the game. You will also be able to see the total numbers of all available Champions in the game.

There are many ways to obtain them while playing the game!

raid shadow legends portal


Shards or you can call them scrolls like in other games, are the primary way to summon and obtain champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Players can do the summons via the Portal in-game. There are different kinds of shards and each kind provides different Champions rarities.

In order to use a Shard, players need to spend a certain amount of Silver.

ShardsWays to obtainDroprates
Mystery Shards (Green)Common (74.2%), Uncommon (24.4%), and Rare (1.4%)Campaign, Dungeons
Ancient Shards (Blue)Rare (91.5%), Epic (8.0%), and Legendary (0.5%)Dungeons, PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests
Void Shards (Purple)Rare (93.6%), Epic (6.0%), and Legendary (0.4%)PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests
Sacred Shards (Gold)Epic (94%) and Legendary (6%)PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests


  • Void Shards can only drop Void Champions. Void Champions cannot be dropped from any other Shards.
  • Players can also find Shards as the one-time rewards in the Progress Missions, Challenge, Login Rewards and other events in RAID: Shadow Legends. Shards can be also purchased from the in-game shops and other special bundles.

Campaign Missions

Grinding in the Campaign is another great way to obtain Champions while also leveling up your Champions.

Beating every single stage in the campaign, you have a chance of getting Champions as one of the rewards. You can easily see the list of all available Champions in the rewards section, as shown below:

campaign drops

Other Sources to get Champions

The most powerful Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends can also be acquired via limited events or very difficult quests and achievements. None of them are easy to get. They all require you to spend a serious effort into the game.

You can easily see them in the Quests or Achievements menu of the game.

What are Starter Champions?

To help your journey in the RAID: Shadow Legends world, the game gives players one starter Champion at the beginning, after players have finished all of the brief tutorials. Players will have to pick one from four given starter champions.

starter champions
  1. Athel: Sacred Order Champion. Has the ability to weaken the enemies and AoE attack.
  2. Galek: Orc Champion, Attack type. He has very high speed, multi-target ability, and defensive debuff.
  3. Kael: Dark Elf Attack Champion with poisons and AoE skills.
  4. Elhain: High Elves Attack Champion, critical hits, AoE ability.

Champion Rarity

One of the easiest ways to know which champions are great, which are not, is based on their rarity.

There are 5 Champion rarity levels in RAID: Shadow Legends:

Common Champions (Grey)

They have the highest chance to drop and they are all fodders. This means, most of the time, you want to use them to ascend, upgrade and level up other higher-rarity Champions.

They have a grey frame border around their avatar, that’s why people usually call them Grey.

Uncommon Champions (Green)

Similar to Common Champions, you want to use them as the fodders for higher rarity Champions. You can use them at the early game but they will quickly get overshadowed by Rare Champions. It’s very easy to obtain them and they have more abilities than Common Champions.

Rare Champions (Blue)

Rare Champions are your best friends during the early stage of the game. They are a bit hard to obtain.

As Rare Champions offer more abilities and are much stronger than uncommon and common Champions, you want to sacrifice uncommon and common Champions to strengthen the Rare Champions.

There are many Rare Champions which are still very great in the late game.

epic and legendary champions

Epic Champions (Purple)

Most Epic Champions provide impressive base stats as well as a lot of utilities for the combats in the game. They are your best choices during the mid-game even to late game, when you don’t have Legendary Champions nor have enough books to upgrade them.

Legendary Champions (Gold)

Legendary Champions are the top tier rarity in the game. They have the most game-changing abilities that can be super useful in almost any lineup.

Champion Types

Types of Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends can easily describe their roles in team composition. There are 4 types in total and it’s recommended to have various Champion types in your bag in order to deal with different situations in the game.

Yannica's type is attack
Yannica’s type is attack

Attack Type

These Champions are great at dealing damage. Although other types can deal some decent amount of damage, you always want to have at least an Attack type Champion in your team formation.

Defense Type

Defense type Champions have Defense skill set. They have debuffs that disrupt the enemies while increasing ally’s HP, DEF and some other stats.

HP Type

HP Type Champions are the tanks of the game. They can soak a lot of damage to protect the allies while also wielding their useful secondary skills.

They work very well with the skills which can distract the enemies and prevent them from attacking the weaker Champions in the team.

Support Type

They support all of the other Champions in the team by giving healings, friendly buffs or casting debuffs to the enemies. With just only a few exceptions, you do not want to play them as the tank or main damage dealers in your team.

They are, of course, an important part of any team. Without Support type Champions, you team will become a lot weaker, more vulnerable and will usually even don’t have enough damage to take out the enemies.

Champion Affinity

Affinity is the tight connection between all of the RAID: Shadow Legends Champions.

There are 4 types of Affinity in total. Three of them share a rock-paper-scissors relationship and one does not have any advantage/disadvantage over any other.

The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID
The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID: Magic > Spirit > Force > Magic. Void is Purple

Stronger affinity deals extra damage against the weaker one and vice-versa.

RAID Champions for The First 7 Roles (No Legendary)

Which RAID: Shadow Legends Champion should you pick to 6 next?

The Answer is that my classic post was built over months of research and work while I was trying to figure things out for my own Account then eventually do what was thought to be impossible at the time: Get Arbiter without Legendaries or Coldheart or the other Meta Champs.

With so many great Epics now that is not such a big deal anymore. But people still love to ask those types of questions. I’m giving you my Top 5 for Each of the 7 Key Roles.

Read more: RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List

How I Weigh RAID Champs for F2P Players and Low Spenders:

  • No Legendary
  • Evaluations are Before Day 180 (Scyl of the Drakes)
  • Rares are Easier to Book
  • Endgame Potential

1. F2P Trinity Starter (Campaign Farmer/Arena Nuker Champions)

There are a few “campaign farmers” that you would really want to level ahead of your Starter but not necessarily use as a Campaign Farmer right away.

Starter here is still the best.

Arena Nuker is kind of the same Role here so I will add to it. Any Arena Nuker here must have either better Damage than Dark Elhain or some other utility.

Anything you build for here other than your Starter must be able to do something else in the game for you.

  1. Skullcrown/Tayrel (Arena Nuker/Campaign Farmer) – These 2 would be the Best Pulls you can get for this Role. Skullcrown is probably the number 1 Epic Pull you can get for Arena. In a way she can be better than Madame Serris for Progressing Players because Skullcrown gives you a faster Speed Lead in Arena. Her ability to stay alive as a Glass Cannon lets her win you Arena Battles from behind. Her Arena Build will most likely work out fine as a way faster Campaign Farmer than your Starters. Tayrel is a great Campaign Farmer/Arena Nuker early in the Game on top of his already insane Kit for Early Progression.
  2. Magnarr (Arena Nuker) – Magnarr might be the best F2P/Low Spender Nuker in the Game right now. He only needs Damage Books on his A2 which will be as low as 5 Books. You can get the Cooldown there if you want to use Magnarr to clear Dungeon Waves faster.
  3. Fylja (Arena Nuker/Dec Turn Meter) – If you got Fylja last month I recommend her highly as a Arena Nuker early in the game then your Dec Turn Meter Champion in Spiders 20. She is the wrong affinity for Fire Knight 20 but will definitely help your Fire Knight 16.
  4. Fellhound (Reflect/Dec Speed/Control/Campaign Farmer) – Fellhound can help you break Fire Knight 20 and Farm 16 early on. With Stun Set he can bring some Control while also placing a Small Dec Def for Boss Fights. Later he can become your 6 Second Campaign Farmer.
  5. Shield Guard (Arena Nuke/Campaign Farmer) – This is for Mystery Shard Pulls. Shield Guard is better than Saurus for Endgame Campaign Farming. He can double as an Arena Nuker if you are using your Starter for other Content like Clan Boss or Dungeons. Here is How to Build Shield Guard on a Budget.

2. F2P Trinity Warmaiden (AoE Decrease DEF Champions)

The Warmaiden Question is Upside and Books.

If you can’t get 100% Chance to Place Dec Def AoE without Books then you will need some clear Upside to preferring somebody else in this Role.

There have been amazing Champs released since Year One of Raid that have combined AoE Dec Def with another Key Role you will need Early in the Game netting you 2 Key Roles in One Champion.

  1. Uugo (AoE Dec Def/Carry) – Uugo has the best upside of any of the other AoE Dec Def Champs for Progressing Players. Uugo brings Revive in her Kit to help you beat Dragons 20. Leech on A1 is great in Boss Fights. AoE Block Buff is amazing in Faction Wars as well as certain Dungeon Waves, Doom Tower Floors and Hydra Heads.
  2. Madame Serris/Tayrel/Stag Knight/Dhukk the Pierced/Spider (AoE Dec Def/Dec Attack/Arena Nuker) – Combining AoE Dec Def with Dec Attack for Clan Boss is one of the strongest things you can do Early Game. Madame Serris is still a Pseudo-Legendary. Nobody can match what she does in Arena and in Dungeons she will surprise you with a little bit of Control in her Kit. Tayrel is still a monster despite all the new toys we have at Epic now. Tayrel brings Dec Turn Meter in his Kit with a multihit A1 giving him great roles to play in Spiders and even Fire Knight. Stag Knight and Dhukk bring both Dec Def+Attack in the same Skill 100% Chance to Place. Stag Knight has Dec Speed which is amazing in Doom Tower Bosses and Fire Knight/Spiders. Dhukk brings in some Provoke for supplemental Control. Spider has Dec Attack AoE on a separate Skill and less than 100% Chance to Place but can Dec Buff Duration. Spider A1 can Remove Buff which is great in Magic Keep. Spider also has a beefy +25% Speed Aura for Dungeons.
  3. Deacon Armstrong/Armina (AoE Dec Def/Dec Turn Meter) – Deacon Armstrong opens up strong Clan Boss Comps while also bring Dec Turn Meter and Turn Meter Boost for Arena. Deac also has a 2-Hit A1 with Leech making him perfect for Fire Knight. Armina brings Control Elements in her AoE Dec Def Kit with Stun and Dec Turn Meter. Armina does a great job helping you Control Spiderlings so your Tank can live longer.
  4. Bellower (AoE Dec Def/Dec Speed/Control) – While Bellower only places the Small Dec Def, he makes up for it in Control Elements that your early – midgame comps want to finish out Dungeon Waves and go through Normal Doom Tower before Scyl of the Drakes. With Stun Set and Fearsome Presence Mastery, Bellower is one of the best Control Champs in the Game.
  5. Zargala (AoE Dec Def/Weaken/Arena Nuker) – While Zargala does not have 100% Chance to Place Dec Def on her AoE, she more than makes up for it with her Upside Potential in Damage. She can bring Weaken for Clan Boss on top of her Dec Def Early in the Game. Her A2 can Trigger her AoE if you kill the Target so she can clean up very well in Arena if she gets a second turn.

3. F2P Trinity High Khatun (Speed Booster Champions)

High Khatun will be hard to replace Early on because she brings a very necessary +19% Speed Aura for All Battles.

High Khatun also bring Dec Speed and AoE Dec Turn Meter which are valuable in Early versions of your Spiders and Fire Knight Teams.

To prioritize another Champ to 6* over High Khatun here you are looking for either a higher Arena Speed Aura for Arena or significant Upside.

The Speed Booster Champion can actually be kept at lv50 for as long as you need which means you will have opportunities to Upgrade this spot if you get Lucky.

Chances are you will still use High Khatun anyway as a supplemental Speed Booster.

  1. Gorgorab/Skullcrown (Meta Arena +23% Speed Aura/Turn Meter Boost/Carry) – Gorgorab and Skullcrown are the Best First Epic Pulls for Speed Lead in Arena. Gorgorab can Carry you through Dragons 20 while also giving you a better Speed Aura in Arena. Gorgo’s Turn Meter Boost will come with Inc Attack for your Nuker at the cost of Inc Speed Buff on All Allies that High Khatun brings. Biggest Epic Pull for this Role. Skullcrown is also the Best Epic Nuker for Arena.
  2. Deacon Armstrong (+19% Speed Aura/AoE Dec Def/Dec Turn Meter/Turn Meter Boost) – Deacon Armstrong brings so many Key Roles into One Champ that he can actually be 3 Champs at once. While you will still likely play him with High Khatun in Arena, Deac can take over everywhere else in the Game.
  3. Urogrim (+20% Speed Aura/Poisoner) – Possibly the best Epic Poisoner in the Game. Urogrim can Solo Dragons 24/25 let alone get you through Dragons 20. While the Gear won’t be quite there to Solo when you are Progressing, minimum stats combined with Urgorim’s Healing should help you Progress in Dragons while providing a slightly better Speed Aura than High Khatun.
  4. Apothecary (Speed Booster/Healing) – Apothecary gets Priority if you pull him First. Apothecary and High Khatun are so similar yet so different that eventually even if you choose to 6* Apothecary first you will still come around to 6* High Khatun at some point. Apothecary brings Healing and a 3-hit A1 on top of his Speed Boosting vs Speed Aura/Dec Speed/Dec Turn Meter that High Khatun has.
  5. Jinglehunter (+24% Speed Aura) – Jinglehunter gives the highest Arena Speed Auras at Epic. Jinglehunter brings a bit of Dec Turn Meter and Control on top of a higher Speed Aura. I would defnitely 6* Skullcrown but Jinglehunter could stay lv40 for just the Aura in Arena.

4. Decrease Attack Champions

Dec Attack is the only Key Role that requires a Lucky Shard Pull. So literally anything here will work but there are some better than others.

We are looking for RAID: Shadow Legends Champions that place Dec Attack on their A1 or 100% Chance to Place 2 Duration and 3 Turn Cooldown.

  1. Maneater+Painkeeper (Meta Clan Boss Budget Unkillable) – The absolute God Pull here would be Maneater with Painkeeper. While you won’t be using Maneater as a Dec Attack Champ, the ability to access Budget Unkillable basically solves Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss for you down the line.
  2. Tayrel/Toragi/Sepulcher Sentinel/Giscard the Sigiled/Jareg/Lodric Falconheart/Rector Drath (A1 Dec Attack 2 Turn Duration) – Any of these Champs gives you Dec Attack with amazing Upside. Tayrel has been mentioned several times already. Toragi is one of the best Epics for Clan Boss bringing Ally Protect on 3 Turn Cooldown with Poisons. Sepulcher is the centerpiece of 4:3 Tunes with her Inc Def+Block Debuffs. Giscard bring both Inc Attack+Def while giving Control in Dungeons with AoE Provoke. Jareg can also be 4:3 Tuned for Inc Def+Ally Protect along with Continous Healing Passive for several Doom Tower Boss Fights. Lodric has the Rare 1:1 Shiled Duration to Cooldown Ratio for Scarab King on top of being able to Cleanse Stun for Clan Boss. Rector Drath is Endgame for Faction Wars, Doom Tower and Hydra while giving you Healing+Damage Mitigation for Early Clan Boss/Dungeons.
  3. Ursala the Mourner/Aox the Rememberer/Stag Knight/Dhukk the Pierced/Lightsworn/Venomage/Fayne/Oathbound (100% Chance Dec Attack 2 Turns Duration+3 Turn Cooldown) – Ursala bring Inc Def+Strenthen with Revive. Aox has Poisons for more Damage and Healing to Sustain. Stag and Dhukk combines Dec Attack with Dec Def. Lightsworn has Inc Def and Revive on Death. Venomage puts Dec Attack on if the Target has Poison along with Placing Dec Def, Poisons and Dec Healing triggering her Passive 15% Damage Mitigation. Fayne brings Dec Def+Weaken along with Poisons for the price of fragile Base Stats. While Oathbound isn’t the Best for Clan Boss, he is amazing in Dungeons as a Control Champ.
  4. Rearguard Sergeant/Kaiden/Hotatsu/Grizzled Jarl/Crimson Helm (Secondary Dec Attack) – While these Champs could be good enough for Brutal Clan Boss they will need to be your Secondary Dec Attack for Nightmare or Ultra Nightmare. They bring enough Upside to be considered as part of your Dungeon Teams while still helping Clan Boss Runs. Rearguard is a great swiss army knife for Clan Boss with Ally Protect+Continuous Healing, Dec Def, and AoE Dec Attack with Lifesteal and can get you through Dragons 20. Kaiden is a Reviver that can get through Dragons 20. Hotatsu brings Leech & Inc Def+Continuous Healing. Jarl with a Buff Extension Champion can give you 2 Turn Block Debuff+Inc Def to cover Stuns and Debuffs in Clan Boss. Crimson Helm has Control to help get you through Waves while also being a Solo Champion for Bommal in Doom Tower later on.
  5. Bogwalker/Coffin Smasher/Runic Warder/Veteran (Dec Attack at Rare) – Your Dec Attack being a Rare is one of the best investments you can make Early in the Game because Booking will be easier and you get to have some upside with 3 out 4 of these. Bogwalker has Small Inc Def. Coffin Smasher is the most Consistent Dec Attack of these Four with HP Burn and 5% Damage Mitigation. Runic Warder has Continuous Healing and can help you in Fire Knight with his Reflect but is the least consistent Dec Attack of the Four. Veteran is arguably the worst of the Four but can do the job at minimum.

5. Carry/Control Champions

Carry or Control Champs here need to be able to get you through Dragons 20.

The Standard will be Broadmaw so anything better should be considered highly. For Control Champs you will eventually get Archmage Hellmut so that would be the Free Champs Standard to beat.

  1. Skullcrusher/Miscreated Monster/Mausoleum Mage (Meta Carry/Control) – These Three are universally recognized as the most impactful first Epic Pulls for Carry/Control Role. Skullcrusher will slow down all your Runs but will get you closer to 100% Success Rate. Skullcrusher is the only Team Counterattack Champ at Epic and coupled with Ally Protect makes him one of the most sought after Champs in the Game capable of accelerating you to Nightmare/Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss while also Carrying you through All Dungeons 20. Miscreated Monster is Control/Carry with AoE Stun and Shields from AoE Damage while also providing Ally Protect and Fear. Miscreated Monster’s Massive Shields ensures you beat Spiders 20 with practically any Comp while also helping you finish out Dungeons 20 everywhere else. Mausoleum Mage can Carry you through Dungeons 20 while also being able to help in Clan Boss with Block Debuff+Inc Def/Crit Rate.
  2. Uugo/Gorgorab/Ursala the Mourner/Rector Drath/Deacon Armstrong/Armina (Carry/Control+Key Role) – Three Team Revivers to Carry you through Dragons 20 with Upside: Uugo has AoE Dec Def+Block Buff, Gorgo has Inc Attack/TM Boost and Arena Speed Lead, & Ursala brings Strengthen+Inc Def. Rector Drath has Revive, Damage Mitigation and Healing for Dungeons and Dec Attack for Clan Boss. Deacon Armstrong and Armina provides Control and AoE Dec Def. Deac is great in Arena and Clan Boss Tunes while providing Control with Stun Set+Dec Turn Meter. Armina has AoE Dec Turn Meter with Stuns to help Control Waves and Spiderlings.
  3. Giscard the Sigiled/Jareg/Rearguard Sergeant/Kaiden/Hotatsu/Grizzled Jarl/Crimson Helm/Oathbound (Carry/Control+Dec Attack) – Most of these can Carry or Control through Dragons 20 while providing Dec Attack for Early Clan Boss Teams.
  4. Umbral Enchantress/Basher/Conellia/Vergis (Carry/Control Epics) – For Straight AoE Control nothing comes close to Umbral Enchnatress 100% Chance to Provoke for 2 Turns. If you build her Fast enough you can force the AI to use the AoE Block Buffs first so she can keep Waves from Snowballing Out of Control. Basher shuts down Enemy Skills so you will only have to contend with 2 Rounds of A1’s. Basher also bring Block Buffs, Weaken and +25% HP Aura. Conellia is a Newer Champ with AoE Sleep as her Control. Conellia can actually Solo Nether Spider down the line with her unique Skill that heals an Ally 100% if they are Hit while under her Sleep. Vergis can Carry you through Dragons 20 by drawing Enemy Fire away from your Dragon Killers with his Negative Affinity in Dragons 20. Couple this with his Passive Shields for Sustain and Ally Protect to mitigate AoE Damage, Vergis can help you through Dungeon/Doom Tower Waves. Vergis also has the notorious advantage of being able to Solo Scarab King down the line for you.
  5. Gnarlhorn/Reliquary Tender/Bellower (Carry/Control Rares) – Gnarlhorn is one of the best Control Champs in the Game regardless of Rarity. His 100% AoE Provoke is not a Hit so Negative Affinity doesn’t matter. Gnarlhorn can also be built in many ways like Speed/Accuracy/Perception Sets to Hit Early Thresholds, Regen/Immortal Set to Sustain through harder fights, or double down on his Control Mechanics with Frost/Reflex/Relentless Set. Gnarlhorn is also a piece of the Rhazin Fusion so while he is not guaranteed, you will need to pull one at some point. Reliquary Tender has the Revive to get you through Dragons 20 and also the Continuous Healing+Cleanse to Sustain through Waves and Doom Tower Bosses like Nether Spider. Bellower with Stun Set+Fearsome Presence is Hard Doom Tower Capable much less able to get you through Dungeons 20 Waves. Bellower is widely regarded as one of the Best Rares in the Game along with Coldheart and Apothecary.

6. Poisoner/Boss Killer Champions

While you are looking for Poisoners here primarily to increase your Damage in Clan Boss and kill Dragons 20, we will also give a shoutout to some truly unique Champions in the Game for Killing Bosses.

Kael is the Minimum Standard for this Role as a Champ that should be able to help you Beat Dragons 20 and give you some Upside.

  1. Coldheart/Seer/Royal Guard (Enemy Max HP Damage) – These Three are the most sought after Boss Killers in the Game and Coldheart is a Rare! While the “Almighty” Passive has curbed Enemy Max HP Damage past Dungeons 20, these three have endured in the Endgame. Coldheart has to be the Best Rare in the Game capable of Killing the 4 Major Dungeon Bosses while also having amazing utility in Endgame Doom Tower Bosses. Coldheart combines Enemy Max HP Damage with 100% Dec Turn Meter and +30% Crit Rate, Dec Healing, & Poison. Seer is the Fastest Wave Clear Champ in the Game so while dealing the least Boss Damage of the Three, Seer is probably the most sought after Void Epic in the Game. Seer can clear Waves all the way to 119 Hard Doom Tower. Royal Guard may have lost his place in the Fastest Speed Runs but he is still quite effective in the Endgame. Royal Guard also brings Dec Speed+Turn Meter to help in longer Doom Tower Boss Fights.
  2. Urogrim/Venomage/Toragi/AoX the Remberer/Farakhin the Fat/Fayne (Poison+Endgame) – Urogrim and Venomage can both Solo Dragons/Ice Golem 20. Urogrim can Solo Dragons 24/25 with her AoE Poisons and Continous Healing. Venomage brings plenty of Clan Boss Utility with Dec Def/Attack, and Damage Mitigation. Toragi is a Carry/Control with Ally Protect and Provoke. Aox brings Dec Attack. Farakhin and Fayne bring heavy Damage Potential in Clan Boss though is the wrong Affinity for Dragons 20.
  3. Occult Brawler/Steelskull (Epic Poisoners with Upside) – Occult Brawler is one of the best Poisoners in the Game and can be great in Dragons 20 as well as a Tank being Wrong Affinity. Steelskull may not have the same Poison Damage as most in this list but the Cleanse can take Stun away from Clan Boss and Healing to help you in Dungeons.
  4. Kael/Frozen Banshee/Gravechill Killer (Rare Poisoners) – Kael is a great Pull for people that picked a different Starter. Frozen Banshee can Solo the Dragon Boss if your Team can get her through the Waves while being one of the Best Poisoners in Clan Boss at Rare. Gravechill may not seem like much without Frozen Banshee but their Combo in Clan Boss is one of best Budget Options for more Damage as Gravechill brings more Poison and Dec Def.
  5. Apothecary/Conelia/Vergis (Solo Builds) – These are Champs that can be built to eventually Solo Endgame Bosses while still helping your Team Early on to beat Dungeon Waves. Apothecary and Conelia with Toxic Set can Solo Endgame Doom Tower Bosses. Apothecary can take down Hard 120 Frost Spider. Conelia can beat Hard 90 Nether Spider. Vergis can Solo Scaran Boss.

7. Decrease Turn Meter Champions

While the Standard here is Armiger, you will probably build a Second Dec Turn Meter Champ for Spiders 20 or Fire Knight 20. Either way any RAID Champion you consider here will have to Compete with a Second Armiger too.

  1. Coldheart/Alure (Meta Dec Turn Meter) – The 2 Best Dec Turn Meter Champs in the Game is Coldheart and Alure. Coldheart combines a 4-Hit A1 and Enemy Max HP Damage to be in Endgame Fire Knight 25 and Doom Tower Teams. Alure is the most reliable Turn Meter Lock Champ in the Game and can lower your Dec Turn Meter Spots to just 1 Champ in certain Boss Fights like Fire Knight 25. They can also work together to have both Damage and Turn Meter Lock.
  2. Royal Guard/Mordecai/Ultimate Galek (Meta Boss Killers) – Royal Guard can be your Stage 20 Boss Killer then brings Dec Speed/Turn Meter for Almighty Boss Fights. Mordecai and Ultimate Galek are both capable of AoE HP burn for you Wincon in Spiders 20 and beyond while also bring AoE Dec Turn Meter for Waves and Spiderlings.
  3. Deacon Armstrong/Armina/Psylar/Shatterbones/Aox the Rememberer (AoE Dec Turn Meter+Upside) – Deac and Armina both bring AoE Dec Def. Psylar and Shatterbones have AoE Dec Speed which has Endgame significance in Hard Doom Tower Waves. Aox is great in Clan Boss while also helping your Team Tank and Control Spiderlings in Spiders 20.
  4. Tayrel (Decrease Turn Meter+Upside) – Bringing Dec Turn Meter Effects for Spiders 20/Fire Knight 20. on top of AoE Dec Def and Dec Attack make Tayrel a versatile Champ.
  5. Soulbound Bowyer (Rare Deplete Turn Meter) – The Top Rare for this Role bring Dec Turn Meter with a Strong Affinity to Fire Knight 20. Soulbound also brings an AoE A1 which can be coupled with Stun Set to help Control Waves.


So in this article, we have given you all of the details regarding different RAID: Shadow Legends Champions in the game, how to upgrade them, and how to make the most of them.

We have also shown you some of the best tips for building your ultimate team composition just by using the free champions that you could always get from the game.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any question regarding this topic, and don’t forget to also check out our RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List for more details!

Hopefully, you have found the most informative tips regarding RAID: Shadow Legends Champions. Let us know your thoughts!

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