RAID: Shadow Legends Champions List

This page contains the complete list of all RAID: Shadow Legends Champions. Having loads of champions is what makes this game unique.

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At the moment, there are over 300 Champions available in the game and still counting. There will be a lot more Champions being added into RAID in the upcoming updates.

The first thing you want to know when you start playing the game is how RAID: Shadow Legends Champions work.

You will also need to know the ways you can obtain Champions in the game, how to ascend and upgrade them and their impacts in the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Champions

How to get RAID: Shadow Legends Champions?

On the main screen (Bastion), click at the Index button to see the list of all factions in the game. You will also be able to see the total numbers of all available Champions in the game.

There are many ways to obtain them while playing the game!

raid shadow legends portal


Shards or you can call them scrolls like in other games, are the primary way to summon and obtain champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Players can do the summons via the Portal in-game. There are different kinds of shards and each kind provides different Champions rarities.

In order to use a Shard, players need to spend a certain amount of Silver.

Shards Ways to obtain Droprates
Mystery Shards (Green) Common (74.2%), Uncommon (24.4%), and Rare (1.4%) Campaign, Dungeons
Ancient Shards (Blue) Rare (91.5%), Epic (8.0%), and Legendary (0.5%) Dungeons, PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests
Void Shards (Purple) Rare (93.6%), Epic (6.0%), and Legendary (0.4%) PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests
Sacred Shards (Gold) Epic (94%) and Legendary (6%) PvP Chests, Clan Boss Chests, Quests


    Void Shards can only drop Void Champions. Void Champions cannot be dropped from any other Shards.
    Players can also find Shards as the one-time rewards in the Progress Missions, Challenge, Login Rewards and other events in RAID: Shadow Legends. Shards can be also purchased from the in-game shops and other special bundles.

Campaign Missions

Grinding in the Campaign is another great way to obtain Champions while also leveling up your Champions.

Beating every single stage in the campaign, you have a chance of getting Champions as one of the rewards. You can easily see the list of all available Champions in the rewards section, as shown below:

campaign drops

Other Sources to get Champions

The most powerful Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends can also be acquired via limited events or very difficult quests and achievements. None of them are easy to get. They all require you to spend a serious effort into the game.

You can easily see them in the Quests or Achievements menu of the game.

What are Starter Champions?

To help your journey in the RAID: Shadow Legends world, the game gives players one starter Champion at the beginning, after players have finished all of the brief tutorials. Players will have to pick one from four given starter champions.

starter champions

  1. Athel: Sacred Order Champion. Has the ability to weaken the enemies and AoE attack.
  2. Galek: Orc Champion, Attack type. He has very high speed, multi-target ability, and defensive debuff.
  3. Kael: Dark Elf Attack Champion with poisons and AoE skills.
  4. Elhain: High Elves Attack Champion, critical hits, AoE ability.

Champion Rarity

One of the easiest ways to know which champions are great, which are not, is based on their rarity.

There are 5 Champion rarity levels in RAID: Shadow Legends:

Common Champions (Grey)

They have the highest chance to drop and they are all fodders. This means, most of the time, you want to use them to ascend, upgrade and level up other higher-rarity Champions.

They have a grey frame border around their avatar, that’s why people usually call them Grey.

Uncommon Champions (Green)

Similar to Common Champions, you want to use them as the fodders for higher rarity Champions. You can use them at the early game but they will quickly get overshadowed by Rare Champions. It’s very easy to obtain them and they have more abilities than Common Champions.

Rare Champions (Blue)

Rare Champions are your best friends during the early stage of the game. They are a bit hard to obtain.

As Rare Champions offer more abilities and are much stronger than uncommon and common Champions, you want to sacrifice uncommon and common Champions to strengthen the Rare Champions.

There are many Rare Champions which are still very great in the late game.

epic and legendary champions

Epic Champions (Purple)

Most Epic Champions provide impressive base stats as well as a lot of utilities for the combats in the game. They are your best choices during the mid-game even to late game, when you don’t have Legendary Champions nor have enough books to upgrade them.

Legendary Champions (Gold)

Legendary Champions are the top tier rarity in the game. They have the most game-changing abilities that can be super useful in almost any lineup.

Champion Types

Types of Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends can easily describe their roles in team composition. There are 4 types in total and it’s recommended to have various Champion types in your bag in order to deal with different situations in the game.

Yannica's type is attack
Yannica’s type is attack

Attack Type

These Champions are great at dealing damage. Although other types can deal some decent amount of damage, you always want to have at least an Attack type Champion in your team formation.

Defense Type

Defense type Champions have Defense skill set. They have debuffs that disrupt the enemies while increasing ally’s HP, DEF and some other stats.

HP Type

HP Type Champions are the tanks of the game. They can soak a lot of damage to protect the allies while also wielding their useful secondary skills.

They work very well with the skills which can distract the enemies and prevent them from attacking the weaker Champions in the team.

Support Type

They support all of the other Champions in the team by giving healings, friendly buffs or casting debuffs to the enemies. With just only a few exceptions, you do not want to play them as the tank or main damage dealers in your team.

They are, of course, an important part of any team. Without Support type Champions, you team will become a lot weaker, more vulnerable and will usually even don’t have enough damage to take out the enemies.


Affinity is the tight connection between all of the RAID: Shadow Legends Champions.

There are 4 types of Affinity in total. Three of them share a rock-paper-scissors relationship and one does not have any advantage/disadvantage over any other.

The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID
The Affinity (Faction) System in RAID: Magic > Spirit > Force > Magic. Void is Purple

Stronger affinity deals extra damage against the weaker one and vice-versa.

Hopefully, you have found the most informative tips regarding RAID: Shadow Legends Champions. Let us know your thoughts!

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nice site! what are you different types of Affinity
i know void is in the middle (purple) but what about the others

Larry Narodzonek

What the hell are the 4 different classes. What does the Red stand for ,the Green and the Blue and the Purple. I never had such a difficult time trying to find out such info for a game before geeze…..

Keith Richard Hinkle

Red – Force affinity
Green – Spirit affinity
Blue – Magic affinity
Purple – Void affinity