Fire Knight’s Castle

fire knight castle dungeon

The Fire Knight’s Castle is the place where Fyro lives. By raiding him, you will be able to obtain these sets: Fury, Curing, Immunity, Shield, Crit Damage, Frenzy, Regeneration, Stun and Savage.

Fyro is definitely one of the most specialized dungeon bosses in RAID: Shadow Legends.

It will be very hard to defeat him if you don’t have a decent team with a correct strategy.

Fire Knight Boss Skills

  • Searing Storm (active): AoE attack that can decrease your max HP by 15% from stage 7.
  • Dazzling Flames (active): AoE attack, decreasing the enemy speed by 30%.
  • Cloak of Fire (passive): At the start of every round, he raises the shield and decreases all of the incoming damage by 80%, blocks all applied debuffs and cannot be removed.

The only way to break his shield is to attack it a certain number of times.

  • Stages 1-6: 5 hits to break the shield.
  • Stages 7-15: 10 hits to break the shield.

If his shield is unbroken at the start of a round, he gains bonus attack and has the ability to decrease the enemy max HP. Based on the state of the shield in each round, he will also get healed.

If you are not able to break his shield, he is basically unbeatable.

fire knight castle

Unless you are a lot stronger than the stage, he will always heal up immediately and will hit you very hard.

Breaking his shield in stages 1-6 is pretty easy since it takes 5 hits to break and you have 5 Champions.

From stage 7, it becomes a lot harder.

Do note that his shield counts “hits”, not “attacks.

This means that Champions like Athel, who hits 3 times with the primary attack, is very good here as well.

Your first priority is to build up a team of Champions who can do multiple hits at a round.

Best tips for defeating Fire Knight’s Castle

  1. Multi-hit is essential here. You will not have a chance to win the fight If you cannot break the shield.
  2. Counter-attack: Whenever he hits everyone at the start of a round, you hit him back immediately. If you have a team counter-attack, it’s awesome. Having a single counter-attack buff on a multi-hit Champion is very nice!
    Jizoh is a nice example. You can get him for free.
  3. Decrease Speed and Turn Meter: While he is immune to debuffs when having the shield up, he isn’t when it is down. When his shield is down, try to reduce his speed and turn meter to keep him in the vulnerable state as long as possible. He is immune to newly casted debuffs but he cannot remove the existing debuffs so this is one thing you should know.
  4. Increase your Speed! You want your Champions to be as fast as possible.
  5. Reflect Damage. Every tick of the reflect damage is an attack. So basically it is just like counter-attack. If your team has a great reflect damage buff, when he uses the AoE skill, he will get 5 hits back immediately. Not good as counter-attack but easy to obtain buff!
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Stage 1-6 is 5 hits but u wrote 10


Look on hits what you need to destroy a shield